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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

The Event May Not Be What You Expect

I've heard and read a great deal about the supposed, upcoming Event in recent years. More and more YouTube channels are saying that the Event is imminent, or is happening now, and will entail a shift from 3D to 5D reality, that there will be a blast of white light that will influence everyone on the planet, that timelines are merging, that the Earth realm will switch from duality to unity, that twin flames will (re)unite, that there will be many high profile arrests in the news, an economic reset, and on and on it goes, in an endless chorus of pseudo-spiritual, pseudo-astrological, pseudo-scientific, pseudo-political, psycho-babble.

At times I wonder if all of this noisy digital confusion is but a complex ruse by the alphabet soup agencies to pull the wool over gullible people's eyes, the better to implement the next step in whatever nefarious plot they have to strengthen the dark grip they have on humanity and the planet. Other days I wonder if those who are pushing the idea of the Event are simply happily self-deluded cranks who mean well, but who have a tenuous grip on reality and delight in attracting hordes of similarly self-deluded followers to their YouTube channels.

At still other times I am persuaded that the sheer number of people who are having dreams, visions and psychic downloads of information about the approaching Event cannot all be wrong, that something really must be going on.

And then there is the fact that I and many others are vibrating, in my case for the past two years. I don't know why I am vibrating so much, but I am. The vibrations can sometime be impressively vigorous, though they never hurt or cause any sort of pain or discomfort. My dream state has also changed, become more mysterious and enigmatic in a quirky, hard-to-describe sort of way.

So maybe something really is getting ready to happen. Maybe my almost daily vibrations mean that I am an early warning sensor of the preliminary, energetic bow waves of an immense, indescribable, approaching, ever closer SOMETHING.

It's apparent that something is going on, something unusual. It's not just that the weather has been out of the ordinary all over the world, or that the oceans and great forests are being destroyed. or that the tidal wave of global corruption is reaching a furious crescendo, or that craziness of every variety is more and more on public view on every hand -- no, it's all of that and much more.

For example, who would have imagined that Meng Hongwei, the President of Interpol, the  international police agency based in Lyon, France, could very publicly disappear, as he did last week, and end up being held incommunicado by the government in China. Someone or something very powerful clearly wanted him out of the way and out of public circulation. This is an unprecedented occurrence.

Or who would imagine that dissident political journalist, Jamal Khashoggi, could walk into the Saudi Arabian consulate in Turkey, as happened last week, and evidently be killed and cut into pieces by a 15 man hit squad flown in from Saudi Arabia especially to murder him and subsequently dismember his corpse. It's surreal. Clearly someone very powerful wanted him dead and physically obliterated.

And then there is the strange case of the Dutch Wikileaks associate of Julian Assange, Arjen Kamphuis, who abruptly disappeared in Norway several weeks ago, and has not been seen or heard from since. Did he know something that made powerful people nervous?

I am beginning to wonder if perhaps the long-rumored arrests, military tribunals and executions that the alt-right on the Internet in the USSA have been talking about for the last year or two have begun and will play out far differently than most people think.

What if those who are intended to be incarcerated, disappeared, killed and tortured in Guantanamo are, in reality, political dissidents, dissident journalists, political activists and the like, in order to clamp down a global, totalitarian dictatorship?

What if the Chinese Communist Party, the Saudi Arabian government, the USSA government, the U.K. government and more are all secretly in cahoots?

I ask simply because these are unprecedented events.

What if I am on a list to be disappeared? I am a publicly known political dissident. What if you are on a list to be disappeared?

I know that my blog articles are read by people in Hollywood, the City of London, Wall Street, the USSA military, the alphabet soup agencies and by a whole slew of so-called, ordinary people in all walks of life, all over the world. Some of my readers have money and clout, far more money than I have ever had or am likely to have, and far more clout than I have ever had, or am likely to have.

But I am telling you quite plainly that none of that matters. Whether rich and with clout, or an ordinary man or woman in the street, you, too, can be disappeared. It can happen at any time. Indeed, lots of people are disappeared every day, all over the world. Read the above examples again. Men in black, shall we say, show up and say: "We know that you have been disloyal, that you have disloyal thoughts. Would you step this way?" And they wave a gun in your face, or put a knife to your throat.

That is how the CIA rolls, for example. I was a window washer for many years and had many clients from all walks of life, including some who worked for various military and non-military "agencies" in a variety of capacities. I remember well talking with a former military intelligence operative and asking him whether the CIA had ever tried to recruit him. His response was direct and informative: "Yes, they did, but I turned them down. Richard, the CIA even kill their own!"

