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Sunday, September 6, 2020

55 Very Eventful Days and Counting

Things are about to get real serious.

They already are serious, but they are about to get real serious.

I wrote last year (in 2019) that 2020 would prove to be such an eventful, impactful year that even if you were to live for 1,000 years you would never forget how momentous this year was. I had many reasons for saying that, but instead of going into them, suffice it simply to say that so far that has proven to be a completely accurate prediction. To this point, 2020 has proven to be a very historically significant year.

However, the last 115 days of this year will be even more spectacularly eventful and impactful than the first 250 days, not because I say so, but because that is simply the way it's going to be.

What is coming is going to be so ENORMOUS that, frankly, a great many people will not physically survive the upcoming travails. Now, I am perfectly well aware that the normal course of human events is that human beings die. Mortality is a fact of life -- and death. Every day, thousands are born, and every day thousands will die in myriad different ways. That's the way it is here in this "Earth" realm.

But I am talking about mass mortality events well beyond the "normal" state of affairs. 

You see, things have gotten so very serious that in the coming weeks and months, let us say, moving forward from early September 2020 (now) to mid-January 2021, a period of about 130 days, we are going to live through an extraordinary series of events unlike anything any of us have ever experienced.

One or more of the following are highly likely to individually or severally transpire over the next 10 to 130 days.

1) Perhaps the final federal elections in the history of the USSA, which will be so chaotic and fraught with such rancor and animosity, that the resulting brouhaha will lead to open civil war and/or martial law. (Presuming of course that there even are federal elections in November; we'll see what transpires over the next 55 days).

2) After the elections of November, a fractious, violent descent into a fratricidal, civil conflict in the USSA that quickly eventuates in the collapse of social order and consequent bloodshed, and may even lead to the fall of the central government in Washington, DC.

3) A general economic collapse in the USSA, concomitant with the collapse of national, social order. Railroads, bus lines, airlines and trucking lines will curtail their operations due to the societal chaos. Absent the normal movement of goods and passengers, which are essential to daily commerce, economic activity will sharply decline. Note: this may well entail the death of the USSA dollar, aka the Federal Reserve Note (FRN), and the abrupt end of the predominance of the USSA in the global political, economic and military order.

4) A heightened probability of nuclear war between the USSA and Russia. Just two days ago, the USSA military flew nuclear capable, B-52 bombers a mere 15 miles from the Russian border, in a blatant display of nuclear brinksmanship. If USSA nuclear bombers come much closer to Russian territory nuclear war would be a virtual certainty. If it happens it will be really, really fast and massively, mind-numbingly violent on a stunning scale. There would/will be numerous mushroom clouds on the mainland USSA. Count on it.

5) An EMP attack that disables the electrical grid of the USSA. In other words, literal lights out for the modern USSA, and a literal, modern, Dark Age: no electrical lighting, no TV, no Internet, no telephone service, no banking, no industrial production, no gasoline or diesel (re)supply, no (re)supply of grocery stores and supermarkets; in brief, a catastrophic collapse of modern life within mere hours or days, and inevitable, ensuing, mass, societal chaos and a high level of unavoidable death from myriad causes -- disease, accidents, violent crime, starvation, freezing to death, fires, absolute destitution, suicide, etc.

6) Major, devastating earthquake activity, including (but not only): a) the Cascadia seismic zone, b) the New Madrid seismic zone and c) the San Andreas fault. Here in Ecuador, where I have resided for many years, we remember very well the massive earthquake activity of April 2016 that created such devastation in this small country. The strongest movement was an M7.8. I was about 90 miles away from the epicenter, as the crow flies, and I'm telling you that it put the Fear of God into me. It went on and on. Everything was sharply jolting, heaving, shuddering, shaking, rocking and rolling. I don't even want to know what an M9+ feels like, which would be maybe 30 times worse. Lord have mercy! And yet, the west coast of North America from Vancouver island and Puget Sound all the way down to northern California is long overdue for a massive M9+ earthquake in the Cascadia seismic zone, a cataclysmic, telluric,  terraqueous movement that could occur literally any hour of any day. There has been a greatly elevated incidence of powerful earthquakes recently; just today the USGS website showed four earthquakes of M6+ around the world, as well as a spate of M5+ and M4+ earthquakes. The world's tectonic plates are clearly under a lot of stress.

7) A spectacular, notorious, catastrophic, false flag attack (or attacks), something like the infamous "9/11" attacks in 2001 against the World Trade Center in New York City and the Pentagon in northern Virginia -- only much worse this time and even more chaos inducing. The intent this time around is to create an immediate state of warfare, a stunning, reflexive (albeit criminally false and fraudulent) casus belli against the preferred enemy du jour. I assess the probability of this sort of attack to be very high, and maybe against more than one city at a time. You see, the Deep State -- the Pentagon, Federal Reserve Bank, CIA, State Department, etc. and their fellow travelers in NATO and Israel want war; and however demonic and insane that may appear to normal people, they want a really big war. And to get their really big war they are perfectly capable of resorting to really big false flag attacks to whip up a criminally manufactured, false, fake, war hysteria. It is what they do.

Instead of presenting a trail of documented evidence that lamentably points in that disappointing direction, which is all very readily available on the Internet for those who care to look and see and understand, I will instead present the recent remote viewing of Aziz Brown, who is a skilled remote viewer. The scenario that he has foreseen will unfold later this month very much fits a "false flag" type of attack in a major city. Though he does not say so in his public presentation, the depiction of the city in his remote viewing  bears a resemblance to Washington, DC.  If there should be a major, false flag attack in Washington, DC (and/or other cities) expect the wheels to come off of the normal life that most of us have known during our lifetimes. Here is the video of Aziz Brown's remote viewing of events to transpire sometime this month, in a city that resembles Washington, DC. We'll find out soon enough if it happens. Look at time stamps (minutes) 15:25 to 24:50.

Remote Viewing News Forecast for September 2020

Finally, without respect to what happens or does not happen during the course of this month of September 2020, BIG events are already baked in the cake for November and will occur -- political, social, economic, military, law enforcement, etc. -- not because I say so, but because that is simply the way that it will be. This period of time has been programmed that way -- karmically, astrologically, politically, militarily, socially, etc. --- and the program will run its course. The events of the next 55 days, as incredible as they may prove to be, are but prelude to what transpires in November.

I personally do not anticipate anything remotely resembling a normal Holiday Season this year.

The holidays will not be happening this time around. They just won't. I wish it were otherwise, I truly do, but I am not the one pulling the strings on this global muster-fluck.

Dear Readers, prepare yourselves for very trying and difficult times that lie just ahead.


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