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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Arkansas Titan-II ICBMs and UFO Mysteries

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My regular readers will know that I have a long history as a nonviolent, anti-nuclear protester in past decades in several different states of the USSA, for which I was repeatedly jailed and imprisoned in a long list of various jails, detention centers and prisons. My first anti-nuclear protests were in the early 1980s in the Titan-II nuclear missile field that was located in those years in the rural counties north of Little Rock, Arkansas.

Today, if you were to drive north from Conway, Arkansas towards the town of Damascus, you would drive right through the former Titan-II nuclear missile field. The missile silos were deactivated in about 1986 or 1987 and the missiles removed. But at the time I conducted my anti-nuclear protests in the early 1980s the missiles were very much on alert and a real threat to all life on Earth. They carried 9 megaton warheads, city busters that would annihilate a major metropolitan area and leave it a smoking, radioactive ruin, with hundreds of thousands or millions of dead and wounded victims. They were targeted at cities in the USSR. The Soviets, in turn, had missiles targeted on the Arkansas nuclear missile field to wipe it off the map. In the event of a shooting nuclear war, those monstrous weapons would have created hell on Earth, with a flight time to the Soviet Union from Arkansas, and vice versa, of about a half an hour.

The missiles first came to my attention when one of them accidentally blew up in its silo, in September 1980, not far from Damascus, Arkansas. I was working at the time as a salt miner for Morton Salt, in their Weeks Island, Louisiana mine, down on the Gulf coast. I saw the reports of the blown up nuclear missile in the Times-Picayune newspaper out of New Orleans  and thought: "That's no good! Someone should protest against those missiles! What if something even worse happens?" 

Out of curiosity, I ended up driving up to Arkansas on my time off to see the nuclear missile silos. They made such an ominous impression on me, that shortly after that I ended up climbing over the security fence on one of the Titan-II missile silos in Faulkner County, and going onto the missile launch lid in protest. Of course, the military police inevitably showed up to check on the missile site, detected my presence on the silo launch lid and took me into custody at gun point. Caution: those who conduct such protests always face arrest and jail time, and also run the risk of possibly being shot and perhaps even killed. Zones where nuclear weapons are deployed, are free fire areas, and the military police who respond are armed with automatic rifles. Nonviolent protests of the sort that I have conducted multiple times on nuclear missile silos are not to be undertaken lightly. The best you can hope for is to be arrested and jailed or imprisoned. Count on it. And you could even be killed.

Anyway, I protested in that missile field on three different occasions in about the 1981 to 1983 time period. It has only been in recent years that I ran across the following account on the UFO Chronicles website of fascinating, mysterious UFO activity over the same missile field, at what would have been about the same time period that I was protesting there.

Witness Recounts UFO Activity After Titan II (Nuclear) Missile Explosion

We lived a mile west of the missile base between Bee Branch and Damascus, Arkansas. Since the missile base explosion September 20, 1980, we had seen a lot of craft. We had a 240 foot chicken broiler house, and coming out around 2:30 several afternoons a week we would see the cigar shaped craft going by overhead heading NNW which is the course they used nearly every time. Mother had one come right by the broiler house one afternoon, I was not there to see it..but she tells of how it scared her, just last Sunday even.

Nine of us were under the big mimosa trees in the front lawn of our farm house.. .when from the south lined up with the Damascus water tower came this huge craft so low I had thought I could have hit it with a rock had I wanted to, not really but it was so low I could see the hull protrusions, and markings on the underbelly of the craft. It made a whirring sound as it went overhead, and it had rows of multiple lights along the starboard side I was seeing. I felt like they were port holes, and several rows of them. I could hardly see underneath to the port side, it was so wide. There were rows of big pipes underneath, which were orange, grey and blue, the full length of the craft.

As it passed overhead, I remember seeing the two rectangular exhaust drives, but as I think back I cannot recall if they were blue or a whitish orange. It’s been too many years I guess. The front of the craft was snub-nosed like a van in front. I looked up and could see what I assumed was the bridge that went all way across the craft. My thoughts at the time were loneliness at the thought they were relatives checking on us.

