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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Where Paul Craig Roberts Has Not Gone (So Far)

I want to say at the outset that I bear plenty of good will towards my fellow Southerner, Dr. Paul Craig Roberts. And I also want to say that you should feel free to forward him the link to this blog post. Here is his contact page:

First of all, Dr. Roberts deserves credit for recognizing and publicly acknowledging that the 9/11 attacks were a false flag operation. The talking heads on television will not do that, the craven AIPAC puppets in the USSA Congress will not do that, the (so-called) "patriotic" USSA military officers in the Pentagon will not do that -- none of them will do that, whether out of stupidity, cowardice, ignorance, fear or outright evil psychopathy; it matters not, because none of them will do that.

They are all quite happily deaf, dumb and blind. But not Paul Craig Roberts, so he deserves credit for being honest about what happened on 9/11. In fact, Dr. Roberts and I have had multiple e-mail communications about the 9/11 events in past years and I appreciate his candor.

He also deserves credit for recognizing and publicly acknowledging the manifold crimes of the USSA government under the "Slick Willy" Clinton, Little Baby Bush and Barack Obama, globally criminal regimes. He is correct on the issue of out of control police violence in the USSA; he is right about the criminal financial accounting of the USSA government; he is right about the criminally rigged commodity and currency markets; he is right about the USSA government's criminal build-up to war against Russia; he is right about the unbelievably massive, overwhelming criminality of the USSA government all across the board.

In a word, Dr. Roberts is right about many things and I welcome his words of wisdom on some of the most important issues of the day, both domestic and foreign.

But He Goes Eerily Silent Right About 1992

The problem is that his is an extremely selective critique. Many times, Dr. Roberts has avowed in so many words that the problem of massively out of control, unaccountable USSA government criminality began with the Clinton regime, and intensified after the 9/11 attacks.

That is, at best, a partial truth, i.e., essentially disingenuous, in that the Clinton, Little Baby Bush and Obama regimes certainly have been unabashedly criminal, and the 9/11 false flag attacks absolutely were evil in ways that we are still discovering, so Dr. Roberts is right as far as all that goes; but it leaves almost completely unexamined voluminous reams of historical, social and political evidence of unrelenting, brutal, rampant, merciless, savage, USSA government crimes against virtually half the world, or more, over the course of the last 200+ years.

The USSA government has not suddenly changed; quite to the contrary, it was born in blood and guts. It has been darkly evil all along, notwithstanding the red-white-and-blue, "feel good" propaganda that we were all taught at school in our American history and civics classes.

What has suddenly (partially) changed is Dr. Roberts' perception of certain social, political and historical realities. And I am glad of that. We await more positive developments in that regard.

But What About Iran-Contra?

We know that Dr. Roberts had an influential position in the Ronald Reagan regime and was a friend and policy advisor to Ronald Reagan, and there's the rub, or at least part of it. His brief was economic policy, and no, I am not going to argue the merits or demerits of Reaganomics or Supply Side economics.

What most concerns me is the hideously criminal nature of the Ronald Reagan regime. I mean it was ghastly. Not only Dr. Roberts, but a whole boatload of others have failed to acknowledge the fascist nature of his government.  

Ronald Reagan's policies brought hell to Central America in the 1980s: to El Salvador and Nicaragua, in particular, and produced a flood of cocaine into American cities and neighborhoods, as well as myriad thousands of Central American war refugees, many of whom ironically ended up in the Washington, DC metropolitan area, because they found employment there.

Ronald Reagan's vice-president, George H.W. Bush, was intimately involved in the minutiae of the violent, convoluted Iran-Contra affair that sent arms to the Iranians, and weapons to the Contras fighting against Nicaragua, and flooded narcotics into the streets of American cities. The industrial scale, illegal, international, gun running and cocaine trafficking operation was supervised by USSA Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North, working right out of the White House basement. Much of the operation was run through the local airport in Mena, Arkansas during the years that Bill Clinton was governor of that state, and with his knowledge. Ronald Reagan pled ignorance of the details of the operation, but his studied ignorance contrasted sharply with the knowledge base of many thousands of anti-war activists who were all too aware of the many war crimes committed by Ronald Reagan's Central American war policy. Are we really to believe that the president of the USSA was so egregiously out of the loop on his own foreign policy that street level activists knew more about it than he did?

This is not an idle, academic point. Unknown thousands of people were viciously murdered, in the most animalistic, sadistic ways imaginable as a direct result of, and expressly because of, Ronald Reagan's fascist, Central American wars of aggression.

