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Sunday, March 2, 2014

USSA Government Goes Stark Raving Mad

I am nearly at a loss for words, and I have a decent-sized vocabulary, in more than one language.

I'll cut right to the chase. John Kerry, the USSA government's Secretary of State, said just today on USSA network television, with respect to the recent and ongoing Russian military intervention in Crimea, Ukraine:

You just don’t in the 21st century behave in 19th century fashion by invading another country on completely trumped up pretext. It is serious in terms of sort of the modern manner with which nations are going to resolve problems. There are all kinds of other options still available to Russia. There still are. President Obama wants to emphasize to the Russians that there are a right set of choices that can still be made to address any concerns they have about Crimea, about their citizens, but you don’t choose to invade a country in order to do that.

How Insane Is John Kerry ?

Would John Kerry have the world to believe that he is a complete naïf ? An ignorant buffoon who knows nothing about nothing ? 

A witless dolt, bereft of any mature faculty of reason, memory or diplomatic nuance ?

He publicly takes Russia to task for a relatively peaceful intervention (at least so far) in a highly politically unstable region on its immediate southern border, with a large ethnic Russian population, and according to the USSA's Secretary of State Russia's action is based on a "completely trumped up pretext."

Really ?

Can Kerry  be unaware of  political fixing by USSA diplomats in the internal affairs of Ukraine in the run-up to the alleged "revolution" that deposed the elected government of Ukraine, that has also included spending $5 billion on internal meddling in Ukrainian politics over a period of many years?

Is Kerry unaware of the USSA's ongoing proxy war against Syria, in which the USSA government has allied itself with and armed some of the most depraved psychopaths in the world ?

Can he never have heard of the 2011 NATO invasion and destruction of Libya, in which the USSA military played a leading role?

Has John Kerry entirely forgotten the extremely bloody  2003 invasion and military occupation of Iraq by the USSA military on the completely trumped up pretext that Saddam Hussein's military had weapons of mass destruction? Weapons of mass destruction that have never been used or found.

Has he completely erased from his memory the extremely violent 2001 invasion and military occupation of Afghanistan by the USSA military on the completely trumped up pretext  that there was some sort of connection between individuals in Afghanistan and the false flag attacks of 9/11? No such evidence has ever been proven. The USSA military occupation of Afghanistan continues to the present day.

Has John Kerry forgotten the 1983 USSA military invasion of the tiny Caribbean island of Grenada ?

Has the USSA Secretary of State never heard of the 1989 invasion of Panama by the USSA military?

And I could go on and on listing examples of invasions, coups d'état, wars against and/or military occupations of other sovereign nations by the USSA military, all over the world, going back two centuries, costing numerous millions of innocent lives.

And yet the USSA Secretary of State presumes to lecture Russia about diplomatic, political and military protocol in relations with other nations ?

I Just Want Out

I am ashamed to have a passport from the so-called "nation" that sends such an embarrassing moron out in front of the whole world to publicly parade his stupidity and ignorance.

How long can such insanity continue? How long can the situation continue to deteriorate before red-white-and-blue ignoramuses like John Kerry create a crisis that destroys us all?

It would be comical if it were not that his near total arrogance and ignorance impact the lives of hundreds of millions, even billions of people on this planet, because of the powerful position he holds.

By comparison, Russian President Putin is a paragon of sober, level-headed thinking.

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