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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Why Is There Such A Martian Cover-Up?

I don't often give credence to remote viewers, but when I do, I prefer the work of Daz Smith and Dick Allgire.

I find their recent work on the Cydonia ruins on Mars to be very intriguing, with their description of an advanced, human civilization in the remote past, including underground tunnels, high-speed shuttle trains and large, architectural constructions, all of which was destroyed by planetary cataclysm a very long time ago. Indeed, there are photos that have come back from Mars that clearly depict very large, heavily eroded, ancient ruins.

Look at the obvious, rectangular, heavily eroded structure in the top of the photo here, that is canted to the side. NASA has a great deal of photographic evidence  of ancient, eroded structures on Mars. This is one small part of that evidence.

Other evidence from Mars suggests an ancient nuclear conflict that was so damaging that it rendered the planet uninhabitable by humans and put an end to the Martian civilization. In the main I accept that something very much along those lines has occurred.

My own deep dreams in past years have repeatedly featured a planet that I believe is probably the Mars of remote antiquity, a planet with a large, mostly semi-arid landmass, and a sizable ocean. On the landmass, there were various human groupings and cultures with which I evidently had some sort of relationship -- but what exactly?

I don't know for sure, but I always have seen the planet as from orbit, with an overhead perspective. It's not the Earth, but it is a similar, terrestrial planet, with a human population, differing culture areas, a sizable continental landmass, and a large sea.

And then there was the deep dream, years ago, when my maternal grandfather came to me and told me that, in fact, he was not really from the Earth, but from another planet. And then he mentioned the name of the planet to me, which I have heard only that one time in my life. 

When he spoke the planet's name, I instantly recognized it from the deepest core of my being and began sobbing uncontrollably. I awoke weeping in inconsolable despair, my pillow drenched with tears, because that planet exists no more.

It was an incomparable paradise and was irretrievably snuffed out, never to return, its former splendour replaced with an unrelenting, merciless barbarism that afflicts humanity to this day.

That place meant everything to me. Its loss has left a vacuum so profound way down in the marrow of my being that nothing in this galaxy or anywhere else in the infinitude of numberless galaxies in the inconceivable, unknowable vastness of the fathomless Universe(s) of Infinite Creation can ever replace or undo its loss. The emptiness I feel is beyond words or tears or despair itself. And yet I am employing words in a vain attempt to convey to you something of the horror that befell this solar system, humanity and countless worlds far and near, owing to its destruction.

I believe that planet was probably the planet that used to orbit where the rocky rubble known as the Asteroid Belt now orbits. I think that Anton Parks probably has an important part of the story behind that planet's destruction. There was war in heaven; that's what the legends here on Earth say. Anton Parks alleges that stupendously powerful war machines were brought into this solar system from elsewhere in the galaxy to lay siege to the highly advanced civilization that was here.

This all happened many thousands of years ago, but the battle scars can still be seen on Mars, on Earth's Moon, in the rubble orbiting between Mars and Jupiter, known as the Asteroid Belt, that is nothing less than the remaining, exploded remnants of the destroyed planet that formerly occupied that orbit, and on other planets and moons throughout the solar system.

NASA, the European Space Agency and secret societies here on Earth certainly know these things, and yet they say nothing. They have found the vast, ancient ruins on the Moon and Mars. They know the real history of the Asteroid Belt and still they say nothing.

The dark control mechanism on this planet has a long history, extending far back into the mists of time and, in my view, right off the planet into highly negative power centers elsewhere in the galaxy.

The Ancient Ocean On Mars

There was water on Mars in the past, a whole ocean of it. And there still is quite a lot of water on Mars, in the form of a watery brine just below the surface of what looks like a sterile, desert landscape, and also locked in ice caps in the polar regions.

Note that in the video the scientists speak of this ocean as having existed billions of years ago.

Perhaps they are correct. Or perhaps they are incorrect. It is my view that given Mars' reputation in human legends as the God of War, that cataclysmic Martian events must have transpired within the time-frame of mere thousands of years ago, and not billions of years ago.

I do not put it past NASA and the European Space Agency to simply lie and distort past events, as part of a broader planetary and solar system control agenda that extends way back into remote antiquity.