To wit, citing from William Blum's book, Killing Hope: US Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II:

The contras' brutality earned them a wide notoriety. They regularly destroyed health centers, schools, agricultural cooperatives, and community centers -- symbols of the Sandinistas' social programs in rural areas. People caught in these assaults were often tortured and killed in the most gruesome ways. One example, reported by The Guardian of London, suffices. In the words of a survivor of a raid in Jinotega province, which borders on Honduras:

Order by: relevance | pagesrelevance | pages-  ‹ Previous  Next ›  -  View allRosa had her breasts cut off. Then they cut into her chest and took out her heart. The men had their arms broken, their testicles cut off, and their eyes poked out. They were killed by slitting their throats and pulling the tongue out through the slit ....

This was all run by the CIA and Oliver North, with the detailed connivance of George H.W. Bush. It was one of the major foreign policy operations of the Ronald Reagan regime, involving illegal, international weapons trafficking, mass murder of thousands of civilians and massive importation of illegal narcotics to USSA cities, quite a lot of it via Bill Clinton's Arkansas -- and we are to believe that the president of the USSA was out of the loop and deaf, dumb and blind to it all? Really?

Equally satanic crimes were committed next door in El Salvador during the Reagan years, creating bloody, societal chaos, as Reagan's criminal regime armed, trained and propped up a ghastly, fascist dictatorship there.

Rosa had her breasts cut off. Then they cut into her chest and took out her heart. The men had their arms broken, their testicles cut off, and their eyes poked out. They were killed by slitting their throats and pulling the tongue out through the slit ...

And Dr. Roberts blithely overlooks all of that?

But that wasn't all. Ronald Reagan committed other war crimes, in the Caribbean.

Ronald Reagan's Invasion of Grenada

In 1983 Ronald Reagan authorized the invasion of the small, Caribbean island of Grenada, as a threat to the security of the USSA. He based the national security threat on the fact that a new, 9000 foot long airport runway was being constructed there. In Reagan's fevered imagination, that one small runway in a small, poverty stricken country represented a threat to the national security of the USSA. So he bombed the hell out of it and sent in the marines and special forces to invade a postage stamp nation with a smaller national population than the small USSA cities of Tyler, Texas or High Point, North Carolina.

The unprovoked military invasion was denounced by most other countries of the world. The United Nations General Assembly roundly condemned the invasion as a violation of international law by a vote of 108 to 9. In response to the United Nations' condemnation Ronald Reagan remarked that: "It didn't upset my breakfast at all."

I remember the invasion very well. It was a flagrant violation of international law, no doubt about it. Ronald Reagan's nonchalant insouciance was the attitude of a man for whom mass murder came a little too easily.

Several hundred people were wounded, over one hundred were killed, but it didn't upset Ronald Reagan's breakfast at all.

I wasn't conned by what happened in Grenada, and even less so by the terrific slaughter and war crimes in Central America. I completed my first master's degree (in Latin American Studies) in the 1980s, at the University of Florida, with a concentration in Central American politics.

I know a little something about these topics. But Dr. Roberts never mentions these great crimes that destroyed so many lives and communities and killed so many people.

Central America suffers to this day from the unchecked criminality of Ronald Reagan, and those who worked for him. The crack cocaine traffic devastated African-American and Latino communities from one end of the USSA to the other, and turned them into fratricidal, urban, war zones. The suffering in those communities is immense to this day. The evidence suggests that that did not upset Ronald Reagan's breakfast either.

REX 84

Then there was the little matter of another one of USSA Marine Corps Lieutenant Colonel Oliver North's projects, the so-called REX 84 plan (Readiness Exercise 1984). REX 84 was a plan to declare martial law in the USSA, put the country under military rule, suspend the USSA Constitution and round up and detain those who were judged to be threats to national security (whatever that means).

REX 84 was an updated version of similar plans that had been developed within the red-white-and-blue, alphabet soup agency bureaucracy in previous years.

It should rightly be viewed as a forerunner of this year's massive, nationwide, Jade Helm, martial law, military "exercise." Just one more dark legacy of Ronald Reagan's criminal policies that echoes across the decades to the present day and finds expression in the Jade Helm operation.

The Great Evil of George H.W. Bush

Then there is the curious case of the man whom Ronald Reagan selected to be his vice-president, who became the next USSA president after Ronald Reagan, and whom Dr. Roberts certainly knows, but never mentions at all, to my recollection. One alphabet soup operative who was on one of my graduate studies committees (the major USSA university faculties are loaded with agents and consultants of the CIA, Mossad, DIA, DOE, Dept. of State, NSA, AFOSI, etc.) described George H.W. Bush to me as a "skin walker," a hollow, soulless being devoid of conscience.

