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Thursday, February 27, 2014

The Upcoming Extra-Terrestrial "Discovery"

I have previously mentioned the "E.T." revelation timeline that I was shown of the 21st century, some years ago. In general, over the next 10 years or so there will be a sea change in global society, such that by the period 2020-2025 or so there will be a general recognition that there is life on other planets, including intelligent life.

Approximately mid-century, or perhaps before, there will be overt, public contact with other civilizations elsewhere. There will be something resembling outward, mutual, "diplomatic" exchange with these other planets.

And then by about 2060-2075 there will be something resembling open, interplanetary "trade" or "commerce." These dates and developments are all very approximate, but in general, as the century wears on, there will be progress along these lines. That is what I was shown, according to the timeline.

This Is Nothing New

Anyone who has read the ancient Indian Vedas realizes that in remote antiquity it was well known that there are numerous inhabited planets in the Universe, and a great variety of other intelligent beings and civilizations in the galaxy, including a great many who are actually human or human-like. That's what the Vedas explicitly say.

However, for the last few thousand years, this information has been vigorously suppressed by the various ruling factions who have held the Earth in thrall. Whatever their motivation may be, they have wanted the human population on Earth to believe that we are all alone in the Universe, that there is no life on other planets, and certainly no intelligent life on other planets. 

That has never been the case, and after thousands of years, the policy is beginning to change. As the century progresses, the truth about life on other planets, including intelligent life, will come more and more into public discourse. 

The E.T. Cover-Up Begins To Break

Just this week, NASA has announced the discovery of 715 previously unknown planets in other star systems. Four of the planets are considered to be within their parent star's "habitable zone," i.e., they are in the region where liquid water should exist. Which is to say, the planets are presumed to be Earth-like, and potentially habitable by biological life forms. 

Given the decades-long, covert E.T. and UFO investigations of the USSA alphabet soup, military and espionage agencies, they have certainly known for a long time that there are myriad other inhabited planets throughout the Universe. But what makes this announcement interesting is the public, almost off-handed admission that, "Oh, yeah, some of the planets that we have found are in the sweet spot, in the zone that is potentially habitable by biological life."

In recent years there has also been a spate of news articles and scientific articles about the discovery of traces of biological life in meteorites that have been scientifically examined. One meteorite is said to contain traces of ancient, alien algae. Another meteorite thought to be of ancient Martian provenance shows traces of "primitive, bacteria-like organisms."  Here are some photos of the evidence from an official NASA website. And there are others, but these few examples suffice to demonstrate the point. NASA and the scientific community have already admitted not just the possibility, but the existence of life on other planets, based on the evidence they have found in the meteorites they have examined.

 In the realm of popular culture, for more than a century there has been a gradual, concerted program of mass preparation of the terrestrial population for the reality of intelligent life on other planets. This began in 1897, with H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds science fiction novel, dealing with a Martian military invasion and occupation of Earth, and continued with the famous radio adaptation of the novel by Orson Welles in 1938, which caused a temporary, mass panic on the part of listeners who were convinced by the broadcast that a Martian invasion of Earth was actually underway. In subsequent decades there has been a parade of television shows and feature films that treat of the theme of UFOs and E.T.s. Among others could be mentioned the 1950s classic movie, The Day the Earth Stood Still,  the Star Wars movie and merchandise franchise, the multiple Star Trek television series and movies, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, E.T., the Extra-TerrestrialIndependence Day, the Men in Black franchise, the independent movie, District 9, the television miniseries, "V," Disney's more recent, John Carter, and many more.

The net effect has been to leaven the mass consciousness with the idea of extra-terrestrial life, some of it human, some of it human-like, and some of it bizarrely alien. Truth be told, this probably reflects the reality of the galaxy.

Stand By For "The" Announcement

Very much in line with my timeline vision, the self-appointed, planetary poobahs are expecting the discovery of intelligent, extra-terrestrial life within the next twenty years, according to the director of the Russian Academy of Sciences' Applied Astronomy Institute, or even within ten years, according to the World Economic Forum.

Translation: it's already a done deal. Contact and/or discovery of extra-terrestrial life has already occurred, multiple times over. Those in the know, already know.

The great masses of the public wander around in a fog of ambiguity. But later in this century, likely sometime during the 2020s, there will be a sort of initial, public unveiling of extra-terrestrial life to the great masses of global humanity. 

All of the events and happenings I mention above are but prelude to that planned, staged opening to extra-terrestrial realities. It is all heavily scripted and controlled. For the life of me I do not know why.

The other planets are already there and have been for aeons. Myriad other forms of life are sprinkled throughout the galaxy, and have been there since the dawn of time.

And yet these realities are first concealed from the Earth population for thousands of years, and then when they are finally revealed, the revelation unfolds ultra-slowly, by minuscule dribs and drabs, over more than a century.

I don't get it. It's all been obvious to me since childhood. What's the big deal? 

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