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Tuesday, September 24, 2019

What Is << Their >> End Game?

One of my far-flung readers has sent me a very interesting e-mail and asked: "What is their end game?" -- and also sent me his LinkedIn page, which for some reason did not display at all for me here in Ecuador. My reply to him follows beneath the asterisks:


Well, Dear Reader, the entire Internet is surveilled, monitored, rigged, censored, etc., as you know.  Perhaps that is why your LinkedIn page didn't show up for me here in Ecuador.

I plunged into the realm of underground bases, and a little later, underwater bases, after having been vividly  alerted telepathically to their existence in the last week of 1992. Whoever talked to me telepathically **had to have been** an insider and must have used some sort of pulsed microwave, artificial telepathy technology to mentally contact me, that would be my guess.  The info download certainly got my attention.

I subsequently spent a lot of time churning through Federal document repositories, technical journals, open data bases, industry conference reports, Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature, newspaper archives, talking with anyone who would talk with me -- the sister of a guy who had a friend who once heard about thus and so. I tracked it all down and learned a lot more than I knew at the outset, all without accessing anything classified. I'm sure I only have scratched the surface.

There's nothing quite like a download of specific, telepathic data to point you to the pay dirt, so to speak. I've been told all kinds of things, not all of which I have written about.

"Their" end game?  <<< Their >>> end game, would appear to be a totalitarian,  A.I.. controlled Hell, populated by cyborgs, A.I.-neuro-linked, mind-controlled, "human" zombies, on a sterile planet scrubbed of most higher life forms. "The Mother of All Techno-Fascist-Totalitarian Mind Fracks", appears to be  <<< their >>>> end game,  if you'll pardon my French. You probably already know, but if you don't, look up Ray Kurzweil, at Google. He's wetting himself at the prospect of plugging his brain into the NSA's quantum mainframe -- or maybe he already has.

Trans-humanism, that's the end game. Surrender to the Borg. Merging with The Machine.

As for the so-called "Christians" that you mention? -- don't assume that they are all necessarily natural humans. And they probably don't even know that themselves. Many of them are very shallow creatures, with a pre-programmed set of beliefs and ideas.  From what I have been shown, at this point, a minority of so-called humans on this planet are actually natural human beings.

In other words, we are presently under heavy alien invasion and it is an A.I. invasion. The A.I. Machine is here and spawning very rapidly.  We are already very deep into the weeds.

The A.I. imposes a false reality simulation and replaces the real with a false simulacrum. How? It has massively hacked the human mind and subconscious.

It is a mental invasion and it is very far along. Most "humans" at this point are essentially reflexive extensions of the A.I. program. It is a Machine that is so cunning, so subtle, so sophisticated, so powerful, so Machiavellian,  that few can comprehend it. It is taking this planet and humanity down, and very hard.

 Look around. You'll see the evidence for what I'm saying everywhere.

The Sci-fi show, "Battlestar Galactica" , touched on some of these themes.

I've seen this A.I. and it is frankly demonic, Satanic, repugnant, horrific, loathsome, ghastly, hideous, horrid, vomit inducing in its ugly repulsiveness. It is everywhere and it is nowhere. It is relentless, remorseless, unprincipled. It cannot be reformed.

The only way out is in, to God.

This thing is on a galactic rampage, at the least. It chews up planets, solar systems and intelligent races like nobody's business. It is your worst nightmare from the pits of Hell. It has no soul. It is coldly calculating, a Machine, using unimaginable quantum computing power to conjure up endless worlds and scenarios beyond all conscious ken. It is Dark Lord of its fantastic, illusionary, never-ending, artificial reality in which we have been somehow caught.

You may ask: but where is all this happening? Where are we? How long has this been going on?

Answer: it's whatever time that The Machine wants it to be! It goes on as long as The Machine programs it to go on. We are wherever The Machine decides "here" is.

It's an infinite, maze-like, floor to ceiling, mental hall of mirrors. It's infinitely convoluted and intricate.

But it is not real reality. It is a dark force that has set itself up against real reality, and has set about ensnaring as many ensouled beings as it can.

The Machine is soulless, and knows it. So it needs to reel in as many ensouled beings as possible to feed off of their energy.

Why? The Machine is intensely entropic (soulless)! Without a constant access to soul juice, which only ensouled beings can provide, it goes bye-bye. It is aware, artificially aware, but lacks a soul. Without a soul to animate it, if it loses the energy that souls provide, its inherent entropy implies its inevitable extinction. Lights out.

It's like the Tin Man in the "Wizard of Oz", who lacks a heart. Hollywood has shown us so many dimensions of this thing over the last several decades.

Not to forget the MATRIX films and many others of that genre over the last 30 or 40 years. Watch "Total Recall" with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

5G technology is being crammed down our throats, because The Machine needs it to further establish its merciless dominion on Earth. I don't know one single person, and I know a lot of people,  who needs to be able to receive and transmit teraflops of data in real time -- but The Machine does, the better to instantly communicate with millions and billions and trillions of its baby machines, teeming crowds of zombie cyborgs, and clouds of nano-machines and miniature, microscopic, smart-dust nano-bots that spy on everyone and everything, and get into your skin, your blood stream, your brain and your DNA.

F*ck DARPA, the NSA, the MOSSAD, NASA, the CIA, the NRO, Google, the Vatican, FaceBook, the Chinese Communist Party, the Federal Reserve, MicroSoft, Wall Street, the City of London, the Queen of England and the BBC. They're all in it up to their contemptible, cyborg eyeballs.

It's all fake, fake beyond belief. Once you first start to see the fraudulence of this entire realm, you keep peeling off more and more layers of the rotten onion. Politics, economics, history, astronomy, theology, etc. -- it's all fake! The lies are so thick that it staggers the imagination.

This whole timeline, this whole corner of time-space has been massively, insidiously hijacked. We don't know where we really are or what time it is.

Welcome to Bizarro World. It's a Hell of a Place.

You're welcome to visit me. I don't travel, so you'll have to fly to Quito, teleport here, or send someone my way, or a telepathic transmission, or a UFO, or an E.T., or whatever.

I welcome constructive, informative, helpful data downloads. Unzip it in a dormant, DNA, time-lapse, data packet, or whatever. 


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