George H.W. Bush was a congressman from Texas, a former director of the CIA and has even been placed in Dallas, Texas by some researchers of the President Kennedy assassination, on  the very day that the president was murdered.

I bring that up, because coincidentally, shortly after Ronald Reagan took office there was a very public assassination attempt against him. Probably not so coincidentally, George H.W. Bush was next in line for the USSA presidency had Ronald Reagan have succumbed to his gunshot wounds. But the assassin's bullet zagged instead of zigging; it punctured the lung instead of the heart, and George H.W. Bush had to wait several more years to sit behind that big desk in the White House.

Interestingly, the family of the man who shot Ronald Reagan, John Hinckley, had long been friends of the Bush family and had given large campaign donations to George H.W. Bush. Not only did John Hinckley himself know the Bush family, but his brother, Scott Hinckley, was scheduled to have dinner with George H.W. Bush's son, Neil Bush, the night of the very day that John Hinckley shot Ronald Reagan.

It's a plot element worthy of a scene in the Sopranos or GoodFellas or The Godfather. It's all in the family, so to speak, of the fascist, vicious, red-white-and-blue, USSA, global-control-mafia.

Omerta is the operative law that the family members abide by. They don't talk, on pain of death. It is the price of admission to the club.

Think of it: you get to sit there at the big, long, shiny, conference table at cabinet meetings. Is that exciting, or what?

And you even get to ride around Washington, DC in stretch limos and go to black tie soirées in Georgetown.

Can you stand it.

That is how things like the invasion of Panama happen. Everyone is either in on it or knows those who are. The massive drug dealing, the gun running, the laundering of billions and billions of dollars of illicit profits from trafficking everything under the sun (human organs, narcotics, guns, counterfeit bonds and Treasury paper, women, children and more) and running all of that immense amount of money through Wall Street, bond houses in Little Rock, and God knows what all and where else.

So George H.W. Bush ordered the invasion of Panama and the arrest of the Panamanian dictator, Manuel Noriega, beginning on 20 December 1989. I remember it well, because I was completing my PhD in political-science at the time and happened to be in the Dominican Republic that week, where the invasion of Panama was big news.

Bush offered up the usual clap-trap about protecting and preserving democracy, and safeguarding American lives and then got down to brass tacks: combatting Panamanian drug trafficking.

Translation: Manuel Noriega was a long-time CIA asset, going back to the time when George H.W. Bush was director of the CIA. The problem there was that the CIA was then and continues to be to this day, perhaps the largest narcotics trafficking organization on this planet. All CIA directors know about the drug trafficking and are heavily implicated in it. It is a major source of Black Budget funds for the CIA -- billions and billions of dollars of virtually untraceable, off-the-books funding for anything the agency wants to do in its covert operations.

During the 1980s George H.W. Bush ran the dirty operations for Ronald Reagan, the massive narcotics trafficking, the many assassinations, the illegal proxy wars against small, impoverished countries that never did a thing to the USSA.

Manuel Noriega's big problem (aside from being a ruthless dictator) was that he closely cooperated and worked with George H.W. Bush in the international narcotics trade over a period of more than a decade, including during the Iran-Contra operation, and therefore had the goods on him. A lot of politics is personal business, and when George H.W. Bush sent the American military into Panama they were gunning for Manuel Noriega, to arrest him, bring him out of Panama and incarcerate him in an American prison where he would be unable to do any harm to George H.W. Bush.

I have seen estimates of upwards of 3,500 civilian Panamanian fatalities in that invasion, most of them in the Chorillo neighborhood in downtown Panama City, which was burned to the ground by USSA military combat forces. I heard through the grapevine that the USSA military brought in caterpillar bulldozers and buried the victims in long, deep trenches, covered in sheets of plastic. I do not doubt it whatsoever.

Bulldozers were also used to bury alive Iraqi soldiers a couple of years later when George H.W. Bush ordered the USSA military to go to war against Iraq. Large, armored, caterpillar bulldozers went rumbling down the lines of trenches in which Iraqi infantry men had taken shelter and buried them alive.

In fact, the entire war against Iraq, which has continued to this day, is a massive violation of international law and fundamental human rights. The war crimes that the USSA military has committed in Iraq are unpardonable; they began with George H.W. Bush's order to attack Iraq in 1991 and have continued through the regimes of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama.

Mega-Death Incorporated

The USSA is a global corporation, and its major business is industrial slaughter, i.e., war.

