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Sunday, June 21, 2020

Mad Max Is Coming To Visit -- For A Year Or Three!

Yesterday was 21 June 2020, and was dominated astrologically by a major solar eclipse, the path of which you can see here:

Note that the path began in central Africa, then tracked over the Bab el-Mandeb Strait and the Gulf of Aden, across Yemen, eastern Saudi Arabia, Oman and the Gulf of Oman, Pakistan and northern India, China (directly over Wuhan!) and Taiwan.

This eclipse will especially powerfully affect the countries and regions it has passed over starting now and in the coming months, also including the USSA, because this solar eclipse is in Cancer and the USSA's Sun sign is Cancer. Therefore, look for real turmoil in the USSA, far beyond what is happening now. The riots and disturbances that are filling the daily news cycle these days are but a very preliminary prologue to what comes later this year, in just a few months. It won't be pretty. You won't have to wait very long to see what I mean, maybe 130 days, or even less.

One of the astrologers that I follow is Osher. Osher is interpreting the upcoming astrology in the second half of this year (beginning right now) to be quite negative for the USSA. He sees June and July to be problematic months for the USSA (just read the daily headlines!), followed by a real danger of outright collapse of the USSA dollar and/or collapse of the government itself in the November 2020 to January 2021 time frame.

Please see:

and also:

I must say that I agree with his analysis, based on purely non-astrological observations . Just a casual scan of the daily headlines from the USSA these days reveals that the USSA is embroiled in civil strife so serious that it may break out into overt civil war at any time, civil war that could split the country apart and effectively bring it to an end. So much for "Make America Great Again!"

Beyond that, the financial structure of the country is on the verge of outright failure.  As I write this blog post, some 106 million loans in the USSA are in default, not being paid back, in deferral, etc. This one factoid by itself has obvious, enormous implications for Wall Street and the banking industry.

It gets worse: over the last 13 weeks, 46 million people in the USSA have filed for unemployment. My understanding is that these are newly unemployed people, who have lost their jobs during the Covid-19 crisis and quarantines.

Obviously, the skyrocketing  unemployment in the USSA is strongly correlated with the 106 million loans that are now in arrears.  People who are unemployed are obviously much less able to pay back loans than people who have regular, gainful employment.

The picture is further compounded by the impending expiration of the $2 trillion Corona virus economic stimulus program on 31 July, in less than 6 weeks.

Millions of unemployed workers all over the USSA will abruptly lose the $600 weekly, economic stimulus check that they are getting now.  If an extension to the program is not granted, the destabilizing social and political impact will be massive and immediate. Tens of millions of people without employment and no prospect of employment, without income, unable to pay rent or make mortgage payments, unable to service car loans, student debt, credit cards, domestic appliance and furniture loans, etc., and unable to pay for utilities and food, will represent a huge, instant underclass with no present or future prospect of anything resembling a good life, or even of any life at all.

On the other hand, if the economic stimulus program is continued for another half year, say until January of 2021, that only kicks the can a little farther down the road until after the elections in November this year. Frankly, most of the jobs that have been lost will never be coming back. The tens of millions that have been abruptly thrown out of work thus represent a permanent, newly unemployed underclass with no realistic prospect of employment now or in the future. Even if the $600 per week checks continue until January 2021 and then end, millions of people will suddenly face financial destitution at the very height of the winter season. What will they do? I have no idea, and probably they don't either. Imagine the depths of winter in Chicago or Indianapolis or Bismarck or Laramie or Denver or Milwaukee or Omaha with no job, no income, and therefore no heat, no water and little or no food, because there is no money to pay for utilities or to buy food. What will happen? You connect the dots. This is what lies just ahead.

You can see that all of this ties in perfectly well with Osher's astrological forecast for big problems in the USSA in the November 2020 to January 2021 time frame. All of these things: the enormous, near instantaneous increase in unemployment by 46 million people, and the 106 million loans in arrears augur a catastrophic fracturing of the economy of the USSA.  It's irretrievably broken now. You can't get blood from a stone. It's all imminently going to come down. The utter collapse looms large in the upcoming November to December period, beginning about 130 days from now.

