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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Harmaline Wonderland of Gnomes, Elves, Faeries and Sprites

We live in a world of transcendent mystery.

That is the overriding reality of this planet. I realize that a lot of people don't get that, but that is because a sort of false reality, an artificially contrived simulacrum of reality, has been clamped down on this planet.

Whence springs the simulacrum? Whence stems the mind, body and soul deceiving fraud?

Ah, that is the source of much contention.

Some say the Archons that John Lash has talked and written so extensively about are the cause. Others maintain that nefarious E.T. species are at fault. Those of a fundamentalist, religious bent will lay the blame on Satan (whoever or whatever "Satan" is).

I don't presume to have a definitive answer to this question, though ayahuasca has repeatedly shown me certain aspects of this reality simulacrum. It is subtle, seductive, deceptive, insidious, persistent, unrelenting, nearly all pervasive, calculating, conniving and deeply malevolent.

This planet is under its ruinous spell.

And that is one of the mysteries of this world -- how did a whole planet come to be captured by this artfully deceptive, insidiously cunning, guileful simulacrum of reality that promises everything desirable and yet delivers nothing less than utter wrack and ruin?

Here we are poised on the verge of a global financial collapse, a worsening Ebola epidemic, the threat of nuclear war, a swiftly dying Pacific Ocean, courtesy of the nuclear disaster at Fukushima, Japan, a raging, global extinction event that is shredding the ecology all over the planet, a ballooning global population that is harder and harder to feed, and much more.

How did we ever fall into such dire straits?

The Issue of False Consciousness

To tell the truth, we zigged when we should have zagged. We let our genuine consciousness slip away, our precious Pearl of Great Price, and we replaced it with a trifle, a gaudy nothing that sparkles and glitters, but has no intrinsic or lasting worth.

By use of the expression, false consciousness, I am not making a Marxist analogy.

No, what I am getting at is that we have lost our connection with Nature, with the cosmic root of reality, the Universal current of unbelievably conscious, life creating and sustaining energy that flows directly from the Heart of All That Is.

In our case, this Universal current of unbelievably conscious, life creating and sustaining energy flows through our DNA.

It comes right through our hyper-dimensional, (theoretically) hyper-conscious DNA, the Universal, cosmic modem that is an indispensable part of our Human Being-ness, and also of all other biological organisms on this planet.

Through our DNA we are hardwired into the Universal Mainframe of Cosmic Reality.

Except that ....

The only problem is that the artificial simulacrum of reality that is taking this planet down, taking the human race down and taking huge numbers of other biological life forms down, has it in for biological organisms that contain DNA.

So it is killing them; we being a big part of "them" means it is killing us, too. Now it is not so easy to kill a whole planet, but that is what is happening. That's the reason for all the nuclear power plants, the myriad thousands of nuclear weapons, the bio-warfare agents -- Ebola, for instance, the rampant use of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides, the galloping chemical contamination of the biosphere, the widespread chemtrail spraying, the runaway deforestation of the world's great tropical forests, etc.

Even more insidious is the widespread modification or engineering of the genetic  code of biological life itself. Genetic engineering has become commonplace. More and more transgenic species are being created every year. More and more food crops and agricultural livestock are being genetically modified.

This has necessary implications for the genetic code of the human race. We are what we eat. And if the food that we eat is genetically modified that necessarily affects our own bodies. 

There is a malicious assault against the genetic code of humanity. I fully believe it to be darkly intentional,, to degrade our genetic code, to debase our hyper-dimensional DNA connection with the source of All That Is, and either destroy or enslave humanity, at a core, genetic level.

This is the driving force behind nuclear technology and its radioactive fuel and contaminants. Radioactivity is well-known to attack the DNA molecule and cause harmful mutations. That is also the driving force behind the saturation of the global ecology with tens of thousands of poisonous chemicals that also have mutagenic properties. 

How Do We Escape From This Artificial Hell?

One of the most effective ways that I have discovered to do an end run around the duplicitous simulacrum of reality is through the hyper-conscious plants used by traditional shamans for thousands of years. The two I have used the most are ayahuasca and malicagua. I would not say that either of them are easy.

To be sure, there are others -- peyote, salvia divinorum, San Pedro, Iboga and more. All of them are useful for penetrating the false veil, so to speak, and entering into an expanded awareness that is more in tune with the conscious frequency of oh-so-alive! Nature.

That said, as one of my South American acquaintances mentioned to me, probably 98% of people should not go near the so-called power plants that shamans use.


