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Saturday, December 28, 2019

The 2020 Deck of Cards Is Being Shuffled Right Now

I've been telling my readers that momentous events are coming in 2020, which is now mere days away.

As one example, consider the following article, which appeared today in one of the major newspapers here in Ecuador.

Read this:

For those who do not read Spanish, the gist of the story is that the government has just raised the minimum wage by $6 per month, or to a total of $400 per month. Now, many readers may be thinking: "How can people live on $400? That's not very much!" And that's right. Even In Ecuador, a poor little country in South America, $400 per month, or $4800 per annum,  is not very much. This announcement by the government amounts to flagrantly pi**ing on the poorest sector(s) of society, even as the wealthy and powerful, who constitute a tiny percentage of the population, continue living high on the hog. 

Also, note that the article further states that a full 62% (!) of the population of working age subsists between unemployment (no work), and working informally, i.e., picking pockets and stealing, low paid occasional day labor, drug trafficking, selling belts, jackets and baby shoes on the sidewalk, street walking, running contraband across the borders with Colombia and Peru, counterfeiting $5 bills, busking on public transport and in restaurants, sidewalk begging, performing street acrobatics, selling contraband cigarettes, selling artisanal alcohol/home brew hooch, and more. I'm sure that there are myriad other illegal, quasi-legal and legal gigs that I have not mentioned.

In brief, the system of commerce and government in Ecuador is running on (corrupt) fumes. As my readers, and anyone who monitors the international news cycle knows, just two and half months ago there were massive protests in Ecuador over oppressive socioeconomic and political policies and conditions. Ecuador was convulsed with massive labor strikes, barricaded and blockaded highways and streets, a national shut down of public transport, rampaging mobs of protesters, huge marches and demonstrations in many cities, along with concomitant, heavy police and military oppression and brutality. The country was effectively shut down for the better part of two weeks. 

My view in the last few days of 2019, from my vantage point in Quito, Ecuador, is that we can probably look for more of what happened just two and a half months ago in Ecuador, only much more so in 2020.

Why? Because nothing has substantively changed for the better over the last two months. The main change is that the mask of the Ecuadorean government badly slipped in October and everyone got a good look at the hideous monster behind the mask. The population now has a much better idea of the situation, and their position in the government's scheme of things: slave subjects to an exploitive, corrupt, unfeeling and cruel regime.

By the looks of the socioeconomic data in the newspaper article linked above, the great majority of Ecuadoreans now will know from the government's own statistics that they have absolutely nothing to lose, and potentially a very great deal to gain, by loudly taking to the streets again.

The social and political unrest could all start back up again here in Ecuador within weeks, like in mid-January, for instance -- and with a vengeance. Nothing would surprise me less. Remember, in just two weeks the Saturn-Pluto astrological conjunction occurs, which has historically been correlated with major events of all sorts: wars, civil strife, political chaos, economic and financial crises, natural disasters. I wrote about this just a few weeks ago. That powerful astrological configuration sets the stage for what follows in the rest of 2020 and into 2021. The Earth sector of our time-space realm is programmed that way. Serious astrologers know this very well, as do high level political, espionage, industrial and financial movers and shakers; while for the public at large, astrology is largely consigned to a topic of mild ridicule. The heavy hitters and global power brokers methodically use the astrological cycles to play their power games, and have for thousands of years, without letting the masses in on their plots; the better to control the cycles of global intrigue and ruthless power ploys and gambits on their own merciless terms, and all the while they cynically manipulate the masses. In a nut shell, that's what's going on.

And sure enough, you can see the tension ramping up, not only in Ecuador, but all over the world. The whole world will be rocked by the events of 2020-2021, including, and maybe especially, in the USSA, where society is badly fractured on diverse social, economic, regional, urban/rural, racial, sexual, ethnic, linguistic, religious, political and generational fault lines. The country is so seriously divided that reform may not be possible. If reform is not a viable option, then some sort of collapse of the system is likely, the more so seeing as the corruption in Ecuador is dwarfed, eclipsed, blown right out of the water by the immeasurably greater mega-corruption in the USSA. If there is multi-billion dollar corruption in Ecuador, and there is! -- compare that to the multi-trillion dollar corruption in the USSA, which so far the great masses of people in the USSA have tolerated, without massively taking to the street in protest.