This account positively fascinates and enthralls me. It causes me to almost remember something that seems to be momentous and staggeringly important, and yet somehow very subtle, associated with that period of time in Arkansas, albeit that I can't quite put my finger on what it is that I cannot quite remember -- but it is something  very good, it seems that much is true, even somehow magical, that perhaps gets at the very foundation of reality in some way, something that challenges the insane fakeness of the demonic MATRIX. control reality that has fraudulently imposed its counterfeit, garish, satanic net of deceit over humanity and the world. That is probably the best that I can describe it. For the life of me I can't get at it any better than that.

But reading this UFO sighting account has jogged my memory and caused me to remember something that I had forgotten for many years. Every time that I have gone over the fence and onto the launch lid of nuclear missile silos, events that could be categorized as of the "high strangeness" variety tend to occur. They are at one and the same time "highly strange" and yet they seem completely normal at the time, both to me and to others present.

The Mystery Couple

It was on one of the occasions that I protested in the Arkansas nuclear missile field that the following occurred. I got out of the car, climbed over the security fence and went up onto the missile silo launch lid.

When I  got up onto the launch lid, I turned around and directed my gaze to what was happening on the road adjacent to the missile silo complex, right where the missile silo access road turned off from the county road.  Because in that very instant a car improbably rolled up with a flat tire. An older man and a much younger woman got out of the car and examined the flat tire. They seemed to be a couple, whether related by marriage, by blood or simply by friendship or work, I could not tell. Their manner with each other was very comfortable and familiar. Strangely, as incongruous as it sounds, I almost climbed down off the silo launch lid and right back over the security fence to walk down the access road to greet them, because I knew them, and very well -- though I cannot tell you how I knew them, or from where or when, or even who they were! And yet I knew them very well, I knew it of an unshakeable certainty, and was very pleasantly delighted to see them. But they paid no attention to me. They behaved as if they had not even seen me. The man proceeded to take a jack, tire iron and spare tire out of the trunk of the car. He walked around to the front of the car, loosened the lug nuts on the wheel with the flat tire, jacked up the car, took the wheel off and put the spare tire on. The young woman stood by and watched him. The entire operation was very relaxed, very casual and normal. The man put the lug nuts on, snugged them up by hand, and  lowered the car back down with the jack. He tightened the lug nuts with the tire iron, and then rolled the flat tire around to the trunk, and threw the tire iron, jack and flat tire inside and closed the trunk lid.

Just at that point, an Air Force jeep with two military policemen drove up and questioned the couple about what they were doing there. It was obvious that the military police thought that they had tripped the alarm on the missile silo.

Whereupon, the man and woman casually turned and pointed straight at me, standing on top of the missile silo, which I found interesting then and now, because until that point they had paid not the slightest attention to me.

The military police then focused their attention exclusively on me, and began to slowly drive down the access road towards the silo. Simultaneously with the shift in attention of the military policemen from them to me, the man and woman calmly got into their car and very slowly drove away, almost at a walking pace. The military policemen did not even notice their departure.

I went on to be arrested at gun point by the military policemen, handcuffed and jailed in short order. But for me, the most interesting thing that morning was that from the first instant that the couple with the flat tire rolled up I was 100% certain that I knew the both of them, and quite well, though I could not quite say, then or now, how I knew them, from where or from when, or even who they were. Only that I definitely knew them.

The other thing that I found interesting was that they were so casual and relaxed, very natural and easy with one another, and also with the military policemen when they showed up.

The whole thing was completely effortless and seamless, as smooth as you could please, as if it were scripted, practiced and flawlessly executed to perfection, such that the couple aroused not the slightest scintilla of suspicion in the military men's minds. I have no doubt whatsoever that it was no accident that they arrived when they did, that they had a flat tire at precisely that place and time on purpose, and that their understated manner was intended to unobtrusively put the military policemen at ease when they showed up.

The mystery couple. The older man and much younger woman whom I somehow knew extremely well, though I cannot say from where or when or how, or even who they were. But that our relationship is on a solid foundation, of that there is no doubt. I cannot tell you how I know that, only that I do.


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