It has been that way for a very long time, at least from the time of the Mexican-American War, the War Between the States, the so-called "Indian Wars" (which were really criminal slaughters), the Spanish-American War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Reagan's Central American wars and the invasion of Panama, the ongoing war against Iraq and Afghanistan, the invasion of Libya, the wars against Syria and eastern Ukraine, both of which are proxy wars, and many more.

When I say the USSA is a corporation, I mean just that. It's a business. It's all about the money, a vast, globe-spanning, criminal Ponzi scheme of mind-numbing scope and complexity. The endless wars of the Pentagon and the CIA are all about protecting and increasing, if possible, the market share of the so-called "American dollar," which in reality is not the so-called "American dollar" at all, but the Federal Reserve Note (FRN).

What does that mean? Well, look at the image of the five dollar FRN.

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Click the bill to enlarge it and read the fine print: "THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS, PUBLIC AND PRIVATE." That is, the so-called USSA dollar of our allegedly "modern" time is a debt instrument. It's not real money, and never has been. It's a paper scrip used by indebted people.

Here's the proof of that. Here is an image of the FRN (so-called American dollar) from 1917, a little more than half a century before USSA President Richard M. Nixon removed the dollar from the gold and silver standard in the early 1970s. Take a look at it.

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

At the top are the words; "THIS NOTE IS A LEGAL TENDER FOR ONE DOLLAR." It is not one dollar, it is a "tender for one dollar," a marker or a chit for one dollar. At the bottom it says: "UNITED STATES NOTE," but that soon changed to: "FEDERAL RESERVE NOTE." 1917 was only four years after the Federal Reserve Bank unconstitutionally took over the USSA's finances and economy, in 1913.

Let's clarify this further. Here is a FRN (Federal Reserve Note) from 1928.

(Credit: Wikimedia Commons)


Ah, hah! You see the swindle that has been carried out in front of our faces, as the years and decades have gone by. For more than a century we have not been dealing with United States Notes issued by the United States Treasury Department, but with Federal Reserve Notes (FRNs), which are not real money under the USSA Constitution, as I shall presently demonstrate. 

The 1928 note worth $100 is thus really a sort of bearer bond. The owner would appear at the United States Treasury or a Federal Reserve bank and present the $100 note for payment in gold or "lawful money" -- which implies that the $100 note in itself is not lawful money! If it were lawful money then why would the bearer need to present him or herself at a Federal Reserve bank to redeem it for lawful money?

No, it is obviously a kind of counterfeit note that has the appearance of lawful money, in that it carries the denomination of one hundred dollars, but that is but a pseudo-legal ruse that tacitly speaks to the unlawful, counterfeiting arrangement that the private banking consortium known as the United States Federal Reserve Bank entered into with the USSA government in 1913, usurping the constitutional money-making power of the constitutional government.

Here is what the USSA Constitution says:

Article I. Section 8. The Congress shall have Power ... To coin Money...

So constitutional money is coined. Are we to understand that coined money is "lawful money"? I believe so. That is certainly one logical inference. I doubt that the Founding Fathers were referring only to pennies and nickels.

A little farther down, the matter is explicitly clarified:

Article I. Section 10. No State shall ... make any Thing but gold and silver coin a tender in Payment of Debts ...

And here is the fundamental conflict. The USSA Constitution specifies that the Congress has the power to coin money, and that in the states only gold and silver coin are to be used to pay debts.

Nothing else is to be used.

Except that since 1913 Federal Reserve notes have been used in lieu of silver and gold coin, and since Richard Nixon removed the Federal Reserve note from the silver and gold standard in the early 1970s, all pretense that the so-called American dollar, aka, the Federal Reserve Note has anything at all to do with silver and gold coin has been entirely eliminated.

The 1913 Federal Reserve Bank coup d'état that aimed to eviscerate the USSA Constitution, was brought to culmination by Richard Nixon shortly before he was impeached, and since that time the entire financial system of the USSA, which has been imposed by unlawful military force on nation after nation, has been a massive criminal fraud and a swindle carried out under the supposed color of law, while lacking all real lawful effect, because it is unconstitutional.

The American Monetary Institute makes a compelling case that the Federal Reserve Bank is not a federal agency. It is referred to many times in the U.S. Code, but it is not an agency within any of the three, constitutionally established branches of government.

The same goes for the IRS, the equally unconstitutional collections agency for the Federal Reserve Bank. Many people assume that the IRS is also a lawful, USSA government agency in the Department of the Treasury. But similar to the case of the Federal Reserve Bank, the IRS is referred to many times in the U.S. Code, without however being listed as an agency of the Department of the Treasury. There is an extensive Internal Revenue Code in Title 26 of the U.S. Code, true enough, but it is also an enormous fraud at law, in that the agency to which it is ostensibly answerable is not listed in the U.S. Code as part of the organizational structure of the .Department of the Treasury. A great coup d'état occurred in the USSA in 1913 and a ruthless criminal power has ever since subjugated the American people and much of the rest of the world to its unflinching psychopathy and merciless greed.

