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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

The USSA and NATO Lurch Toward World War Three

Perhaps you saw the recent article on the Saker's website warning of the very real danger of a nuclear World War III that would mean the "obliteration" of the USSA were it to occur:

A Russian warning

The authors advise that: If there is going to be a war with Russia, then the United States will most certainly be destroyed, and most of us will end up dead.

As my longtime readers know, I have a past history of nonviolent, anti-nuclear activism on the launch lids of nuclear missile silos in the USSA for which I was repeatedly incarcerated in a variety of different jails, prisons and correctional centers in the states of Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas and North Dakota. On the occasion of my last peace demonstration at a Minuteman III nuclear missile silo in North Dakota in 2010 I issued the following two statements to the press, which I invite you to read. They explain a great deal of my thinking.

Minot Manifesto

A Serious Message From The Heart of America

To come to the point, I have been out on the nuclear missile silos in the USSA, again and again and again and therefore personally know what kind of serious nuclear fire power is out there, deployed, waiting and ready to go at a minute's notice. It is hideous stuff.

The Stakes Are Very High

For that reason, I do not dismiss the Russian warning. I take it very seriously. For a variety of reasons I have understood the very real threat of nuclear warfare for most of my life. It absolutely is a possibility, and the more that NATO and the USSA pressure Russia militarily, economically and politically the greater the threat becomes that there will be an exchange of nuclear missiles.

Please understand that the push towards nuclear war is coming from the USSA, notwithstanding the mainstream media propaganda about the allegedly evil Russians and their alleged desire to invade Europe.

The stakes in this run up to war are enormous -- your life and the life of everyone you know, to begin with, and the planet at large, the rest of the global biosphere, potentially even the survival of humanity itself.

And yet, the USSA and NATO continue to press for war - -  and make no mistake, it is NATO and the USSA who are pressing for war.

For two main reasons:

1) to further imperial hegemony
2) to forestall the collapse of the fraudulent, fake, fiat money financial system based in criminal central banking that aims to reduce the entire world's population to high-tech, digital, lifelong debt-based, neo-feudal servitude and impoverishment.

It is a grimly dystopian social, political and economic order that the USSA and NATO seek to impose by force on all of humanity, including on the Russians.

As it happens, their false, fake, phony economic model is now spectacularly failing, all over the world, and the great danger is that as NATO and the USSA see the economic underpinnings of their desperate gambit for totalitarian, global control dwindling away, that they will massively lash out, in a violent "use it or lose it" bid to bring the entire world under their merciless control.

Modern warfare is unimaginably expensive. The weapons systems and the associated military forces cost untold billions and billions of dollars to design, develop, manufacture, equip, deploy and maintain. So as the western economic system fails, NATO and the USSA are faced with the prospect of using their enormous military machine while they still have the economic resources to wield it in active warfare, or forever lose that ability and forego their harsh dream of world conquest and domination.

In the aggregate, they have millions of soldiers on the payroll and hundreds of military bases. Paying, feeding, clothing and equipping those soldiers will be an impossibility when the system collapses. Maintaining multi-billion dollar weapons systems that span the globe and Earth orbit, will become equally impossible in a situation of economic collapse.

And the collapse has begun. The entire global economic system is poised to come down. Today Venezuela is in chaos; tomorrow it could be the USSA in a similar condition. 

Hence the push to war by the USSA and NATO. Time marches on and they can see their window of opportunity closing; they can viscerally feel it.

So they are running war games right now, preparing for war in close geographic proximity to Russia. Anakonda-16 is a massive, military exercise underway this week in Poland, involving 30,000 troops from 20 different countries.

NATO allies launch largest military exercise since end of Cold War in clear message to Russia

No doubt the Russians are drawing the appropriate conclusion: NATO is preparing to make war on Russia. 

The Russian military is surely on heightened alert. I concur with the Russian authors of the article I referenced at the outset of this blog post that if the USSA and NATO attack Russian territory or Russian strategic interests, the Russians will have to assume that their national integrity and survival are on the line and will respond with great force. Obliteration of the USSA is absolutely a possible outcome in that scenario.

At a minimum, major USSA military bases could be nuked, and probably major centers of financial power such as Lower Manhattan, downtown Chicago and the City of London. Cities that are close to major military bases, such as San Diego, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Norfolk, Omaha, Tampa, etc. could quite possibly be vaporized.

Most of the USSA Navy could become twisted, multi-billion dollar scrap metal in mere minutes as Russian anti-ship missiles take out aircraft carrier task forces. The Russian missiles come in from over the horizon at mach 3+, skimming the waves, and punch a huge hole all the way through a ship, any ship, right at the waterline. They'll take an aircraft carrier down. 

And yet the political and military "leadership" of the USSA and NATO continue positioning their forces for war with Russia.

Unless they desist and soon, we may, in fact, see a nuclear war, as horrific as that prospect is. 

John Helmer, in Moscow,  has written a thoughtful analysis that analyzes the military and geopolitical dynamics of the approaching conflict. You can read his excellent article here:


Helmer states that the Russians believe that October is a time of elevated risk for a USSA/NATO strike against Russia.

Who knows? We will all find out in a few months if they are right. 

But if the USSA and NATO do attack Russia, there is every reason to believe that the Russians will strike back, hard and immediately, starting with major NATO and USSA military bases in Europe, though the retaliation will likely not end there.


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