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Friday, June 10, 2016

Odd California Earthquake Tic-Tac-Toe

There was an earthquake in California today, an M 5.2 southeast of Los Angeles, in a rugged, desert area in the direction of the Salton Sea.

The mainstream news media reported something like this:

Southern California rocked by magnitude-5.2 earthquake

There is nothing too out of the ordinary about the event, as far as that goes. California is riven by seismic faults and earthquakes are common in California.

Nevertheless, I directed my browser to one of my favorite earthquake reporting sites to take a look at it.

Live Earthquakes Map

As I zoomed in on the area I saw that there was a sizeable cluster of aftershocks spread over an area approximately 5 by 3 miles in extent. Here is what I saw.

(Source:, 10 June 2016)

The rectilinear, grid-like arrangement of the aftershocks surprised me. They are arrayed in regular, easily discernible ranks and files spread out over a distance of a few miles. 

I have been looking at earthquakes and their aftershocks online for years and have never seen anything like this. 

I didn't know what to think, so I grabbed a screen shot, and went away to take care of some other activities for a few hours. I thought that maybe there was a glitch in the software that reports the locations of the aftershocks and that it displayed the aftershocks on a rectilinear, grid pattern by error.

But then I reasoned that California has one of the most extensive networks of earthquake reporting sensors in the world, which would argue in favor of the aftershocks' locations being reported with good accuracy.

Which suggests that perhaps the aftershocks really have been occurring on a rectilinear, grid pattern.


So a few hours later I came back and grabbed another screen shot.

(Source:, 10 June 2016)

The number of reported aftershocks diminished by a few, but the regular, rectilinear, grid array is still there.

Is this due to a software bug that influences the way the aftershocks are geographically reported? I don't know.

Or are the aftershocks, indeed, occurring on a regular, rectilinear, grid pattern?

If  so, then does this reflect an artificial, subterranean grid pattern that is either causing the aftershocks, or is catastrophically failing as a consequence of the original earthquake?

Or is something else happening? Are the aftershocks perhaps being precisely caused to occur in a grid pattern?

Recall that a few days ago it was widely reported that an unnamed weapons test being run out of the USSA Navy's China Lake weapons testing facility would be disrupting airplane GPS systems over California and Nevada for the next month.

Mystery Navy test will JAM GPS signals in California for up to six hours a day

Is the USSA Navy perhaps testing a seismic weapons system? Might that be the explanation? Recall that the Navy's China Lake weapons testing facility lies just north of where this strange pattern of earthquake aftershocks has occurred.

Of course, I am known for writing an underground best-selling series of paperback books on the topic of secret underground bases and tunnels, which are available for purchase here on my blog site; so I am open to the possibility that there may be a secret, sprawling, miles long network of deeply buried tunnels and subterranean installations beneath the California landscape in that location which may have some connection to this unusual series of reported aftershocks.

Indeed, in the past I have been told anecdotal accounts of vast, sprawling, secret underground tunnels and facilities deep beneath the Californian countryside. I could never verify the existence of such subterranean complexes, but who knows? - - maybe we are seeing indirect evidence of that here.

Or is it all due, after all, to a glitch in the earthquake reporting software that erroneously caused the aftershocks to appear to be laid out on a regular grid pattern?

I honestly don't know and have no easy way of finding out.

If you happen to know, please write me with the details.


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