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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Rethinking The History of Humanity

In recent years I have watched many hours of videos having to do with the Ur-alt, global civilization(s) that existed on this planet many thousands of years ago. During my life I have also visited many ancient sites in Europe, North America, Central America, South America, Turkey and Egypt, as well as having read very widely for many years and spoken with others who have knowledge of ancient civilizations. The sum result of all of my literary, Internet and personal explorations and conversations is the understanding that we have been massively lied to in school and at university. We do not know the true history of humanity or the Earth. It has all been very systematically concealed from us. It is part of a comprehensive, global, multi-thousand year conspiracy to hide our own past from us. 

Nevertheless, thanks to the dedicated work and courage of independent researchers, some of our past is beginning to be better understood, or at least questioned and investigated.

I can especially recommend the following YouTube channels. Watch every video these people have put out to the Internet (it will take you awhile!), and you will soon see that the antiquity of our sojourn on this planet goes waaaay back, and is far different than we have been told.

Brien Foerster

Sylvie Ivanova


I also recommend the books of the following authors, available at their websites:

Graham Hancock

Michael Cremo

Suffice it to say that I am now persuaded that humankind has been on this planet, and other planets in this solar system, and on other planets throughout this sector of the galaxy, not for thousands of years, but for literally millions of years, and that the modern civilization that we think is so advanced is, in reality, the biggest brain wipe and mind f*ck of all time.

So you have a cell phone? Wonderful! You can call other mind controlled slaves and have delightfully superficial conversations about all of the mind control approved issues of the day -- professional sports, the artificially controlled economy, popular entertainment, a wide variety of fake news topics, the latest shenanigans of whatever criminal mafia calls itself a "government" in your part of the world, and so much more! All for the unbelievably low price of $49.95 per month. \sarcasm\

But that's Nothing

Watch all of the videos that the researchers above have disseminated on the Internet, read the books of Michael Cremo and Graham Hancock and you, too, will realize that what we call "modern civilization" is just a bunch of fake, chemicalized, plasticized, falsified, mind controlled, stapled together junk and nonsense. 

Vald9vt is one of my favorite YouTube channels.

Just today I was watching another one of his videos on the metal clamps that are found at many megalithic sites across the world, frequently connecting multi-ton stone blocks. 

I haven't seen anyone offer a convincing explanation for the metal clamps yet. They can't be structural, because the size of the clamps is absolutely dwarfed by the massive stone blocks in so many cases.

I suspect that they are a functional part of an energetic architecture; that the metal clamps are there for electrical connection between specific blocks to complete energetic circuits. In remote antiquity there was a different technology that is not well understood today.

The size, precise shape and geometric placement of the blocks were all factors in the functioning of the monuments. These structures functioned as machines; they did work that we don't comprehend today. It wasn't all just decorative.

I have no doubt that many of the most ancient monuments in Egypt, and elsewhere around the world, were integral parts of massive, landscape covering machinery or energetic circuits, that sprawled for miles and miles; a megalithic technology that employed energy in a far different way than the global "civilization" of so-called "modern" times, and which was very environmentally friendly, to boot. 

It was all destroyed and put out of commission thousands of years ago, so that the fallen, degraded mentalities behind the present world (dis)order could come to power, and establish their ruthless, mind-, body-, and soul-destroying dominion over the Earth and its inhabitants.

We have been left with legends all over the world of a previous Golden Age of high civilization that was suddenly, catastrophically destroyed. The evidence for that sad cataclysm is all over the world. My own research suggests that the cataclysm had artificial causes that extended off world. Terrible battles took place in this solar system long ago, civilization and planet destroying warfare. The so-called "civilization" we see around us today is but the very palest of feeble, weak, fake imitations, compared to the glorious splendor of the distant past.

That's the reason for the suffocating, historical and archaeological truth embargo on the part of the thoroughly corrupt powers-that-be of today. They want to keep their human slave race thoroughly suppressed, oppressed, ignorant, tractable and servilely docile.

It's all very disappointing, what more can I say?


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