That's everything you need to know right there, isn't it? They're your buddies, they only want to help, one for all and all for one! -- right up until the time they slip a knife blade through your ribs, or put a black hood over your head and take you away by armed force.

When I was in graduate school, one day I was talking with one of my committee members, who was affiliated with two intelligence agencies, and yes, for those who are naive, the universities in the USSA are full of intelligence agency operatives -- DHS, CIA, NSA, Mossad, FBI, Air Force Intelligence, Army Intelligence, DOE, NASA, etc. The academic world is a corrupt front for the deep state. Anyway, this "professor" point blank threatened me. He looked at me and calmly said: "One day, years from now, you'll be walking down the street in another city, and a car will pull up beside you. The door will open and the people inside will tell you to get in the car and you will, because you'll know them."

Is that what's about to happen, for tens of thousands of people, all over the world, to get rid of investigative journalists, dissident academics, political dissidents, environmental activists, human rights campaigners? Has it already started? Has this business of the supposed, coming "Event" been hijacked? Is it being rolled out just to bamboozle and fool the gullible, so as to provide more cover for even greater darkness and violence to come?

I truly do not know.

That is my concern on the one hand. 

On the other hand, supposing that Donald Trump and his henchmen really do round up and arrest 60,000 high profile, wickedly "bad" boys and girls, and imprison and/or execute them, that also necessarily implies major societal, political and military upheaval, i.e., a very strong probability of martial law or naked, military dictatorship. There's no way that county sheriffs and local police departments are going to round up and imprison 60,000 powerful bigwigs with clout and lock them in the county jail.  It won't be like that.

In short, your life will never again be the same. Don't imagine that it will be thrilling or exciting that Donald Trump is finally draining the Swamp. Oh, no, not at all. He won't be the one in charge. He'll merely do and say what his handlers order him to do and say.

There will be armored personnel carriers in the streets, and guys with burp guns and automatic rifles patrolling the cities and highways, and stationed at freeway and interstate highway interchanges and toll booths, with military arrest powers. If they don't like the way you talk or look at them, you'll have a serious problem.

That is the way military law is. The generals will run the show. You will have no rights beyond the right to submit to military command without question or complaint.

It will be overt, red-white-and-blue fascism. There will be flags, presidential proclamations, emergency warnings, pledges of allegiance, loyalty tests and more.

And it will all be designed to Make America Great Again.  \sarcasm\

So pardon me if I am skeptical about the "Event" that everyone is talking about. It may well be that much better days are coming, but to me it looks like first there will probably be a period of great confusion, chaos and collapse of many economic, political and societal systems, all accompanied by a whole suite of major climatological, geological, ecological, agricultural, hydrological and military events, some of which may possibly be very major, mass mortality incidents with a stunning level of destruction and  loss of life.

How The Event May Plausibly Unfold

In the midst of the rising confusion and chaos, which is already visible, by the way, the Event may organically take root and sprout up, one new shoot at a time, until the old falls away, and the new, with a positive, humane, constructive, creative, life-enhancing focus seamlessly takes its place.

I suggest to you that this will occur via human, humane, personal actions that are carried out on a hands on, face to face basis, within the sphere of everyday human interaction.

Indeed, it has already begun. Let me provide you one ordinary example from my everyday life, here in Ecuador. Three weeks ago at midday, I was walking down the sidewalk on one of the  major streets in Quito. Cars and buses were coming and going in the street. People were passing me on the sidewalk in front and behind, and suddenly, blocking the sidewalk right in front of me, stood a young man covered in blood. His head was drenched in blood, his neck was bloody, his hands were crimson with blood, his jacket and pants had blood on them. I was stunned. I was even more surprised when he improbably asked me for ten dollars. He blurted out that he had just been been assaulted, which was self-evident, and robbed. He again asked me if I could give him ten dollars. I told him that I couldn't give him ten dollars, but that he needed immediate medical attention.

I quickly sized him up. He had been savagely slashed with a sharp weapon -- a box cutter, a barber's razor, a switch blade knife, something like that. His scalp had been laid open. I could see his skull. The blood was visibly running from the wound. He had also been slashed on both sides of his neck, and those wounds were also visibly pumping blood. Though his assailant(s) had failed to sever a major artery or vein, in that I couldn't see blood spurting out with force, he was losing quite a bit of blood. I noted that he was woozy and wobbly from loss of blood. I had no idea if he might not have also been stabbed or cut elsewhere in a less visible place. His clothing had been slashed in a couple of places. It is possible that there were other wounds that I couldn't see.

He was in shock. He wasn't thinking clearly. He was not aware of the gravity of his condition.

