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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

It Will Be A False Flag Attack -- Count On It

I have written before about the very real threat of nuclear false flag attacks, notably, but not only, on 23 August of this year. Please see:

Retromingent Insanity of Dick "Lord of Darkness" Cheney

I would rather not write about these sorts of things, except that the topic keeps surfacing, by overt implication, in the mainstream news media, and I feel that it calls for a response.

Additionally, the shamanic plants here in the Ecuadorian Amazon called to my attention a couple of years ago the existence of a shadowy plot by extremely insidious and nefarious elements to detonate nuclear devices in multiple cities, as triggering events for "totalitarian nuclear warfare."

It is real ugly stuff, and I wish we could all dismiss that very dark alert.

But stories like this one keep surfacing:

Emergency Agencies Practice Response To Nuclear Explosion In Times Square

Click the link. Read the article. The emergency response agencies in New York City are practicing for a 10-kiloton nuclear detonation in mid-town Manhattan, that will blow down skyscrapers in a half-mile radius, kill 100,000 people outright, cause damage up to 2 miles away, and cover the metro area with radioactivity.

Subway service will go down. Cell phone service will be disrupted.

In other words, there would be total chaos, death, destruction and mayhem in New York City.

This scenario fits very well the nefarious plot about which the shamanic plants communicated to me in 2012, that multiple cities would be targeted and that devices somewhat smaller in destructive power than the atomic bombs that the USSA military dropped on Japan in the closing days of World War II would be used.

Mind you, this plan does not have to happen. Nothing is for certain unless and until it actually happens. Nevertheless, there is a steady drumbeat of these articles in recent months and years, with the theme of getting ready for nuclear attack against targets on the USSA mainland. It's as if the public were being primed in advance for the real thing.

If and when it should happen, I am suggesting to you to be immediately suspicious about the event(s). It is all being staged and set up; reality is being rigged and artificially manipulated to create a hellish scenario that is fake and contrived, lamentably with nuclear special effects.

Why New York City?

But why New York City? Why Manhattan again?

Simple. It is perhaps the major financial hub for the rapidly failing, global financial empire based on the USSA dollar. In those towering, corporate skyscrapers in Manhattan are voluminous, detailed, financial records and massive rooms full of supercomputers that have kept the fraudulent, global, con game based on the USSA dollar going for all these many years.

Now that their vast "shystem" is spectacularly failing, the dArk uNderlords of humanity may be preparing to blow the whole place, to destroy the massive evidence of their manifold misdeeds. 

So if they level all those corporate towers in Manhattan with a nuclear blast, they can blame the ensuing chaos, mayhem and global financial crash on "nuclear terrorism" instead of their own, hugely criminal mismanagement of the global economy.

Mind you, I am not saying that this absolutely will happen, or that it has to happen, and I personally hope that it does not.

All I am saying is that the plan unfortunately appears to be in the wind, in a manner of speaking, in that the emergency services in New York City are overtly practicing for that precise scenario.

But It's Not Just New York City

A similar drill was held last month, in Nebraska, in Scottsbluff, way out in the middle of nowhere. If you have lived in rural Nebraska or traveled through the area, you know that it can be desolate country, with a very low population density.

Scottsbluff, Nebraska has a population of 15,000 people, give or take, but beady-eyed terrorists must have their sweaty, nuclear trigger finger just itching to blow the checkerboard farms and fields of Scottsbluff, Nebraska to thermonuclear Kingdom Come. I mean look at it:

Can you not see the overwhelming, global, geopolitical importance of Scottsbluff, Nebraska?

Uh, neither can I.

Nevertheless, just last month on 16-17 September there was an emergency preparedness drill which simulated a nuclear explosion near I-80 in the vicinity of Scottsbluff.

Read it and try to wrap your head around it. Has the world gone stone, cold bonkers?

Good God.

Could It Be Any Plainer?

From the farthest ends of Nebraska to the corporate skyscrapers of New York City, preparations are being made for --- oh, shall we say, "coming attractions"?

It seems hard to believe, but we are very nearly at the end of the game.

In the parlance of the popular, board game, "Monopoly," it's the last few rolls of the dice.

Then it's game over. Except that the people who have so long controlled this round of "Monopoly" are not graceful losers. They do not accept defeat or loss of control with dignity and humility.

No sir, no ma'am.

For that reason, my personal counsel is to prepare yourself for almost any eventuality. Barring benevolent and timely Divine Intervention, we could be in for a very rocky ride.

Could the "shystem's" dArk uNderlords possibly telegraph their sinister intentions any more clearly?


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