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Monday, September 3, 2018

They're Watching You ... And Everyone Else In The World

Dear readers, the revelations in recent years of Edward Snowden and Julian Assange, as regards the pervasive, global, digital surveillance carried out by the alphabet soup agencies of the USSA against almost everyone on the planet, are discouraging enough.

But that's only the kindergarten version of the satanic reality in which we live and breathe. The information set forth by Paul Baird at the following link shows that the mind, life and reality control horror extends far more deeply and comprehensively than Snowden's and Assange's document dumps have dared to reveal.

They're Watching You

Read it. All of it. The surveillance technology of today is science fiction-like, virtually indistinguishable from magic.

The whole thing is out of control. The CIA, Mossad, MI-6, MI-5, the FBI, DIA, NSA, Google, MicroSoft, Facebook, the Big Banks, Fortune 500, organized crime -- they're all in on it. Yes, they can target you from orbit if they like, and go right into your mind and emotions.

And you are their target. Now you may think to yourself: "I'm just an ordinary person, carrying out my private life. Why would anyone target me?"

And the answer is that not only do they want to control you, to use you as a commodity or as a vector, witting or unwitting, of their ghastly evil plans and projects, but they want your very soul. That's the ultimate door prize, your soul, and they want it, to steal it, sell it, destroy it, imprison it, corrupt it, confuse it, abuse it, etc. And to do that, they are prepared to take total control of your mind, body and soul, by any means necessary, with or without your knowledge and informed consent, up to and including your complete annihilation, in every sense of the word, until "you" are no longer recognizable or even exist any longer.

I can tell you that I am followed and surveilled here in Quito. It happens regularly. I'm just one man, with no financial resources or assets, living in a small rented room with a hot plate. That's it. That's my life. I'm not in politics and do not want to be. Who wants to wallow in that wretched cesspit? And still the f*ckers follow me and have me under surveillance. 

I am far from an exception. Untold thousands and millions of people all over the world are under surveillance and being followed around by agents of organized crime and various government agencies, which in the final analysis amount to the same thing. It's like a Reese's peanut butter cup. Has the chocolate slyly ensnared the creamy peanut butter the better to have and to hold, or has the peanut butter sneakily insinuated itself up inside the yummy chocolate? At the end of the day, it doesn't matter.

The pits of hell are not deep enough to hold all of the low lives working for the evil, global control MATRIX which is worldwide in extent. There are millions of them -- some are pros and simply do it for the money, while others do it for love, you know, they like it, they get off on it, evil excites them.

Please realize that with the advent of massive, quantum computing, the extensive network of satellites in orbit, ever more sophisticated electronic mind control and mind monitoring technologies, and the ever expanding, global telecommunications grid that it is now becoming possible to surveil and monitor most of humanity in real time, with the aid of advanced A.I., of course.  You, whoever you are, are certainly included in that number.

Increasingly, all of this is carried out in real time by unblinking, never sleeping, always watching A.I. armed with voice recognition, facial recognition, fingerprint recognition, iris recognition, your brain wave profile and more.

Now you may rejoin, "But, Richard, this can't really be happening!"

To which I say: "It's beyond your wildest imagination."

Read the link again, all of it. Or read it for the first time:

They're Watching You

I would not presume to say to you that what you don't know can hurt you, because that's not quite true. Rather, I would prefer to say to you that what you don't know is hurting you, grievously.

The only way out is in. Most of the exits have been sealed by malevolent A.I. and its fawning human lickspittles and demonic toadies. 

So how to find the inner exit?

prayer to the Ultimate Universal Creative Intelligence
contemplative fasting
chanting of holy names and holy mantras
binaural beat technology
turn off the TV
avoid the spirit-sucking Hollywood movies
avoid alphabet soup agencies and their agents
Thou shalt not kill, i.e., do not go to war
don't steal
devote yourself to a worthy charitable or humanitarian cause

You get the drift. Even if you don't make it to the exit in this lifetime, try to build up momentum in that direction, so that in the future lifetime(s) you will maximize your chances of escape from this A.I. controlled hell realm.

Do your best, because this foul, A.I. controlled MATRIX will do its best to keep you coming back, again and again and again, like a psychopathically insane, satanically mad carnival ride that never permits its terrified and traumatized passengers to dismount and exit the hellish theme park.

Not to worry -- the Pope, the Presidents, the Pharisees, the CIA, NSA, Pentagon, Hollywood, and so forth, are in on the whole thing.

Get yourself free if you can. I am not claiming that it will necessarily be easy, but then, nothing really worth having usually comes with ease. It's an inward journey, a personal odyssey. 

Listen, I no longer even care about playing to bourgeois sensibilities and assuaging the fears and disbelief of the incredulous. I'm not in it for the money, because I have none. I've been thrown off of more radio shows, pod casts and websites than you can shake a stick at. Wrap your head around the nefarious agenda that is turning this planet into a totalitarian prison way beyond your worst nightmare. Deal with it. That's your only option. That or fall on your knees and kiss the ring of totalitarian, soul-enslaving A.I. and its glittering, mesmerizing, life sucking, spirit annihilating MATRIX cage. 

Oh, how the bars shine and sparkle! The TV shows, Hollywood, Wall Street, Broadway! -- the trannies in gaudy drag, stadium sports extravaganzas, false flag attacks to bedazzle and horrify and slaughter by the thousands and millions, and preposterous political figures that trump anything you've ever seen before.

Yes, yes, that's right, and one Trump to bind them all. Whether the masses adore or despise him is of no consequence whatsoever; all that matters is that his name is ever on their lips and that they think of him always. It's a magical game, how it glistens and glimmers! lures and thrills! -- so exciting, and in the end the singular objective is that the players are of one accord and of one (false) mind that the Trump card is the pivot around which the whole dazzling play revolves.

Relax, the show is just beginning! Are you not entertained?


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