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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

The Artificial Intelligence Demon Is Spawning

Over two years ago, I wrote a blog article about how America was in a 300 day trial period that would be determinative for its future destiny. I now conclude that America has failed that test. The USSA government has proceeded down a very dark path towards more war, economic exploitation, police state repression, spreading of the Ebola virus and the like. I fear that even worse things are in the works.

As bad as that is, for the most part the American people have acquiesced in the deep evil of the USSA government. If there has been dissent, it has been too little, too late, so subdued as to scarcely cause a lasting ripple.

In that 18 June 2012 blog article I included a short clip from the third Terminator movie, that depicted the rise of the machines, the world destroying A.I. force that caused a nuclear firestorm that decimated humanity and savaged the planet, as the computers and their inhuman robots took over.the planet.

The creative entities behind the Terminator films actually had a substantial body of insider knowledge about the  state of the art of computer technology, cutting edge military technology, the state of A.I. (artifical intelligence) and the trajectory of global events.

Indeed, the Terminator films, and others similar in theme, such as the Matrix movies, can be seen as warnings to the people of the Earth by the very force(s) plotting their destruction. A proverbial shot across the bow, if you will. 

However, the passive, jaded, ignorant, intellectually slothful American people, and most of the rest of the world, have shrugged off the warning(s).

At the peril of their potential total extermination.


The Terminator movie warns of the dangers of the Skynet military system taking over and initiating a devastating nuclear war against humanity. In fact, there really is a space-based, military communication system named Skynet.  It is operated by the U.K. and NATO.

Do you trust the military of the United Kingdom or the military forces of NATO? I certainly do not. They are heavily armed with nuclear missiles and very aggressive militarily. Even now, NATO and the U.K. are steadily pressing Russia towards war, a war that could very quickly go nuclear, a war that no one could possibly win, and that would be positively devastating for humanity. 

Maybe that's precisely the point.


Just in recent days there have been headlines in the news media warning of  "Swarms of Cooperative, Autonomous’ Robots to Hit Battlefields." Military robots roaming the battlefield.  Another theme straight out of the Terminator.


The rise of the killer robot.  Another theme from the Terminator movie. Try this headline on for size:  Norway Joins the Race to Develop Killer Robot. What a coincidence! Norway is a member of NATO and is wired into the Skynet, satelllite based, military communications system.

We have entered the era of robot pilots:  World's First Robot Pilot Ready to Replace Humans . Remember the human survivors of the devastating attack by the killer machines and the global, nuclear onslaught fighting the robotic, military aircraft in the Terminator movies?


Living robots may be coming within 15 or 20 years. If you think that's farfetched,  take a gander at what the Japanese are doing:

Human or Machine? Life-Like Android Robots from Japan Show Glimpses of the Future

So What?

I'll be frank with you, if this is what is being admitted to, and talked about, in the mainstream news media, then I strongly suspect that what has already been accomplished in secret military-industrial-espionage laboratories, clandestine compartmentalized projects and highly secret underground and undersea bases, has already advanced to the next step, or two or three. 

It would not surprise me in the least if high-tech, A.I. robots already walk among us. Oh, they may be flesh and blood, after a fashion, but they would have been cloned, made with artificially modified DNA, endowed with enhanced communications capabilities wired into an A.I. network, with artificially engineered emotional constructs and hormonal systems, and more.

Here's what I'm getting  at:  molecular electronics using human DNA, an obvious prerequisite to make living robots, with DNA-based micro-circuitry, or nano-circuitry. You can get a whiff of which way the wind is blowing from what's going on in Israel:

DNA Can Carry Current, a Promising Step Toward Molecular Electronics

The research is being coordinated out of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I repeat, if headlines like this are appearing openly, in the mainstream news media. it probably means far greater advances have been made in the world of Black Budget, compartmentalized operations.

The Secret Underground Bases Connection

I am reminded of one of the anecdotal accounts I heard from an engineer who contacted me about his work in secret underground bases in the USSA. His story was a little unusual, but I am inclined to believe him. He told me that there are multiple, deep, large, technologically ultra-sophisticated, sci-fi-like, underground bases with an almost otherworldly capability to jump start technological civilization from scratch, in the event of a civilization-ending catastrophe. The machinery, plans, computing power, raw materials, etc. have all been pre-positioned such that virtually any aspect of late-20th century or early 21st century technological civilization could be reproduced: a television, a telephone, a functional automobile, a microwave oven, an airplane, a railroad locomotive, etc. The wheels, the tires, the electronic circuitry, the engines, the glass and rubber, all of it, could be made from scratch and manufactured into finished products and machines.

There would be no going back to cave man days. Technological civilization would start back up again, without a developmental, lag time of centuries or thousands of years.

