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Sunday, February 23, 2020

Bracing For World Systemic Collapse

The Bone Lady forewarned me of these dark times in 1958, when I was only three years old. She appeared to me at my family home in Tidewater Virginia and blew my little, toddler mind wide open with her revelations of the grim times to come. For many years I thought about her message every day for hours, until I was in my mid-30s, when the staggering enormity of her message began to wear off a bit. Now that I am in my 60s, the deluge of dire current events is such that I cannot help but reflect again on The Bone Lady's alarming revelations to me more than 60 years ago.

Why did she appear to me? Probably because the 1950s were the tipping point, the time when something still could have been done about the momentous issues facing humanity and the planet. The time between World War-II and the early 1960s was when major decisions were made by major power policy makers to develop and promote ballistic missile technology, nuclear weapons, orbital satellite technology, electronic computers, the Hollywood TV culture, industrial agriculture, industrial medicine, genetic engineering and research, massive global automobile production, the civil aviation industry, the fast food industry, destruction of the traditional family, the plastics industry, nuclear powered electrical generation plants, massive dollarization of the global economy, and much more. All of these policy decisions had major, negative effects which are coming to fruition now.

The upshot of it all is that we are now a species and a planet in terrible trouble -- economically, socially, ecologically, agriculturally, nutritionally, medically, mentally, genetically, spiritually, militarily, etc. How terrible is the situation? It's so bad that the global system is on the verge of imminent, catastrophic failure with extremely dire implications for virtually every man, woman and child in the world. 

I'm telling you that on my own authority. That's my personal assessment of our predicament.

But if you would like a second opinion from an "authority" figure, how about a frank statement just last month, from Herman Gref, Board Member of the World Economic Forum, and the CEO and President of Sberbank, a major Russian bank: 

"We should brace for the collapse of the existing world order. It will be very painful." 

Herman Gref should know. Sberbank is a big bank, and I'm sure he's as plugged into high finance as anyone in the world.

The plain English translation of his remarks is that the Federal Reserve Note (FRN) is about to collapse, and there will be hell to pay when that happens. "The existing world order" means: the present system of international finance and payments based on the USSA Federal Reserve Note as global reserve currency. That is all about to end. When the props are kicked out from under the FRN you will see things that you never dreamed were even possible.

Please don't fall prey to normalcy bias and presume that things will always be as you have known them to be, because THEY WON'T. We are rapidly coming up on a huge, historical inflection point, bigger than the fall of the Roman Empire. If the nukes fly? -- oh, well -- good night, Irene! A whole lot of people and infrastructure will be going bye-bye, very violently and very hypersonically.

The Chinese Coronavirus Epidemic Is Part Of This Scenario

We are at a great, historical, inflection point in human affairs. The mortality figures for what happens next? -- I don't even want to think about it. Starvation, disease, bad water or no water, earthquakes, tsunamis, plague, radiation poisoning, war, rampaging mobs, terminal poverty, ecological collapse, deadly heat waves, deadly cold waves, failure of the banking system, failure of governments, crop failures, droughts, etc. will take a whole lot of people down.

Things cannot go on for much longer as they have been, and so they will not.
Dick Allgire, one of the very best remote viewers in the world, recently issued a short statement on the Corona virus situation:

Check the 4:04 to 4:20 minute mark. Go to his Patreon page if you like, but Dick Allgire's short, “free” message is that the economic impact of the Corona virus will be “beyond dire."
Beyond dire.
I’m not going to argue with him.

This appears to be the global “reset” that so many people have been talking and writing about in recent years. It may turn out to be absolutely vicious — and not in the far flung future, either.

What happens in China will not stay in China.

This is being managed from a meta-political level, from a meta-national level, and anyway, there are no “countries” — only corporate entities. The global system is corporate and has been for a very long time. Most “nations” are corporate subsidiaries and not “sovereign” entities at all. They follow the game plan or script that is dictated to them by their corporate masters. The public, political sparring of parliaments and presidents is for the most part but a Punch and Judy political puppet show to fruitlessly occupy the time, attention and energy of the slave classes, and keep them hopelessly running in artificially created, political circles for century after century.

Some of the major players in this Coronavirus mayhem? —  from what I can see they include the World Economic Forum, the WHO, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, maybe the BIS in Switzerland and others. This is no simple operation.

It wouldn’t surprise me if this operation is ultimately being run out of Switzerland (but not by the Swiss government, per se).

This is for all the marbles, for ruthless, planetary domination and control.

Chinese Industry Has Shut Down

The scope of what is happening is world changing. Read the following article, for example:

China, the global factory that exports everything to the whole world, has effectively shut down. If this persists much longer there will be staggering, socio-economic-political earthquakes, both in China and elsewhere.

Quite apart from the virus itself, the secondary and tertiary economic, societal and political effects will be OFF THE CHARTS. China is the world factory, so the global economy is going to be hammered very, very hard.

This must be the "reset" that everyone has been talking about in recent years. It ain't pretty. If it continues, it will kill and/or impoverish a very huge lot of people, and outright topple a lot of governments and major industries.

Take a look at the graph of the global spread of the CoViD-19 virus. Click the hyperlink and look at that hockey stick curve that is inflecting sharply upward.

If this global crisis continues and worsens, this entire world system is going to come down and hard, before the year is out. This is big stuff, like the Fall of the Roman Empire and the Fall of Atlantis.

The next 40 days will be determinant of so many things. If China does not go back to work in a major way in that time frame, and the spread of the virus remains exponential, then life as we have known it will be going bye-bye.

Banks will fail, the dollar will collapse, national borders will close, there will be martial law in many places, unemployment and poverty will sky rocket, major industries will shut down, millions of businesses will fail.

And that will just be the beginning. 

Store some food and water if you can.