Let's look:

31 U.S. Code Chapter 3, Subchapter I - ORGANIZATION

The IRS is not listed in the U.S. Code as part of the organization of the Department of the Treasury.

So you see, it's all phony as can be. It's fake as hell. The whole system is criminally rigged. It's a vast mafia shaking down the American people for the past century, to the tune of trillions of dollars, and it has gotten worse than ever.

Now, I raised these specific points with Dr. Roberts in some of our e-mail exchanges in past years.

His response was that the IRS always had representatives present in high level Department of the Treasury policy meetings, meetings in which Dr. Roberts also participated as a very high level official in the Department of the Treasury.

And my reply to that response by Dr. Roberts was: "But of course the IRS sent its representatives to high level meetings of the U.S. Department of the Treasury! Every mafia sends its representatives to meetings where the money is being counted to extract its percentage of the take. That's precisely the way organized crime works."

I never received a satisfactory response to that issue of a rapacious, criminal mafia, shaking down the American people for trillions of dollars, under color of blatantly unconstitutional so-called "laws" and regulations -- and from the highest levels of the USSA government.

Just a yawning silence on the part of Dr. Roberts.

Because once you acknowledge that it is all criminally rigged and fake beyond belief, and has been for at least the last century, then you have to question your own blind obedience to and acquiescence in and participation in that satanic, red-white-and-blue mafia.

That includes virtually the entirety of the following professional cohorts: CPAs and other auditors and accountants, MBAs, economists, private and public finance professionals, bankers, Wall Street traders, corporate, tax and constitutional attorneys,  USSA federal judges, district attorneys and federal prosecutors, USSA Congressmen, Presidents and many other government officials -- all have been part and parcel of this century-long, in-your-face savaging of the American people and millions of other people all over the world who have fallen under the yoke of this mendacious, usurious, brutal, evil, wicked system.

It's The Demonic Force Behind The Wars

There's nothing wrong with genuine money as an honest medium of exchange in the daily give and take of necessary human commerce. On the contrary, an honest medium of exchange is essential. We all need it and must have it. Without it, enormous inefficiency and suffering are the inevitable, guaranteed result, as is presently the case. The exploitation and suffering are readily visible on every hand.

And all the while, the whole of humanity is subject to a withering, intrusive, detailed surveillance by the NSA, CIA and related agencies in the USSA and the world over, as the degree of social control grows tighter and tighter.

And the wars keep coming, one after the other, as the Empire ceaselessly attacks, invades, bombs, overthrows, slaughters, maims and kills in a never-ending campaign of subjugation, domination and exploitation.

The American people and humanity in general are being ground down into the dust.

The wars are designed to impose and maintain this ruthless, satanic, exploitive, thoroughly fake and fraudulent system, via overwhelming, military force. The never-ending, imperial military subjugation and oppression of suffering humanity is part and parcel of the fake monetary system, of the fraudulent economic order ultimately based on trillions of dollars of USSA Federal Reserve Bank Notes that are redeemable for NOTHING.

It's all based on nothing. It's a confidence game, a swindle, a century-long, global Ponzi scheme, the Mother of All Con Games -- and it's based on NOTHING.

What is the Federal Reserve Note (FRN)?

A little scrap of paper. A stream of invisible electrons in a digital data base.

And to prop up that great crime the Pentagon sends its legions abroad on this planet to kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill and kill. To keep the fraud going and going and going and going.

The situation has gotten so wildly out of control that we are on the verge of a great, world war -- all to prop up the Federal Reserve Note, which is a debt instrument. It's not real money; it's a debt instrument. So the aim is to enslave humanity in life-long debt, to make debt slaves of us all.

That is the American imperial project. The Federal Reserve is in on it, the IRS is in on it, the Pentagon is in on it.

We are rapidly approaching the dénouement of this perilous game. Dr. Roberts certainly knows all of these things.

He has rightly pointed out the danger of the MATRIX and how it ensnares people. Has it ensnared even him and sealed his lips against obvious truths?

The USSA is putrid to its core. What use is it to whip the rotting carcass of a dead horse? Better to acknowledge that it perished more than one hundred years ago and take sober stock of a baleful situation as it is and has been for a very long time.

Children believe in fairy tales about Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy. Grown men ought not to be constrained by childish illusions and fantastic myths that have no objective root in reality.


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