He was babbling. He told me that he was an engineer. He said that he was not Ecuadorean. I replied that his nationality didn't matter to me.

No one else had tried to help him. Incredibly, people continued passing by as if nothing were happening. My immediate concern was the very real danger that he might imminently bleed out and die, right there on the sidewalk.

In that brief period he almost stumbled off the sidewalk and in front of a passing bus. He was in extremis.

I had to act. I decided to take advantage of the fact that he was in shock, that his body was instinctively pumping adrenaline. I grabbed him firmly by the upper arm and said: "Let's go." There was a public hospital with a 24 hour emergency room a few blocks away. I judged that if I kept him moving and propped him up that he could probably make it there. I abandoned the thought of calling an ambulance -- he was in bad shape and might have died before it got there 45 minutes later -- or what if the ambulance never came?

So I marched him briskly down the sidewalk toward the hospital. A block away from the hospital, we came upon a couple of policemen directing traffic who noticed his plight and came to his aid. I relinquished control to them. They took him firmly by both arms and accompanied him the final block to the emergency room.

So there you have it. That's how the Event occurs. It's very nuts and bolts, and hands on. It's in your face. It is dirty, gritty and maybe even bloody, with suffering, maybe very great suffering. And you have to concretely decide by your actions which side you come down on. It's not airy-fairy mysticism.

Parsing what happened, you have the bad guy(s), the worst sort of 3D hell, out to rob and cut and slash and kill, right in front of everyone at midday in a large city. Naked evil. Feral demons on the loose. These bipedal, savage animals are out there, in Chicago, New York, New Orleans, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Quito, Mexico City, Johannesburg, etc. It is the reality of this degraded Earth realm in which we live and breathe. Pretending it is otherwise is a fool's errand.

Then there is the 5D part, where the victim, who was almost certainly having the very worst day of his entire life up until that juncture, had the blind luck to stumble across someone like me. Now I am not saying that I am a spiritually realized 5D being, because I 'm just some guy like you; rather, what I am saying is that I consciously chose to initiate an ordinary sequence of common-sense, hands on, human actions that progressively, naturally transformed a violent, criminal, evil, potentially fatal attack into a higher order, life-saving outcome that undoubtedly saved the man's life, as opposed to simply passing by and permitting him to bleed out on the sidewalk, as people walked around him.

Note the really important part: my very ordinary actions in short order enlisted the aid of two policemen, who then engaged the help of nurses and doctors in the emergency room, who then provided medical assistance to the gravely wounded victim, and in subsequent days and weeks I have noticed more neighborhood police patrols in that immediate sector of Quito, which will serve to prevent others from being similarly attacked, robbed and even potentially killed. My actions set in motion a wider, positive, ripple effect in the victim's life and beyond. That is 5D. It is very human.

As this chaotic, violent mayhem descends on the world, and the process is already well underway, people everywhere, like you and me, are presented with similar concrete opportunities to act within the sphere of our own daily lives. We  don't have to look very far or hard to identify opportunities to be of human service. They pop up right in front of us.

I had the option of saying to myself: "This looks like way more trouble than it is worth. Who knows what's going on here? The guy is covered with blood. What if bad guys are lurking nearby and decide to attack me, too? No, it's better just to walk on by and avoid involving myself in this man's drama. It's his problem, not mine."

Indeed, in that very instant other passers-by were making precisely that calculation. No one did what I did. I acted on the spur of the moment. I didn't do any mental calculation, beyond deciding that whatever I was on the way to do was nowhere near as important as helping the savagely wounded man in front of me. So I instantly abandoned what I was on my way to do and immediately focused on the pressing need of the man in front of me.

And that is the way that 5D will come to cover this planet with its grace. You will see suffering. You will see blood. You will see violence and evil. Those things are happening now.

You will do something in response. Or not. And what you do, or do not do, has everything in the world to do with whether we will have a grim, violent, hideous 3D world, or a glorious, humane and wonderfully fulfilling 5D world.

No one is coming to magically sprinkle mystical sparkles in the air, as we watch YouTube videos about the Event and obsess about the day that the 5D world arrives. The Event arrives the day that we personally live it out on this planet in our everyday lives and not one minute sooner.

In other words, the Event is a way of being. So how do you want to be? How do you want the world to be?

I'm just some guy in South America, and you're someone in North America or Europe or wherever. We are the ones we are waiting for. 

Welcome to Earth. It is our great privilege and responsibility to create the planet and society that we have always dreamed of.

We are the ones who will do that. If not us, then who?

Using ordinary means, face to face, personal means, we will achieve an extraordinary result. This is the heart and soul of alchemy. It's not magical woo-woo, it's daily life, one day at a time.


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