If you think that the first half of this year has been momentous, even catastrophic, I agree! -- it has been extremely disruptive, and then some. But events of the second half of the year will vastly eclipse what has transpired in the first 6 months.  Beyond that, I don't even want to think about what is headed our way in 2021, because all that is happening this year is but setting the table for what will occur in 2021. I wish that these things were not so, I truly do, if only because I also am affected as much as everyone else, but realistically what comes next is already baked in the cake. The die is cast; very terrible events will soon run their course. Whatever is going on now is imminently going to be raised to an even higher, much more intense degree of  insanity. That goes for where I live in Ecuador, the USSA and throughout the entire world.

World War-III Draws Closer

Great financial and economic crises historically are associated with an elevated incidence of major warfare, and this period in history is unlikely to prove any different. The astrology for this year and extending into 2021 is quite warlike. The threat of a global conflict involving major military powers, such as China, India, Iran, Israel, Pakistan, Turkey, the USSA and Russia, and lesser military powers such as North Korea and Egypt, is quite high.

China and India right now are massing thousands of troops on their shared border in the Himalayas. Last week there was a clash between Indian and Chinese forces in which scores of soldiers were killed and wounded. In the subsequent days military tension has continued to build. Today's headlines bring the news that Indian troops have been given authority to freely fire on Chinese forces, if they are threatened, which of course carries the very real risk of leading to open warfare between the two, rival, Asian nuclear powers.

In North Africa, the Egyptian military is on the verge of entering the long-simmering conflict in Libya, that has been ongoing since the NATO invasion and destruction of the country in 2011. Turkey has already openly entered the war in support of the United Nations backed regime in western Libya. Egypt proposes to enter the war on the side of the opposing faction, in eastern Libya, which will bring Turkey and Egypt into open military conflict in North Africa and the eastern Mediterranean. Would that result in Turkey directly attacking Egyptian soil and cities, and vice versa? Who knows? Stay tuned.

And then there is the ongoing military tension between Pakistan and India, Iran and Israel, Iran and Saudi Arabia, Iran and the USSA, Taiwan and China, China and the USSA, North Korea and South Korea, North Korea and the USSA, the USSA and Russia, the USSA and Venezuela, and more.

A book length treatise would be required to do all of this international, military and geopolitical ferment justice. There are not enough hours in the day to comprehensively monitor and analyze all that is happening.

As I mentioned above, even a casual scan of the daily headlines reveals that the USSA is in chaos. If the Pentagon doesn't go to war soon to maintain its global hegemony, it will be too late. The petrodollar will have decisively crashed. The country will have fallen apart. The American Empire will have fallen!

Either way, so many countries now have so many missiles of so many kinds -- ballistic nuclear missiles, hypersonic nuclear missiles, supersonic anti-ship missiles, hypersonic anti-aircraft missiles, that even a small power like North Korea is capable of inflicting tremendous damage at long range. The North Koreans have a lot of surplus, Soviet, Cold War-era submarines. Suppose they have rigged a few of those old, diesel-electric subs with one or two nuclear missiles? They get within range in mid-Pacific, they surface, they hoist the missile to the deck and fire it off at San Diego, or Honolulu, or Albuquerque, etc. 

It seems that the technology they have is roughly equivalent to what the USSA military had back in the late 1950s. No matter, a 1950s-era missile, with a 1950s-era nuclear warhead can devastate a city. Put 160 kilotons down on San Diego or Albuquerque and all hell will break loose. The North Koreans may well be able to do that.

I only bring it up, because last week they made a very public point of saying that talking with the USSA has proved fruitless, so they therefore will not be talking anymore. When negotiations between two belligerents end without a positive result, war can sometimes be the result.

It is also noteworthy that the North Korean Army then blew up the negotiation building in the DMZ and threatened to militarize the demilitarized zone, by sending their troops in to take up forward positions right on the South Korean border.

Major warfare on the Korean peninsula and in the northern Pacific region therefore looks likely. The same is true of the other, regional theaters I have alluded to above. 

The future of the USSA is grim. Get out of there if you can. The hour is late.

This planet is a powder keg. Remove yourself from harm's way, if possible. Horrible events are going to occur.


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