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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Earth’s Insidiously Hidden Remote History

I went away to school at a young age like most children. There I was taught many things, including a version of history that purported to be a faithful, written record of all that has happened to humankind for the last several thousand years. I learned about the Paleolithic, Neolithic, Bronze and Iron ages, and about ancient China, Egypt, Greece and the Roman Empire. I was taught about the ostensible beginnings of civilization in ancient Sumer, Egypt and Babylon. Written history allegedly began with the first cuneiform scripts in the Middle East and the hieroglyphs of ancient Egypt.

But past that time historians had little to say, and physical anthropology spoke only of primitive peoples with no high cultural attainment. It was almost as if modern humanity sprang full blown from a primordial, Stone Age only several thousand years ago. Indeed, this is essentially the western view of history. It wasn’t until I reached adulthood that I began to discover that the history that is presented to us as “fact” in grade school and at the university level is a partial truth, at best. The true facts of humanity’s sojourn on this planet are at severe variance with the story presented to the broad masses when we are sent away to “school” as children. 

I first began to get an inkling of this when talking with a Hindu monk one day. He was conversant with the Sanskrit literature of the Vedas and was talking with me about the ancient Indian epic, the Ramayana, which recounts the deeds and exploits of Lord Rama, the renowned, ancient, Indian king. I was a graduate student at a large university at the time. I assumed that Lord Rama had lived a few thousand years ago. When my interlocutor informed me that traditional Indian lore presumes that Lord Rama lived several hundreds of thousands of years ago, and perhaps even millions of years ago, I was flabbergasted. My government “schooled” western mind had trouble accepting such a challenge to what it thought that it factually “knew” for a certainty.

The automatic reflex of the “schooled”, western mind under such circumstances is to assume that the non-western tradition or mentality is “primitive” and unsophisticated, that it simply does not have the refined level of understanding of the university educated western world view.

But that entire train of thought is defective and can lead to profound error. In fact, the Vedic record, written in Sanskrit, is a great treasure trove of information about great cycles of civilization on this planet in remote antiquity, many thousands and even millions of years anterior to our present so-called “modern” age. One of the most singular stories in the Ramayana, to my mind, refers to Lord Rama’s great aerial vehicle called the Pushpaka, which was virtually the size of a flying mansion, in which Lord Rama could easily fit his entire royal retinue and tour his domain at leisure.

Unfortunately, the knowledge of previous cycles of human civilization in remote antiquity on this planet has been held back from the masses by the so-called ruling elite. But it is certainly known in select ruling circles that the popular conception of history is erroneous.

One of the most important books of recent years explicitly reveals plentiful evidence for habitation of the Earth by anatomically modern humans for literally millions of years. Forbidden Archeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race, by Michael Cremo and Richard Thompson, is a meticulous, fine toothed combing of the anthropological, historical and archeological literature, filled with numerous examples of ancient cultural artifacts and actual human remains in undisturbed geological strata dating to hundreds of
thousands and even many millions of years ago. The book has been translated into 57 languages and has caused an angry backlash in the mainstream scientific and academic community, because its findings directly challenge the prevailing intellectual paradigm.

The writings of best-selling authors Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval have similarly upset mainstream historical sensibilities. In Underworld: The Mysterious Origins of Civilization, Hancock makes a persuasive case for ancient cities and civilizations sunk beneath the waves off the coasts of Japan and India when the great glaciers melted at the end of the last ice age, approximately 11,000 years ago. Underworld continues the theme that he explored in his earlier, Fingerprints of the Gods, which laid out the evidence for a sophisticated, global civilization on the order of 12,000 years ago. 

The extensive evidence for such a civilization in remote antiquity has come down to us in the form of ancient myth and legend, and many unexplained, megalithic ruins at sites as diverse as Tiahuanaco in the Andes Mountains, Baalbek in Lebanon, and the most ancient of the ruins in Egypt, such as the Sphinx and the Great Pyramid. Even the largest engineering firms of today would be hard pressed to quarry, dress, transport and fit into place with near optical precision the gargantuan stones weighing hundreds of tons that this unknown, global civilization used in its cyclopean architecture. Bauval and Hancock present further evidence for the extreme antiquity of Egyptian civilization in The Message of the Sphinx: A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind, placing the Sphinx’s age at 12,000 years or more! 

I have traveled in Egypt in the company of the French alternative Egyptologist, Antoine Gigal, and personally toured some of the very monuments that Bauval and Hancock discuss. I am aware of the dates that mainstream Egyptology accords to these structures and cannot reconcile those dates with the impression of a vastly greater antiquity that vividly struck me in their presence. I have toured the ruins of the great Mesoamerican civilizations, and of ancient Greece and the Roman Empire in Europe, but when I toured the Egyptian monuments I immediately saw that the oldest of them were at least several thousands of years older than mainstream history and archaeology will admit.

