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Friday, April 17, 2015

Reflections On The Kundalini And Thomas Cole

I have written before about the Kundalini, principally because, for reasons that are unknown to me, I have repeatedly, at occasional intervals, consciously experienced its dramatic effects.

In its most energetic manifestation the Kundalini electrifies your entire body and mind, such that you experience what can only be described as a hugely powerful, lightning bolt-like surge of electricity that comes coursing up your spine with an ear-splitting, thunderous roar that you hear internally, and arcs away out of the top of your head like lightning. The top of your head actually feels as if there is an opening in it, through which unknown tens of thousands of volts of electricity are very rapidly flowing upward and away into a vast, celestial vault overhead. You can feel the tremendous power of the current; it's the most stupendous sensory experience you can imagine.

I say that because the activated Kundalini actually awakens other senses in your mind and body, that are usually not consciously accessible in so-called, "normal," everyday life. You may hear extraordinary sounds like nothing you have ever heard before in your life -- the incomparable, cosmic music of the spheres, as it were. The perfection and sublimely enchanting beauty of that music cannot be adequately described, only perceived. It is so enticing that if you could listen to it 24 hours a day, you would do so, and never tire of it. The hearing of it is so intensely satisfying that you would gladly listen to it to the exlusion of doing anything else.

At the same time, you may see with inner, X-ray vision, right through physical walls, and in 360 degrees, with extremely fine focus and clarity.

Simultaneously, you may feel with uncommon sensitivity in your heart and other regions of the body, such as the coccyx, or even your knees. Telepathic information may come to you unbidden and reveal all manner of information. The information simply appears in your consciousness; it flows effortlessly into your mind.

And overhead, just above your head, seeming to be so close that you might think you could just reach up and touch it, but actually far away and beyond your physical reach, is a gigantic, luminescent, silvery white sphere, suspended in the sky. It is the most enigmatic, majestic, attractive, seductive, enchanting, beguiling, thoroughly mysterious, enthralling, alluring thing that you have ever seen or ever will.

You want to know what it is. You want to get up there and get inside it the worst kind of way, to figure it out, to understand it, to see it more clearly, to decipher its mystery, to bathe in its beguiling allure.

Speaking as an adult male, within the Kundalini state the pull of this thing at a core level is far stronger than the desire for a ravishingly beautiful woman is in the ordinary, physical state of consciousness. I would be content to forever forsake all women, and very gladly so, to remain in that highly energetic Kundalini state, yearning for that huge, luminiscent, silvery white sphere overhead, with the unparalleled music of the spheres continuously sounding, seeing all and everything with unimpeded vision, and absorbing a never-ending, effortless, universal flow of telepathic information, with waves of super-conscious bliss and love flowing like a broad river from the heart.

But the issue is that that is not so easily done or achieved. In my case, the state lasts for a few minutes at a time and then it fades away.

The fully realized Kundalini yogi is a very rare being on this planet. There are not many of them, and I am certainly not among their number, though due to my occasional, transitory experiences, I have an appreciation for what their state of consciousness must be like, at least in part.

Such a being is powerful beyond belief, a super man, extremely compelling, and yet in an important, essential respect, is extremely humble.

Why would a super man be extremely humble? Because with the Kundalini there is no other option. When you are dealing with super energy and greatly elevated consciousness you instantly realize that you are not so great, but the Kundalini is vastly great!

Abuse it at your peril. You can fry like a moth in a candle flame in one second. That's why.

It goes without saying that being extremely humble does not equate to being weak or a door mat or even necessarily agreeable to most other people. It simply means that the more you know, the more you realize that there is to know, and how extremely little of that that you know.

And that puts life and our place in it into perspective.

This planet is infested by teeming billions of arrogant know-nothings, and as a consequence we are destroying the planet on which we reside.

Ignorance abounds.

Not that I am far above the fray because the Kundalini has awakened in my being from time to time; after all, I am here with everyone else, am I not?

That can only mean that I am also a student in the supremely ignorant, painful, hyper-violent Earth school.

My God, look at us, we are tearing this precious planet to pieces, skating on the edge of nuclear war, cutting down the great forests, fouling the seas with chemicals, trash and radioactivity, leveling entire mountains for the mineral wealth, poisoning the land with agrichemicals, destroying the once plentiful wildlife, abusing each other without mercy in a thousand different ways, etc.

If we don't elevate our consciousness as a species and real soon, we may not make it out of this century as a viable, planetary species. We may go extinct at our own hands. We are already extinguishing many other species. We may ultimately prove to be just another species that we render extinct.

Ironic, isn't it? On terrestrial humanity's tombstone will be the epitaph: They couldn't stop from killing themselves and their home planet.

The Kundalini offers an escape, up and out from the suicidal madness. But so far the vast majority of humans on this planet have shown not the slightest interest.

And so we soldier on toward a regrettable Event Horizon that clearly is rapidly drawing much closer than it used to be. It wouldn't have to be this way, but so far it is.

Oh, well.

The Magical Painting of Thomas Cole

In the late 1990s, I expressly went to the National Gallery of Art in Washington, DC to see Thomas Cole's 1842 painting, Youth, in his four-painting Voyage of Life series.

In that painting he graphically depicts a huge, distant, luminescent, spherical structure atop a massive, megalithic, supporting structure. The luminescent, spherical structure is strongly reminiscent of the gigantic, luminescent sphere I have seen overhead with great clarity in the Kundalini state. There is also a strong, angelic theme, with a guardian angel watching over the youth. Interestingly, the angel has a bright, shining, golden light just over the crown of its head, right above the position of the crown chakra where the Kundalini, lightning-like electricity arcs out, and up and away.

Thomas Cole was obviously a visionary artist. He may himself have had a degree of conscious Kundalini awakening that is reflected in his art. The transcendent, spiritual themes in the painting suggest as much. Remember that he was painting in the mid-19th century when he would probably have had to be somewhat guarded in what he openly talked about, due to the prevailing ignorance of the culture in that era, not that the culture is necessarily all that much more enlightened today.

I am not sure what the huge, luminescent sphere that I have seen in the Kundalini state actually is. A number of possibilities occur to me: God, the oversoul of humanity, the individual soul, Heaven, the Kundalini hyper-conscious reality in its unfathomable totality, our "real" natural reality from which we have been artificially separated and trapped in this "false" reality, the infinite probability field of all possible states of my being, the hyper-conscious spiritual essence of the Moon, the hyper-conscious spirit of the Milky Way galaxy, the hyper-conscious spirit of the Earth, the hyper-conscious spirit of the Sun, etc.

If you definitively know what the huge sphere is, I would like to hear from you. If you have had a full-blown Kundalini experience and have also seen the enormous, luminous sphere, I would appreciate your insights, especially if you have gone deeper into the experience than have I.


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