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Sunday, March 31, 2019

The Venezuelan Crisis in Geo-Political Perspective

Look at the following map.

(source: ... )

This is the planned Technate of North America, which is intended to include all of North America, Central America, the Caribbean, Bermuda, Greenland, the northern tier of South America and the northeastern quadrant of the Pacific Ocean, including Hawaii and other Pacific islands in that sector of the Ocean.

This represents a huge chunk of the Earth's surface, population and natural resources. The plan has been in motion for at least two centuries and maybe much more, and has morphed, and changed its geopolitical warp and woof over the years, even as it moves relentlessly forward to full implementation. If you look at events over the last 200 years or so, and especially the last 120 years, you can see that important elements of the plan have already been put into place, and that other elements of it continue to move forward. 

Political movements come and go, presidents and prime ministers come and go, centuries come and go, and yet the plan inexorably advances. The North American continent was fully conquered militarily and politically by the turn of the last century. The Hawaiian Islands and Puerto Rico were added to the territories of the USSA in the late 1800s. Militarily, diplomatically and economically the USSA and Canada have grown ever closer since WW-II. The 1994 NAFTA treaty bound Canada, the USSA and Mexico together in a continent-wide trading bloc. The CIA coup d'├ętat in Guatemala in 1954, the Reagan wars in Central America and invasion of Grenada in the 1980s, the invasion of Panama in late 1989-early 1990, the decades-long, simmering, CIA narco-violence in Colombia and Mexico, the half-century of economic sanctions against Cuba, the 2009 Honduran coup d'├ętat fomented by the Obama administration, the long-time USSA military presence on Greenland and other events can be construed as part of this long-term, ongoing plan. 

The present crisis in Venezuela, due in large part to the stifling, ruinous, economic sanctions that the USSA has imposed on that country, is certainly part of this long-range plan. The available literature from the Technocracy movement makes quite clear that the fundamental plan for the Technate of North America is to operate an energy-based economy, not a money based economy. Accordingly, the petrodollar, introduced by Richard Nixon and Henry Kissinger in 1971 to be the replacement for the gold backed dollar could be seen as a partial, or intermediate step from a money based economy to an energy based accounting system.

Seen in this light, the petroleum in Venezuela is the single, largest known pool of petroleum in the world; i.e., a vast energy resource, which is completely consonant with the needs of Technocracy for an energy-based accounting system. 

The Monroe Doctrine was the 19th century template for domination of the region by the military, diplomatic and financial power of the USSA.  But beginning in 1933 the Technocratic template has come more and more to the fore, whether or not it is formally recognized as such by official policy makers. 

Just this past Friday, the Trump administration very publicly warned the Russians against militarily assisting the Venezuelan government. John Bolton, the White House National Security Advisor, said:

"We strongly caution actors external to the Western Hemisphere against deploying military assets to Venezuela, or elsewhere in the Hemisphere, with the intent of establishing or expanding military operations... We will consider such provocative actions as a direct threat to international peace and security in the region."

Of course the Russians cannot ally themselves with Venezuela, because that interferes with the long-hoped-for Technate of North America, in which Venezuela is slated to play a key energy role! So the Russians have been warned off with gruff threats.

To be sure, the many hundreds of military installations that the USSA has all over the world, including in states directly bordering and/or very near to the Russian Federation, have gone completely unmentioned by John Bolton. The hypocrisy and hubris of Washington, DC know no bounds.

If the USSA follows through on its threat to the Russians with military action, especially military actions that directly engage Russian military forces or assets in Venezuela or the neighboring Caribbean region,  the danger of a much wider war involving the regular military forces of the USSA and Russia rises precipitously.

Let me say very clearly that I am opposed to military intervention by the USSA in Venezuela, not least because I reside in South America and do not wish to see major warfare come to this continent. My opinion is that whatever is broken politically and economically in Venezuela is for Venezuelans to address.  

Look at the hell holes that the USSA has created in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, the Ukraine and elsewhere with its savage, diplomatic, military, political and economic meddling. 

Go the f*ck home, Uncle Sam and stay away from Venezuela! No one in their right mind wants to see war, certainly not me. Latin America has enough issues to deal with as it is without imposing the hellish nightmare of yet another USSA war of aggression, this time on the South American mainland. 


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