And that is the matter in a nutshell: the major universities and museums of the world, in league with the Supreme Council of Antiquities in Egypt, especially under its former-Secretary General, Zahi Hawass, have advanced a view of Egyptian history that is at severe variance with an increasing body of evidence advanced by other researchers not under the control of either the major universities and museums or the Egyptian government’s Supreme Council of Antiquities. It seems that Zahi Hawass and the guild of mainstream Egyptology have long concealed a signal truth hidden in plain sight in Egypt: the history of the human race on this planet is much older and far different than we have been told! There is a very heavy, centuries-long control mechanism in place and Zahi Hawass for many years was one of the corrupt gate keepers who have worked diligently in our time to maintain the veil of ignorance over the human race.

Egypt is an enigma, wrapped up in a riddle, concealed in an ancient secret. Solve the enigma, answer the riddle, and the secret of our true  history will be revealed to global public knowledge for the first time in many thousands of years. Understanding Egypt is a tremendously vital key to understanding our long hidden history on this planet.

How many people will have heard of the antediluvian King Saurid who knew, according to the Medieval Arab chroniclers, that global cataclysm was about to descend upon the Earth, wiping away all vestiges of the civilization that existed in the distant past. According to ancient Arab lore, it was King Saurid who ordered the construction of the pyramids at Giza, a construction feat that cannot be equaled by the engineering firms of the present day. He created the pyramids unknown thousands of years ago as a vast repository of the science, culture and technology of the preceding cycle of civilization.

Ancient Egyptian tradition also holds that a secret, subterranean network of ancient tunnels and caverns underlies Giza. I first heard these stories myself directly from an Egyptian military intelligence officer who personally assured me that they were known to be true by the Egyptian military. It is long past time that we learn the complete truth about the pyramids, the true history of Egypt and King Saurid, and what lies beneath Giza in the tunnels and galleries that have for so long been concealed from public knowledge.

But ancient Egypt is hardly the be all and end all of humankind's mysterious past on this planet.

The Russian and Abkhazian Megalithic Structures

To cite but one, of many possible examples, I have never heard a definitive explanation for the numerous, very ancient, megalithic structures in the Caucasus region of Russia and Abkhazia.

Here is a great link with a nice selection of clear photos of some of these extremely ancient structures. Who built them, and when and why and how? We do not have answers for those questions. 

Click the link and scroll through the article. Look at the many photos.  I couldn't build one of those. Could you?

What About Italy?

Most people have heard about the ancient Roman Empire and its vast program of construction of large structures -- aqueducts, roads, arenas, theatres, hippodromes, temples, the Colosseum, etc.  -- throughout Italy, much of the rest of Europe,  North Africa and parts of the Middle East and Black Sea region.

Not many realize, however, that long before the ancient Romans there was another civilization that built in stone, on an even more impressive scale than the Romans, and about whom we know exactly nothing.

History is silent about these people. There is nothing. I was certainly taught nothing about them in school.

But have a look at the structures they left behind, still impressive after the passage of unknown thousands of years. Italy is littered with the huge ruins those unknown people left behind. 

But they are uncannily reminiscent of the pre-Inca ruins that can be seen in the Andean region in South America, half a world away.


The massive ancient ruins of Sacsayhuamán near Cuzco, Peru are conventionally thought to have been of Inca construction. However, I am among those who believe that the site was actually built much earlier by an unknown civilization that greatly predated the Incas.

For one thing, the large blocks used in the foundation of the huge walls weigh up to 100 tons or more apiece, and were fitted with an extreme precision that would be difficult to duplicate with modern technology -- if it could even be done. And yet contemporary archaeology would have us to believe that a civilization with only human porters and llamas for transport could move blocks of stone weighing hundreds of tons, from quarries that were located nine and twenty miles away, on the other side of a steep mountain range, on the other side of a river. 

You try that. Get a bunch of llamas together and see how far you get. The implausibility of the conventional, archaeological view is clear on its face. What is more likely is that the Incas built on top of huge, stone ruins that were already thousands of years old when they arrived on the scene


Or at Ollantaytambo, where another, huge, pre-Inca monument of very finely dressed stones is located.  The quarries for the stones are on a mountain seven miles away. The stones themselves weigh 50 to 100 tons, and had to be lowered down the mountain, across a steep river gorge with sheer, 1000 foot cliffs and then transported to the mountain where they are presently located.

This was certainly not done by manual laborers and llamas.  Who did it, and when and how and why, remains unknown.

The Andes are positively littered with extremely ancient, enigmatic ruins. Something very important happened in South America and the mother of all historical and archaeological cover-ups has been clamped down for centuries now, to prevent humanity from knowing about it.

I continue my vision quest here in South America, persuaded that understanding our deeply concealed, remote prehistory is absolutely indispensable to understanding our present, and our future -- if humanity even has a future on this planet.

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