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Monday, March 3, 2014

Descrying the Subterranean Depths of USSA Deep Politics

I tend to think very literally, perhaps that is how I came to be interested in the mysterious subject of secret underground bases and tunnels, and a little later, secret underwater bases as well.

I started on this line of inquiry in the late 1990s and have not come to the end of it yet. In brief, I have discovered that there are numerous underground bases and also undersea bases. Certainly, a great many of them have been made by terrestrial humans, but the growing body of anecdotal evidence points in the direction of an unknown number of underground and undersea bases that have been made by non-human and human or human-like beings from elsewhere.

It is my educated opinion after having read mounds of literature on the subject and talked to all manner of individuals from all social strata and professional backgrounds, including people highly placed within the USSA alphabet soup of federal agencies that almost anything you could imagine is going on in the subterranean and submarine depths.

Let me offer you a partial list of some of the agendas being carried out underground and undersea: 

military weapons R&D, storage and deployment (numerous military installations), radioactive waste storage (WIPP), scientific research (CERN), supercomputing (NSA), hi-tech espionage (NSA), mining (salt, uranium, coal) etc.), military CCC (command, control and communications -- Site-R), warehousing of all kinds of things (Subtropolis - Kansas City), corporate and government document storage (Iron Mountain), religious (Mormon- Wasatch Mountains, Catholic- Vatican vaults, Scientology- northern New Mexico), continuity of government (COG) facilities, industrial manufacturing (major USSA bases with secret hi-tech production in Nevada, Colorado), precious metals storage (major bank vaults), subsea submarine bases and tunnels (Chinese, American, etc.) and more.

Let me offer you a partial list of some of the things I have been personally told exist, or have read about in anecdotal accounts of others. I believe all of these things exist:

alien bases (underground and undersea), joint alien- terrestrial human bases (underground and undersea), secret underground prisons, secret underground human cloning facilities, underground air force bases with runways that open out of the side of mountains, secret undersea mines, vast underground workings beneath the Giza Plateau in Egypt, underground UFO hangars, secret underground nuclear missile bases, underground UFO R&D facilities, and more, including information that points in the direction of mind-control operations and cyborg technology that is difficult to understand.

In short, we are living in a very carefully crafted artificial reality that diverges significantly from  REAL reality, as it actually is.

We are living in a sort of make-believe world that has pulled the wool over the eyes of the vast majority of humanity.

One of the things that I noticed in my research over ten years ago was the enormous sums of money being siphoned off to Black Projects -- not merely billions, or tens of billions of dollars, but literally TRILLIONS of dollars were being and still are being skimmed off of the USSA federal budget and just disappearing -- like down a bottomless, black hole.

The program of secret underground bases and tunnels, and later, undersea base R&D and construction, has been underway for a very long time. It's not only the USSA that is doing it, but also the Russians, Chinese, Israelis, English, Australians, Japanese, Scandinavians, Saudis, etc.

I discuss a lot of these things in my last book on underground and undersea bases, Hidden in Plain Sight: Beyond the X-Files.

(Click book cover, then scroll down to order.)
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One of the most alarming things about the secret underground bases is the many miles of secret tunnels, which my research and conversations indicate extend to thousands of miles. I do not know everything that is down there. I am not an insider, so I am not privy to that information. But my research and conversations strongly point to clandestine nuclear missiles that are deployed deep underground, in great secrecy. A lot of people think that if there were a shooting nuclear war, that the conflict would be over in a matter of days, maybe even a few hours.

This is not necessarily the case. My research revealed plans to put missiles and crews deep underground, in secret installations. They would have the capability to burrow out from underground at unpredictable intervals -- 3 weeks? 6 months? a year? -- and fire off the missiles.

So you see how chaotic a nuclear war could be. What happens when or if the USSA, the Chinese, the Russians, the Israelis, Pakistanis, Indians,  etc. have a shooting nuclear war and the general confusion leads to isolated pockets of nuclear missileers and their missiles, whether in deep running submarines or in deeply buried tunnel systems, being out of communication with their headquarters? What happens when they know there has been a nuclear strike on their home country, but receive no further communication? What do they do then? Do they go rogue? Do they launch their missiles ? How many? When? At whom?

You see how the fog of a shooting nuclear war would get dangerously out of control very quickly.

What happens when the President of the USSA and his advisers, the leaders of Russia, China, etc. get down in their respective subterranean labyrinths of tunnels, missile installations, CCC facilities, COG bunkers, etc. and they are cut off from what is happening up top, because so many people have died and the machines take over? And rest assured, the Russians and Chinese have their respective underground and underwater facilities and nuclear missiles and powerful submarines with missiles that can reach the mainland USSA within 25 minutes or less. If their submarines are quietly lurking offshore then the mainland USSA targets would be in play within 5 minutes or less.

What happens then?

This is not an idle question on my part, because the world situation is dangerously volatile right now. There is an enormously serious military confrontation brewing right now between Russia (probably allied with China and Iran) and the axis of the USSA, NATO, Israel, Australia, South Korea and Japan.

Ukraine is one flash point. The Middle East is another flash point. The Korean peninsula is yet another. And small, disputed, rocky islands in the South China Sea are still one more.

We are close to a major war right now. There is no question that the USSA is on a trajectory of war with Russia. The Pentagon is making plans for it. Those with delusions of global domination on Wall Street, in the City of London, in the Pentagon and Herzliyah are mad men. Psychotically unbalanced. Pathocrats. Profoundly dangerous beings on the loose.

I like most of this analysis by Bruce Gagnon:  Inside the Pentagon: Preparing for War with Russia? It's worth a read.

Clearly the USSA and EU covet the vast Russian natural gas reserves, as well as the huge petroleum deposits in Russian waters in the Arctic Ocean. They also want to control the Black Sea and remove the Russian naval base in Crimea. 

If the Pentagon and NATO do as Retired USSA Admiral James Stavridis suggests and actually sail a war fleet into the Black Sea to confront Russian forces, well, it is hard to see how that scenario could possibly end well.

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