Nuclear War on Mars

One of the strange things about Mars is the high level of radioactivity on its surface. Plasma physicist, Dr. John Brandenburg, has investigated the radioactive isotopes on Mars and has discovered that they are characteristic of nuclear explosions.

Dr. Brandenburg advances the idea that there was a civilization on Mars that was devastated by a long ago,  "alien" nuclear attack. I am open to the possibility of a nuclear conflict on Mars in the distant past, though in my view it need not necessarily have been an alien attack. If it happened, the Martian civilization may have simply annihilated itself.

After all, here on Earth, in this day and age, we also have nuclear technology and the ability to very quickly destroy humanity and the Earth itself.

My Own Life Case

In my current life history, two of the strongest themes have been: 1) a preoccupation with the possibility of a catastrophic nuclear war and 2) the existence of secret underground and underwater bases and installations and underground tunnel systems, alleged to use very high speed, mag-lev shuttle trains.

I suspect that given my own deep dreams, and the slowly accumulating body of public knowledge of what Mars was really like in the past, and what happened there, that, for whatever reason, I am carrying a deep fund of knowledge, probably at a DNA level, of some of the salient features and the horrible fate of the Martian civilization in the distant past.

I am prepared to think that these events could even have been as recent as, say, 15,000 or 20,000 years ago.

My perception is that the human race is in a state of extremely violent, dysfunctional amnesia, as a consequence of terrifically traumatic events in this solar system's not-so-distant history, and that we are subconsciously, once again reenacting important elements of what went wrong in the past by: 1) constructing underground and undersea facilities and tunnel systems and 2) preparing for a catastrophic nuclear war.

In my adult life I have devoted a very large block of time, effort and money to addressing both of those points. The matter of the massive, highly secretive, compartmentalized, Black Budget program(s) related to underground and undersea base and tunnel construction is perfectly consistent with a strongly repressed, buried, psychological trauma at a species level. The global, nuclear weapons race that has brought us to the brink of species suicide and planetary destruction is also consistent with a massively dysfunctional, violently repressed state of species amnesia, a psychological block so profound that we are on the verge of destroying ourselves because of it, rather than to acknowledge what we are about to do.

I have written three, short books in paperback format on the subject of secret underground and undersea bases and tunnels. They are available for purchase on my blog site, on the right-hand sidebar. You have but to click the book covers to obtain and read them. The books have not made me rich, on the contrary. But what they have done is to partially open a window on an obscure, but very important, hidden reality on this planet. Those who care to better understand this world and what is happening on it therefore have the opportunity to widen and deepen their knowledge base.

I have also gone out on nuclear missile silos again and again and again, in the USSA, and also to USSA naval bases where nuclear weapons are deployed and/or stored, to nonviolently warn against the danger of nuclear warfare.

As with my underground bases and tunnels books, those nonviolent, anti-nuclear-warfare demonstrations have not made me rich. Quite to the contrary, they have cost me a "normal" life. They are a major contributing factor to my present, marginalized, socioeconomic status.

I have been repeatedly arrested, handcuffed, chained, shackled, criminally tried, convicted, jailed, imprisoned, shuttled around under armed guard in prisoner vans and buses, threatened, lectured, scorned, reviled, mocked and/or fined.

I have paid a heavy price. The nail that stands up gets hammered.

I have been hammered again and again and again, for you and you and you, all over the world.

And yet, because the vast majority of human beings on this planet have not also seen fit to stand up, we draw very close to the reality of nuclear war.

Regrettably, that is the situation in which we find ourselves.

Whatever the reason, I have seen fit to sound the alarm, at great personal cost. The vast majority of humanity has elected to take a different course in life, and so we approach extremely dark days.

I believe I remember, if only a little, something of what happened on other planets in this solar system in the past. Or maybe it is that I have permitted myself to remember.

Or even better said, I have refused to permit myself to forget, at a very deep, genetic and psychological level, what has happened in the past, including on Mars.

Lamentably, most of humanity has chosen otherwise and remains locked in a profound level of extremely counterproductive denial.


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