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Sunday, September 8, 2019

Where We're Headed: The Great Cull Awaits

I fell asleep last night only to have a very sobering, deep dream within minutes.

I abruptly found myself in a pitched battle between two forces of about 100 men each. They were in an all-out, desperate firefight for control of a position that the attacking group badly wanted to take, and that the defending force was equally determined to hold. 

Not until the top of a nearby earthen mound opened up, and a massive nuclear missile rose up from its underground silo with a thunderous roar and blasted away into the sky trailing fire and smoke, did I understand what the battle was about. 

The attacking force wanted to take control of the missile silo and prevent the launch of the nuclear missile, in order to avert nuclear war. The defending force was bent on nuclear war at all costs, and fought fiercely to enable the nuclear missile's launch.

The actual launch looked very much like this:

I don't doubt that if the trajectory of world events continues on the same course that it is presently on, that nuclear war is not only possible, but probable.

My regular readers know that this has long been a preoccupation of mine. This scenario was brought to my attention decades ago, in 1958, when I was only three years old. An entity that I spontaneously named "The Bone Lady" filled my little boy mind with such powerful information and insight that I literally thought about her and her message to me for hours a day, for many years after her visit. 

It's fair to say that The Bone Lady was a large influence in my decision later in life to go out on nuclear missile silos in the USSA in nonviolent protest against preparations for nuclear war.  I did this again and again and again. I was jailed many times for my anti-nuclear war protests. As a result I have an arrest and incarceration record that follows me around like a ball and chain, but that's the sort of thing you do when you understand what's at stake: literally EVERYTHING and EVERYONE.

I, and a comparative handful of others, called the anti-nuclear war motion in past decades. The motion was thoroughly rejected by the population at large.

Unfortunately the others and I were harshly abused and ridiculed, and badly misunderstood.

I consequently live in exile in Ecuador. I know what the (relatively near) future may be like.

I am not the only one who sees the way things are going. I recently ran across the web pages of the Spiritual Science Research Foundation, in India. I am not in any way affiliated with this group, but their own mystical research has led them to conclude that nuclear war is coming, and very probably within the next four years or so. They are predicting human mortality rates of 50% of the global population. I can't say that they are wrong. I have been shown similar things.

World War 3 is coming – are you prepared?

I came to Ecuador on a shamanic vision quest, and I must say that the vision quest has not disappointed. It has been so impactful that after the first three weeks in Ecuador, I suddenly understood that I would not be returning to the USSA. Nine years have passed and I remain in South America, very likely to stay.

One of the things that the shamanic, vision plants have shown me is that the coming nuclear war is programmed to occur.  The evil is so great on this planet that it will run its course, and it will be ghastly. The things that I was shown were so loathsome that I reflexively vomited in response to what I was perceiving. I mean that I hurled; I spewed and spewed. What's coming will be so hideous that words absolutely  fail to adequately convey its demonic enormity. It's so disgusting that my body couldn't vomit enough in reaction to it.

Great evil is stalking the Earth, and it has many abodes and foul lairs all over the world --Tel Aviv, Silicon Valley, Hollywood, Wall Street, Riyadh, the City of London, the Vatican, etc. -- but nowhere is it more concentrated than in Washington, D.C. 

Prepare yourselves; past a certain point events can move very quickly and terribly.


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