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Sunday, March 8, 2020

Covid-19 Is Trigger For Global System Reset

This is it. This is the global reset that so many commentators and bloggers have been talking and writing about in recent years. Covid-19 is clearly the intended trigger to bring on economic collapse, the fracturing of civil society and perhaps the imposition of totalitarian, medical martial law. There may or may not be crop failures, major warfare, drought, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis, rampaging mobs, civil insurrection, and so forth to go along with the grim plague and its myriad secondary and tertiary effects.

It will be devastating. It already is devastating for the many millions who have been affected to this point. 

The virus will take down many victims, perhaps many millions or even billions -- who knows? We will find out the numbers when we find out the numbers. Economic and political chaos will claim many more victims. We will find out over the next year or so how bad it will finally get. We are still in early days.

I have no doubt that at this point humanity is the victim of demonically vicious bio-warfare. Satanic monsters have declared war on the human race. This virus is bio-engineered and has come out of a bio-warfare laboratory. No doubt at all in my mind.

This is genocide, pure and simple, from the virus itself, and also from the myriad secondary and tertiary effects that will play out in a hundred different ways in the coming weeks, months and next few years. This process has already begun, so let us count some of the ways this will happen: massive market crashes that will wipe out people's life savings, confiscation of real property in the name of "national security," a halt to normal commerce due to quarantines, starvation due to grinding, crushing immiseration, crop failures due to fuel shortages for tractors to work the fields, industrial failures due to global supply chain failures, medical system failures due to overwhelmingly impossible case loads, and on and on. Lord help us if the nuclear power plants begin to fail and melt down because the technicians, engineers and maintenance workers are no longer able to keep them in operating condition, or are unable to come to work. Will nuclear power plant workers continue to come to work indefinitely if they are no longer paid, or the economy collapses? And if the nuclear power plants melt down, then what? The mind boggles in the face of the enormity of what has been unleashed.

Disclaimer: I am not surprised by any of this, unspeakably saddened, yes, but not surprised. You see, in 1958, when I was a very sickly, little three year old boy, I was visited by The Bone Lady, a riveting personage, a captivating entity who downloaded a staggering, sobering preview of coming attractions to my little boy consciousness. 

It was dreadful. She laid a heavy message on me. I tried to do something. I went out on the nuclear missile silos again and again to try to catch someone's attention, to warn of the great danger facing humanity. I was repeatedly arrested and jailed, time after time. It was a hard path that I walked, a path that very few understood or supported -- but they will. God knows that they will, although it will be way too late.

After my last peace demonstration in 2010 on the launch lid of a nuclear missile silo in North Dakota, I decided to abandon the USSA as a lost cause and retire to this southern continent where I now reside. I could see that there was no use in further efforts to awaken the masses.  While I was in the Ward County jail in Minot, a "Christian" pastor came through the cell block, ministering to the prisoners. The others asked him what he thought of what I had done. He walked up to me and told me that he had seen the reports of my protest in the news, and that as an American citizen he supported my constitutional right to protest, but that as a Christian man he was completely opposed to my protest against preparations for nuclear war, because my peace demonstration was contrary to God's will. I saw in a flash that I was face to face with a stone cold, barking mad, psychotic "Christian" pastor. When I was released from jail I promptly left North Dakota. I shook the dust of the place off my feet. I didn't even get my car out of police impoundment. I immediately went to the Amtrak ticket window in Minot and bought a ticket on the next train to Chicago, where my now deceased brother was then living. 

The wise thing to do when there is an onrushing freight train is to physically step aside, so I have relocated to another continent. The USSA is coming down and very, very hard. There is so much heavy, terminal, negative, deeply stupid, evil karma that the USSA's ruin is assured.

Everything is imminently going to be greatly changing. If you see that and understand that, make preparations RIGHT NOW, if you have not already done so. Store up nonperishable food, cleaning and sterilizing supplies, first aid supplies, water purification filters or tablets, soap, toilet paper, etc. 

Things are about to get extremely serious.

Listen, the so-called "President" of the USSA is a reality show actor. All of his "MAGA" drama is an act, when seen in the proper light.  In reality, it's a red-white-and-blue sh!t show to fool the gullible and the stupid, and Lord knows their numbers are legion. The so-called U.S. of America is a profoundly sinister, nefarious, satanic, demonic, corporate entity devoid of redeeming qualities, and it is going to go down hard.

This entire, global, collapse scenario, of which the decline and fall of the USSA is a key part,  has been very carefully planned, well in advance, with tremendous malice aforethought. It is all heavily scripted and lined out. 

And it will run its awful course. It's all rigged.The fix is in, massively so. Grok it if you haven't already.

Special Request

Dear Readers, I have a personal request to make at this time, if you will be so kind as to indulge me. I have been writing this "Event Horizon Chronicle" blog for the past ten years, knowing all along what was on its way (whence the title of the blog!), and now we really are beginning to enter into the outer bands of the "Event Horizon" global hurricane in a major way. The next two or three years, at least, will be way off the charts in terms of our previous life experience. We are just about to live through days for which we have no prior reference point.

I myself, like everyone else, need to make some preparations for the weeks and months that lie just ahead -- there are essential food items, medical and nutritional products, and other necessities that I need to acquire right now, while they are still available, while the markets are still stocked and the conditions of normal commerce still obtain.

With the growing spate of quarantines, market instability, governmental emergency declarations and the like, normal commerce, financial services and the Internet itself may soon not be nearly as accessible as they are now. Indeed, we may possibly see partial or even wholesale,systemic collapse in the relatively near term.

The direction of current events is just that dire. For that reason, I am making a special appeal for financial support right now, rather than later in the year or next year, for those who are willing and able to donate. Many of my readers have donated over the years, for which I am very grateful. But most have not, and I understand that. There are many blogs and websites, many requests for donations, and most readers have very real financial limits, in terms of the ability to donate.

But given what lies just ahead: tremendous instability in the markets, banking industry instability, political instability, the very real possibility of medical quarantines and even medical martial law, the global situation may become so fraught with difficulty that banks and the Internet itself may no longer be up and running.  

So I am asking those who can, and who are willing, to please donate to me now in light of what is about to occur, in light of truly unusual circumstances that quite possibly will become extreme for all of us in the near term. This blog is reposted in various places, and there is not always a link back to my blog site, so I am posting the ways to donate here. Thank you for your generosity! I truly need it and greatly appreciate it.

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