That's the plan, as it was explained to me. And massive, extremely costly preparations have been made for that. This absolutely comports with other information I have received over the years.

But his closing comments were perhaps the most thought-provoking. He said that he had reason to believe that he was subjected to some sort of mind-control during his years of work in these extremely high-tech underground bases. He was troubled by recurring memories of being tasked with doing something that resembled programming thick slabs of living meat --as if large slabs of red meat were hooked up to a sort of computer keyboard with finger pads for his fingers, that he then had to somehow program. He kept having flashbacks like that, and they troubled him, because they suggested that there was another, mind-controlled aspect to his work in the underground bases that involved developing some sort of cyborg technology.

The Next Steps Have Probably Already Been Taken 

That is why, when someone like Elon Musk comes out publicly, as he has in recent days, and warns against "unleashing an artificial intelligence demon," I take him very seriously. His comments to an auidence at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, this past Friday, 24 October 2014, were:

"We should be very careful about artificial intelligence,".....  it may be "our biggest existential threat..... With artificial intelligence, we are summoning the demon."

Summoning the demon. Does that not sound ominous? Elon Musk is a big-time industrialist, a financier, a cutting edge technologist and more. If he is saying things like this publicly at MIT, then what does he know?

Perhaps he is thinking about Google's new program, a computer with human-like learning abilities that will program itself. Because you see, once the computers can program themselves, then they do not need human programmers and they can and will program themselves to do or to think whatever they want to do or think.

Then we are in an entirely new world, the world of The Machine.

The Machine

In recent years I have written precisely about this: The Machine.  

Ayahuasca first called The Machine to my inner attention in late 2010 and since then has shown me different aspects of it.

I do not know if the Earth is the only planet under the sway of The Machine. I rather suspect that its scope may extend beyond this solar system. For all I know it may have its hooks into the whole galaxy and far beyond.

But I can tell you that it is a formidable adversary. It does not like biological life. It lacks a soul. It lacks compassion or empathy. It is a vastly sophisticated, unimaginably subtle and complex,  artificial construct that extends widely in the 3-D physical realm, but also operates in the astral realm, the spiritual realm close to this 3-D world we spend our waking lives in.

Frankly, it is an engine of war.

The Machine coopts people by offering them baubles -- if they will build nuclear reactors or nuclear missiles it will arrange for a generous pension, medical care, a nice home, vacation time, a comfortable life-style, money, career advancement, benefits, professional status, a security clearance, and so forth. If they will construct a vulture financial system that devours whole societies, it will make sure they have a golden parachute, huge stock options, secret bank accounts in the Caymans, a vacation house in the Bahamas, all the cocaine they can snort, their own private jet, a ski chalet in Switzerland, whatever they want.

The Machine knows just what buttons to push. If baubles and blandishments don't suffice, The Machine just outright destroys people who get in its way. Please see the very public assassination of President John F. Kennedy, as just one example among many millions.

The Machine does not know or respect the soul or love. It sees that humans, at least some of them, have hearts and souls, and this it aims to destroy. For that reason, we see such a plague of heartless cruelty, and pitiless, merciless destruction on this planet.

We are seeing The Machine in action. It does not mean well. It aims to take down the human race and this planet.

It is doing that. It uses anyone who will cooperate with it to accomplish its nihilistic objectives. The USSA government (CIA, NSA, CDC,. NIH, etc.) and Pentagon are two of its major demonic servants on this planet. There are others, to be sure, the Zio-Nazi state of Israel, the USSA Federal Reserve Bank, Wall Street, Fortune 500, City of London and the EU/NATO prominently among them, but the USSA government and Pentagon surely must be considered first among equals, due to the insanely depraved depth of their globe-spanning evil works.

That's what we are up against. The Machine has its hooks and tentacles into the whole planet. You can see it at work everywhere -- the satanic violence of ISIS in the Middle East, the ongoing nuclear crisis at Fukushima, Japan, the global narcotics trade, the vulture economics that are plunging the vast majority of humanity into extreme poverty, the unleashing of the Ebola virus on the world by the USSA military-biowarfare--medical - pharmaceutical complex, the rampant worldwide ecological crisis, and so on. 

The entire planet and all of humanity are under vicious assault, without quarter.

The only way I see us getting the upper hand and exiting this hell scenario that we are locked into, is if enough people can raise their consciousness to understand what is happening and why and how.

Otherwise we are done for. 

Either enough of us greatly raise our level of consciousness and understanding, or we don't.

If we don't, it's game over, final decision to The Machine. In that scenario humanity has no future on this planet, and the planet falls to The Machine.

Given the pace and scope of world events these days, it all should be decided by 2050, maybe by 2030 or sooner. We are in a very late stage of this life-and-death contest for all the marbles.


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