As part and parcel of this dysfunctional national dynamic in the USSA, there is the ongoing drama of the Donald Trump impeachment. Has he been impeached by the House of Representatives or not? There are varying opinions. Will he be tried in the Senate or not? Will the drama continue without resolution, or will it be quickly resolved? It's all grand political theatre by the national, political elite, perfectly timed to take advantage of the rapidly approaching, intensely negative mundane astrology of 12-13 January 2020, just two weeks from now. Many movers and shakers in Washington, DC are certainly aware of these hard, incontrovertible, basic, astrological facts. Nothing happens in high level politics by chance; it's all staged, programmed, choreographed and game played at that level, no matter how it may appear to the watching public. It's a great charade, a bunch of flashy theatricality, gaudy, over the top razzle-dazzle, craftily designed to bedazzle and bamboozle. And it does! It does!

Meanwhile, on the other side of the planet, Russia, China and Iran have just today, for the first time ever, begun joint war games in the northern Indian Ocean and Sea of Oman. This cannot possibly be a coincidence. They aren't falling for the Kabuki theater in Washington, DC.

Iranian Rear Adm. Habibollah Sayyari today warned that any aircraft or naval vessel spying on the joint military exercise would be hit. This is an obvious warning to the USSA, which earlier this year had one of its Global Hawk drones shot down by Iranian military forces after it encroached on Iranian territorial limits.

None of this is happening in a global, geopolitical vacuum. The Russians, Chinese and Iranians can see what is being set in place.

To wit: starting in February, just several weeks from now, the Pentagon will begin moving many thousands of troops and pieces of military equipment and weapons to Poland and the Baltic countries for war games that are very obviously targeted at Russia. The war games near the Russian border will be at their height in April and May.

I'm not fooled. You're not fooled. The Russians certainly are not fooled. I have no doubt that they see that a major, international military force will be assembling on their borders and are drawing a reasonable conclusion: NATO and the Pentagon are preparing for war against Russia. 

What if the war "games" in the first half of 2020 suddenly go live, and a surprise, blitzkrieg attack against Russia is launched without warning? I am not saying that that will happen, because I don't know. But I am quite sure that if that possibility occurs to me, that Russian military analysts, planners and strategists are also considering that possibility and preparing appropriate contingency plans.  

The test firing of a submarine launched ballistic missile, the JL-3, by the Chinese navy six months ago was a further sign of increasing, global, military tension. The JL-3 has a range of 8,700 miles, more than sufficient to strike the USSA mainland, and ten, independently targetable, nuclear warheads. The Chinese Defense Minister warned at the time of the test launch of the JL-3 that if the USSA wants to fight that China will fight to the end. I can't speak for the flag officers in the Pentagon, but the submarine missile launch and the meaning of the  Defense Minister's statement are clear enough to me

So What Does All Of This Mean?

There certainly will be highly dramatic events in 2020 and lapping over into 2021. A great deal of this is astrologically driven. The espionage agencies and secret societies, that govern so much of what happens in this rogue corner of the time-space continuum as we perceive it, absolutely make use of astrology, and in very nefarious ways. 

Judging from what I am reading in the daily, international, news cycle, the preparations for major warfare, perhaps apocalyptic warfare, as well as the conditions and preconditions for major civil and political strife all over the world, could not be more clear. The global system is on the verge of cataclysmic failure, essentially because it's so malevolent, so entropic, so negative, so destructive, so exploitive that it is devouring itself. All this is quite apart from (or is it?) the easily observable ramp up in recent years and months of the rate of major earthquake and volcanic activity all over the world, and chaotic, fluky, destructive, meteorological and hydrological events, which may also be a major, disruptive factor going forward,

It's not necessary to read esoteric tea leaves. The major outlines of the big picture are glaringly apparent, just by reading the lead stories in the mainstream news media in South America, in the USSA, in Russia and elsewhere.

Humanity and the Earth are at a critical juncture like few times in the history of the human race.

The events of the coming year, and also of 2021 will be crucial and determinant of what follows later in the 2020s and beyond. 

Be not deceived. All years are important, every day of our sojourn here matters, but 2020 and the following year of 2021 will be years that we will all long remember, those of us who survive coming events, as well as those who do not, and go on to Elysian fields.


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