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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The USSA Is Going To Go Down Very Hard

For years I have been trying to describe for my readers the dire events that lie in store for the USSA and the people who live there, and the unpleasant concatenation of events that will follow on the collapse of the USSA's globally dominant (for only a little bit longer) system.

Many writers have remarked on the baffling, projected, year 2025 economic and population data that the alphabet-soup-connected, website has published to the web, which can be viewed here: has projected that a whole slew of countries will suffer massive population and economic loss within the next few years, none more dramatically than the USSA, which is projected to soon suffer a population loss of 226 million people and a crushing drop in economic and military power to almost 3rd world status. 

This looks more and more likely to occur in the next year or two or three, however improbable it may presently appear to billions of so-called "ordinary" people all over the world. And it will occur with stunning speed and finality. The death throes of the USSA will not be a pretty thing, least of all for the population of the USSA, a couple of hundreds of millions  of whom, according to, appear slated for death. 

Whether or not the precipitous crash of the USSA is also accompanied by major warfare remains to be seen. If it is, the wholesale destruction of major cities in the USSA, and also major military bases, many of which are near major cities, can be expected. The Chinese and Russians, and maybe even the North Koreans and unknown others, have devastating weapons that can reach the USSA mainland within a half an hour after launch and unleash total hell.

But even if the nukes remain in the silos, the USSA is still certain to face utter ruin, and soon. The reality is that the so-called "dollar", the Federal Reserve Note, is quickly dying. All of the massive military power, material prosperity and abundance that the people of the USSA and their government enjoy, are based on the preeminece of the Federal Reserve Note in international commerce, on its role as the global, reserve currency.

But all of that is ending, it's ending now. Consider the words of Vladimir Putin, just last month.

The dollar enjoyed great trust around the world. But for some reason it is being used as a political weapon, imposing restrictions. Many countries are now turning away from the dollar as a reserve currency. (The) US dollar will collapse soon.

That's clear enough. As head of state of a major world power, Vladimir Putin has access to reams of data and high-level political and and economic analysis that the average person does not, so his words carry considerable weight.

The dollar is going down, and soon, so says Putin.

There is ample reason to believe him.

Dimitry Orlov, the well-known Russian-American political and social commentator, has posted on his blog site, an article entitled "The Final Act." 

Read the whole article, it is most enlightening. Near the end, Orlov gets down to brass tacks:

In order to keep the wheels of finance from grinding to a halt, over 2020 the Fed will have to monetize, or print, close to $6 trillion.

That's an astronomical number. It means that the USSA dollar paper chase is either at, or uncomfortably near its brutal end. What does it mean when a central bank prints $6 trillion per year, just to keep the markets going for a little while longer? It means it's all funny money, Monopoly game paper money, that's all. It means that we're at the last few rolls of the dice in the Monopoly-paper-money-game as the few remaining players scramble to buy Boardwalk and Park Place and put up fancy-schmancy hotels to gouge the rest of the beaten players.

It means "game over." It's all over. It's all going to come crashing down. Indeed, as Dimitry Orlov explains, the crash has already started, as of four months ago. It will be accelerating as we move through 2020. The world has lost confidence in the USSA dollar and USSA Treasuries.

The work of Dick Allgire provides a bit of insight into what will be happening in the next months and year or two. For those who don't know, Dick Allgire is one of the very best remote viewers in the world. He has a years-long, public record of impressive accuracy. Two of his recent videos really brought home to me the gravity of what is about to go down. See, for instance:

Pay particular attention from the 2:00 to 3:00 minute mark. Freeze the images at the 2:42 mark and 2:56 minute marks and examine them.

Notice what Dick Allgire is saying. The present financial system based on the USSA dollar will be going bye-bye. Its abandonment will be eventful, impactful. People have dollars and suddenly they will be meaningless, no one will want them. This is not different from what Dimitry Orlov is saying.

The whole thing is coming down. People will be in shock, in disbelief, their world shattered; their faith in "USA Is #1, Baby!" will be shaken to the core.

Another of Dick Allgire's recent videos provides still more insight.

The content from the 1:50 to 2:20 minute marks is noteworthy. The sketch at the 2:05 time stamp is very revealing. Pause the video and enlarge the size to full screen. A big crash is coming; it will shake the USSA to its foundation; nothing will be the same afterwards. Dick Allgire is the best in the remote viewing business, and the men who work with him are also gifted and experienced remote viewers of great talent and accomplishment in the field. What they are seeing and saying is very serious. They've noticed the same things I have, and what I've seen certainly has made an impression on me.

It's coming. Dig it. Time is tolling. 

Listen to me: "Make American Great Again!" election sloganeering is just painfully stupid political propaganda for people who cannot, or will not, think for themselves and need or want a Big Daddy figure to ride in on his big jet and rescue them from their humdrum life. 

The impeachment drama in Washington, DC is nothing more nor less than political theater to keep the American sheeple distracted from the crushing reality that the Mother of All National Train Wrecks lies just ahead. 

Something else is getting ready to happen, and the USSA will be forced to take a back seat and eat huge portions of humble pie.

Things cannot go on for much longer as they have been, and so they will not. What cannot continue, will not continue.

It's just that simple. 

The USSA government has called the tune, and will very soon have to pay the piper -- except that it cannot! The debts run into unimaginable trillions and trillions of dollars and they absolutely cannot be paid. It's impossible.

So the whole, global, phony-baloney, counterfeit, paper money scam based on the full faith and credit of the USSAA government and its fraudulent Federal Reserve Note which is printed up out of thin air -- is going to be ending. It will not be pretty.

I know that it seems hard to believe, sort of like learning when you were 6 years old that Santa Claus is fake, a fraud, a lie, a fib, a great con, a total put on, complete make believe that corresponds to no concrete reality. It's like a "Leave It To Beaver" episode in which Beaver learns an uncomfortable truth and implores his brother: "Say it isn't so, Wally!"

Enter the USSA Federal Reserve Note -- the ruinous Ponzi scheme of the ages. 

We'll all do the best we can in the tumultuous times that are now hard upon us. The pace of events is going to be fast, and, frankly, quite possibly fatal for a lot of people. I mean, what would you think happens on the day that everyone suddenly realizes that the "dollar" is effectively without any value whatsoever?

I don't expect that conditions in Ecuador, where I live, will be that much different from the USSA given that Ecuador uses the USSA dollar in its daily commerce, with one or two important exceptions: Ecuador still has a surprising amount of agricultural production, which may mean that food will be more readily available here than in the USSA, or so we can hope. Ecuador is also not likely to be a target for nuclear strikes, if the collapse of the USSA devolves into a shooting war between nuclear powers, as it possibly may. 


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