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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

The USSA Openly Turns Satanic

One of my readers in Asia sent me this "Hail Satan" movie preview that's just out from Magnolia Pictures. I suppose it will be hitting the cinemas in the coming weeks. It's quite an eyeful. It's only two minutes, but you'll get the idea.

My opinion of this tinsel-town snippet is that it essentially reflects what the USSA already is, in large measure, and is an accurate, cinematic, social-barometric indicator of the direction the USSA is determinedly headed: nowhere good.

My view is that the USSA is a really, really bad place and has been for a long time. Anyone who cannot or will not see that is either sleepwalking through life or is personally complicit to some degree in the red-white-and-blue organized crime called "America", and looks the other way for reasons of narrow, self-interest or selfish gain. One could argue that from the very beginning, with the inception of the Virginia Company at Jamestown in 1607, that the entire, imperial, "American" project of conquest, genocidal slaughter, subjugation, exploitation, slavery, land and resource theft, and war and war and more and more war is thoroughly satanic

Many so-called "Christians", very large numbers of them in fact, have in all actuality been closet satanists all along, with their devotion to  and glorification of the satanic state and its savage, ruthless wars and policies. Very large numbers of "Christians" do not shrink at all from the imperial slaughter, mayhem, savagery, conquest, theft of land and resources, all under the blood-drenched, stars-and-stripes banner of the regime in Washington, D.C. The savagery of the state is there for all to see, and yet many "Christian" churches place a national flag right down front, just to the side of the altar or pulpit.

What was it Jesus said about not serving two masters? -- and yet most "Christians" do serve two masters! In fact, many of them are far more loyal to the state than to Jesus; they kill and die for the state, and encourage others to do likewise, or even compel others by force of law to kill and die for the state.

And all the while, they conveniently forget, or even worse,  consciously and willingly violate the supposedly divine commandment that they theoretically observe: Thous shalt not kill.

I don't bother anymore to attend "Christian" services or even to pay much attention to their fevered yammering.


Simple. The vast majority of "Christians" don't themselves believe or follow their own teachings! They don't take themselves seriously, so why should anyone else?

I do, however, refrain from slaughtering others or preparing to do so -- something which massively abundant historical evidence reveals that "Christians" have done by the millions and millions and millions, for centuries on end, in plain, glaring contradiction of their own (allegedly) sacred teaching: Thou shalt not kill.  I also refrain from stealing and other rude violations of personal and public order, as does anyone who has a modicum of respect for others.

Very large numbers of "Christians" historically, and in the present day, have paid and continue to pay very little attention to Jesus's admonition to: "Do unto others as you would that they do unto you."  They have gone away to places like Iraq, Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, Vietnam, Nicaragua, Panama, Korea, the Philippines, Japan, and the many Native American Nations of the Americas and have slaughtered many thousands and even many millions of other people -- not infrequently in the name of Jesus!

So much for: "Jesus loves the little children, all the children of the world, red and yellow, black and white, they are precious in his sight, Jesus loves the little children of the world ..."  You know, the little song that the "Christians" sing with their children in Sunday school -- and then the very ones who sing this song send their children abroad in the world to slaughter other children.

That's satanic, Dear Reader. You know that that happens, and has happened, again and again and again and again. You also know that that's just wrong.

Like I said, the "Christians" themselves very frequently don't bother to observe their own teachings, so who are they to be upset when others also fail to observe their "Christian" teachings?

I personally don't care for the Satanists myself, and feel only revulsion and aversion for their "religion" and Baphomet god, but who are the "Christians" to complain? By their actions (and also inaction) they have done the same and worse: viciously spat in the face of God. All the while smugly claiming some sort of special, Holy dispensation.

My Visions

None of this overly surprises me. This is just what ayahuasca (in recent years) and The Bone Lady (in 1958 when I was a small boy) have shown me. There is a tremendous contest between good and evil, the holy and the satanic. This world in which we live, and this modern age in which we are immersed, are a great field of battle. The human race as a whole, and each human, as an individual entity, finally must come down on one side or the other of this momentous divide. Who are you with: the Sublime Creator of All That Is? or the Baphomet, satanic one which has set itself up in adamant opposition to the Sublime Creator?

To wit: my ayahuasca visions of the last year and half or so have been very intense, and have focused heavily on the great wickedness in the USSA, even singling out certain cities and regions as being particular centers of virtually pure evil:

1) Las Vegas, Nevada
2) New Orleans, Louisiana
3) Miami, Florida
3) The Nasville-Memphis region in Tennessee

Apparently, ayahuasca considers these places to be even more wicked than New York City, Los Angeles, the San Francisco-Silicon Valley region, Chicago and Washington, D.C.; which cities/regions are all known centers of extremely serious criminal and downright evil activity.

It also singled out the hip-hop and rap music industries and the National Basketball Association (NBA) as being centers of tremendous evil and wickedness. Of course, Nashville is home to the country music industry and it did show me the deep evil in that area. It didn't mention Broadway and Hollywood, and rock and roll, Madison Avenue, Wall Street, MLB, the NHL, fĂștbol (soccer), etc., but abundant, publicly available evidence clearly indicates that all of that nonsense is also deeply  tied up into the great Gestalt of evil that besets humanity and this whole planet.

Ayahuasca has shown me that nuclear war is coming and that it is *PROGRAMMED* to occur. If nothing changes the nuclear war programming that I was shown, and if it does take place, it will be hideous beyond belief. I vomited and vomited at the sheer horror of it. What it showed me was so grotesque, so loathsome, so repugnant, so heinous, so foul, so vile that my entire being recoiled in reflexive horror. I vomited and vomited and vomited. I can't tell you how horrible, horrific and disgusting it will be.

Now you know why I have been out on the nuclear missile silos in the USSA, again and again and again, to protest against preparations for nuclear war. And so would you be, if you were awake enough to the horror and had been shown the same things I have. Of course, that begs the question as to why so few are awake enough to rouse themselves to heroic, humanitarian deeds of valor on behalf of the planet and humanity?

No one in their right mind wants to see nuclear war. The problem is that world events are not being directed by people in their right minds. Moreover, extremely large numbers of so-called everyday people are not in their right minds, either (see the discussion above about so-called "Christians").

I won't waste more bandwidth on the Satanists, but their rapid, public rise is consistent with the many centuries-long, self-inflicted fall of the so-called "Christians". It's hard to know which of the two are more problematic and troublesome. A pox on them both in their self-absorbed folly.