Simply because most people are so cluttered up with chemicals, and so thoroughly preoccupied by and so deeply embedded in the falseness of the simulacrum of reality, that when the shamanic plants part the veil to the genuine, underlying reality, they flip out. Or treat the experience as one more recreational drug experience, thereby devaluing and trivializing an opportunity to enter into conscious communion with Nature.

But at a deep level they can't handle reality. They are so hard-wired into the simulacrum of reality that they cannot deal with the Cosmos-As-It-Is.

And that is why we have problems. So many humans have willfully turned against Nature and have  embraced the simulacrum, the cold, hard, artfully and ultimately deceptive simulacrum that we are spiraling down to ruin.

It Doesn't Have To Be That Way

For those who are open to "Real Reality", as it were, the shamanic plants are one conduit to communicate with Conscious Nature, as opposed to the heartless, soulless, calculating, vampiric simulacrum.

The truth is that Nature is vibrantly alive, incredibly so, and profoundly spiritual. One of the most congenial aspects of malicagua for me was the discovery of such a wide variety of spirits, all around.

Plant spirits, tree spirits, insect spirits, animal spirits, human spirits. We are surrounded by spirits of all kinds. They are as real as can be. In fact, they are so real that they are indistinguishable from flesh-and-blood beings. We are immersed in a spiritual Wonderland.

That is the literal truth. Our ancestors centuries ago understood this much better than we do today. In earlier times, people had a much closer relationship with Nature. They were often out in the fields, meadows, fens, marshes, swamps, rivers, streams, forests, woods and even at sea, or down along the seashore.

And they saw faeries, pixies, sprites, elves, gnomes, kobolds, dwarves, trolls, etc. Today people pooh-pooh the ancient stories and legends as being groundless, as being the fanciful superstitions of ignorant peasants lacking in the urbane sophistication of the modern, university educated, city dweller.

Well, let me tell you, one of the great benefits for me of partaking of  the shamanic plants, is that I have put paid to the "urbane sophistication of the modern, university educated, city dweller."

The forest is full of all kinds of spirits. I've seen them. One day I sat and watched the spirit of an adult male, banana plant slowly creep over and try to help an adult female, banana plant who was ailing. The tenderness, concern and kindness that he showed toward her was absolutely heart warming. I previously had not considered that banana plants have gender, or that they have a spiritual or social relationship with other banana plants, but indeed they do.  He slowly came over to her and tried to put some healthy leaves on her, to replace her sickly, dead and dying leaves. Alas, his efforts were ultimately of little avail, as she died anyway some weeks later.

As I am saying, I have seen and interacted with numerous other spirits of the forest. They are legion. But what happens to them when we destroy the forests? What happens to the sea spirits when we destroy the Pacific Ocean? Or the Gulf of Mexico? What happens to the spiritual side of Nature? The physical aspect and the spiritual aspect fit hand in glove.

What are we doing to this planet? What are we doing to the Spirit(s) of this planet? What are we doing to our own Spirit?

I like these images that Linda Moulton Howe posted on her website, ostensibly taken by a game trail camera in the state of Pennsylvania, USSA. 
Are there really gnomes in the woods? Well, the images and narrative at the link above suggest that there are. I can tell you based on my own experience that once you are keyed into the presence of these sylvan spirits that you begin to recognize certain structures and features that they leave behind, that they construct using natural materials. They have a fundamental, indispensable, working relationship with Nature -- and with us -- being that we are also part of Nature, whether we recognize or admit that essential fact, or not.

The shamanic plants are one way for modern humans to begin to reestablish a healthy relationship and mutually beneficial dialogue with Living Nature; the only problem is that so few modern humans are willing to do that, and even fewer are actually ready and able to do that.

I am reminded of two young women whom I encountered in the Amazon region. They were there to drink ayahuasca. As I recall, they were from Soho, or from Berkeley, or maybe from Boston. Some yuppified, rarified, high-falootin' citadel of urban sophistication. The evening before, they had an earnest discussion in very proper tones about how they did not have any salmon to eat, so maybe they could substitute tuna fish instead. Neither did they have any olive oil for the salad, so they would have to substitute sunflower oil. There wasn't any fettuccine, so they settled on macaroni. They decided to make macaroni and tuna fish.

And then, the worst of it was that there was no white wine to go with the tuna fish! Oh, the horror of it all. So they decided to drink red wine instead, just that one time.

They were in a cabin in the Amazon. I watched it all.

Then the next evening they drank ayahuasca -- and nothing happened. They had no visions, no insights into anything, they didn't even purge or vomit (as is common). There was no discernible effect at all, whether spiritual or physical.

Is any comment even necessary?


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