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Sunday, September 30, 2018

Benjamin Fulford Shows His True Colors - - Again

One of my loyal, long-time, expatriate readers recently sent me Benjamin Fulford's latest blog posting, from 24 September 2018.

For those who don't know, Benjamin Fulford has been featured on many "alternative" Internet websites, podcasts and YouTube channels for the last 10 years or so. In past decades, Fulford was a Japan-based correspondent for a number of different newspapers and magazines, including for several years as the Asian Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine.

Fulford speaks Japanese and has many news sources in Asia and beyond in high finance, economics, politics, military agencies, journalism, industry, secret societies, royal families, martial arts organizations, organized crime, etc.

In recent years, Fulford has alleged that he is a spokesperson, or a sort of go between, for an organization that he calls the White Dragon Society (WDS), an international organization that represents various, behind-the-scenes, influential power brokers in Asia.

According to Fulford, the White Dragon Society is actively negotiating a new, global system of governance that will soon replace the outdated and fast failing Khazarian backed system that currently holds sway in the Northern Atlantic power bloc and affiliated countries. As Fulford has been promoting this ostensible, new and improved international order that is being advanced by the White Dragon Society, as a great leap forward in every way for humanity and the Earth, I was willing to hear him out. I was willing to think that maybe the White Dragon Society, supposing it really exists, was prepared to reorder global affairs in a more benevolent and humane manner, and usher in a new and brighter day for humanity and the Earth.

In Fulford's most recent blog post on 24 September 2018 he discussed the  chaotic, global, political, financial and military situation. He alleged, once again, that the White Dragon Society is in high level, secret negotiations for all sorts of global initiatives, including a worldwide debt jubilee, a global forgiveness of debt and economic and political reset of the world system.

Sounds good, right?

But then he drops his bombshell. I won't quote it all, just the two sentences in which he gets down to the meat of what the new global system will be, after the worldwide "reset." I was left agape:

"The WDS further said it supports keeping existing royal families in place as symbols of continuity, while day-to-day management would be left to meritocracies such as the Pentagon, the Vatican, the Chinese Communist Party, the newly created future planning agency, etc.  In other words, all the functional bits of the old system would be left intact and reformed in the name of continuity and a smooth transition."

Meritocracies? The Pentagon? The Vatican? The Chinese Communist Party? They plan to retain the royal families? The newly created future planning agency (one can only imagine). "(A)ll the functional bits of the old system would be left intact ..."

"(A)ll the functional bits of the old system would be left intact ..."
Really? Really??!! And Fulford spews all this foul offal with a straight face??
Excuse me while I go projectile vomit ....

I have nothing more to add. Meet the new boss, essentially the same as the old boss -- only new and improved!

The royal families, the Pentagon, the Vatican and the Chinese Communist Party will be running the show after the reset, which they essentially do now.

You can have your kings and queens, your Roman Catholic popes, your Communist Party pooh-bahs, and your military dictators raining hell and suffering on one and all.

If this is what Benjamin Fulford and his White Dragon Society have in store for us, then a pox on them all.

Fulford's White Dragon Society has just shown its true agenda and it is alarming.

Fulford has made himself irrelevant at best, and someone to be assiduously avoided at worst, because what he is proposing is nothing new; it is the present disgusting system, with some of the most prominent and nefarious power blocs carried over into global positions of influence and governance after the "reset," which it now seems will simply be a chaotic period in which some of the world's very worst power centers will (re)consolidate their power, so as to rule the planet in the future with an even tighter grip than they do now.

Hey, Benjamin Fulford, count me out! I'm nobody's lickspittle, but it looks like you are


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