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Sunday, April 12, 2015

Boom! Boom! -- When The Supply Lines Fail

Unfortunately, the run-up to war against Russia continues. NATO is beginning a massive, naval drill with a 50 ship, multinational fleet off the coast of Scotland. The war game will be the largest ever, so-called, Joint Warrior Drill.

Lamentably, evidence continues to accumulate that points towards a disastrous future for the USSA and Europe. The so-called "ruling elite" is, by all lights, bound and determined for war. They are doing all of the things that lead to war, and if they keep it up, war will come.

The country they are intent on warring against is Russia, a major, nuclear-armed power. If the USSA/EU/NATO/ZioNAZI Axis should be so rash as to attack Russian cities or vital Russian strategic interests, it is a fair bet that the Russians will strike back and hard.

If Russian cities are attacked then I should think that a large number of cities in Europe and North America would be in real jeopardy of, shall we say, being vaporized (about which I say more below).

Please click this link to a photo of a San Antonio, Texas suburb.

It's a very typical North American suburb. There are endless miles and miles of these flimsy, way over-priced, staple-gunned-together, cracker-box, middle class and lower middle class, corpgov-slave- breeding-hutch-developments surrounding the majority of cities in the USSA.

There are no family gardens, typically there are no farms within miles, no chickens to lay eggs, no milk cows or milk goats, no orchards.

In a word: they are sterile places. Not very survivable in time of crisis.

That is to say, in a major crisis, when the just-in-time, supply lines go down, there will not be food to buy and eat (because the local super-markets will not be receiving shipments of food), there will be no gasoline to fuel up motorcycles, cars, vans and trucks (because the local gas stations will not be receiving shipments of gasoline), and, well, you do the math on what your probability of survival would be and for how long, under that scenario.

Crisis Is Coming

Whether it be from death of the dollar and associated social and economic chaos (the dollar is dying as you read these words), or nuclear war with Russia, or failure of regional water supplies (think about Las Vegas, Nevada or Phoenix, Arizona or San Antonio, Texas in in August without water) crisis is coming, notwithstanding that the typical American city is not equipped very well at all to deal with crisis.

Indeed, this is true of the modern city in general, without respect to what country it is in.

But the USSA is especially vulnerable, due to the huge suburbs that sprawl for miles around every major city.

I have recently written about the ongoing, urban military "exercises," that the USSA military has begun carrying out all over the USSA. The Pentagon could not possibly signal its intentions any more clearly if it tried: it is preparing for martial law in the USSA, likely following on the heels of USSA dollar failure or water failure or nuclear warfare or all of that and more.

Look again at the cracker-box, corpgov-slave-breeding-hutch ghetto.

A lot of people reading this blog article live in a place like that. Maybe you do.

Under martial law, you will be penned in there. All the military has to do is send armored vehicles into those neighborhoods and send heavily armed goon squads door-to-door, and what are you going to do with your deer hunting rifle or 20 gauge shotgun, if you even have one? Do you think you'll prevail against a .50 caliber machine gun and helicopter gunships?

In places like Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Pakistan and Afghanistan if there is resistance from a neighborhood or settlement the USSA military sends in C-130 gunships or Predator drones and renders the armed resistance into hamburger.

As regards nuclear war, should it come to that, the average American city will simply be incinerated. Look again at the cracker-box, corpgov-slave-breeding-hutch ghetto. It will be burnt to a crisp in a flash. If you live in a place like that (and countless millions do), and there is a nearby, nuclear detonation, you will fry alive.

Your so-called political and military "leaders" will scurry into deep, well provisioned, underground bunkers as you perish. Frankly, they consider you as expendable, nuclear missile fodder.

It's all been set up, massively so, and that is the direction that current events are presently trending.

Do you pay taxes to the USSA or Canada or the United King-"dumb" or Australia? Do you? Because you are quite possibly paying for your own incineration.

In the event of a shooting nuclear war, all of those countries (and more) are highly likely to suffer multiple nuclear strikes on their soil.

As it stands now, the political and military leaders of those countries are engaged in policies that are leading the world to a devastating war. (See the Joint Warrior Drill link again to read about one of their massive war games. They are actively preparing for war now.)

The death of the USSA dollar also draws closer by the day, and that is absolutely a contributing factor. The global money power centers (Tel Aviv, City of London, Washington, DC, New York City, etc.) that have staked everything they have on the survival and continued supremacy of the dollar and the global economic system pegged to it, are run by the sort of people who do not lose.

They do anything to maintain global control and supremacy on their terms. They are also very heavily nuclear armed.

You see the problem.

If You Want To Get Out

While there is still time, it is possible for those who see the coming storm to remove themselves from the probable line of fire. If you live in a city in the USSA or Canada or United King-"dumb" , etc. and there is a shooting nuclear war, or general societal collapse due to death of the USSA dollar and the global system of finance pegged to it, your personal survival could become problematic.

If you are of legal age, of sound body and mind, and have the financial means and informed desire to relocate to South America, contact me and I will put you in contact with people in Ecuador who can assist you with buying property and the nuts and bolts of settling in.

Yes, you have to speak Spanish in Ecuador. Period.

And, no, do not write to me and ask me how much it costs to move to Ecuador, or what airlines fly to Ecuador, or whether you will need a visa or passport, or whether Ecuador is bilingual (yeah, in a lot of places people speak Quichua and Spanish -- do you speak Quichua?), because if you have those sorts of simple questions it means you need someone to hold your hand and should stay where you are, because you are not ready to leave home.

I have actually had people write to me and tell me things such as they are on social security disability, receive a check from the USSA government for a few hundred dollars a month, do not speak Spanish and want to know if they can move to Ecuador. What do you think? I tell them: NO. Stay where you are.

Listen, if the USSA goes to martial law and the dollar collapses, do you really think there will be a check in the mail each month? Really? Are you so uninformed that you think the Ecuadorean government is going to take care of you in your old age?

So, I repeat: if you are of sound mind and body (hint: not on social security disability with a walker), can speak Spanish or are willing and able to learn Spanish, are financially able (hint: not on a disability social security check for $523 per month) and are able to do basic research of your own (hint: can call an airline and ask ticket prices or call the Ecuadorean embassy and gather basic information about living in the country, etc.) and are serious about leaving the USSA or United King-"dumb" or Canada to start a new life in Ecuador without looking back, then you are welcome to contact me.

I will not hold your hand. I will refer you to people whose professional life involves assisting adult ex-pats establish a new life in Ecuador. Professional means that they are adults, they do what they do on a professional basis, and they expect a commensurate degree of adult acumen in their clients.

If you are just an idly curious, tire kicker please do not waste my time, and yours and theirs. But if you are ready, willing and financially able to relocate (i.e., have the thousands of dollars necessary for airline tickets, living expenses, property rental or purchase, etc.),  by all means contact me.


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