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Friday, September 11, 2020

It's Over For The USSA

Here's the way I see what is happening in the USSA.

Although at a superficial level it may not seem like it, the same forces behind 1)  the left-wing, BLM/Antifa rioting are also playing 2) the law & order right-wing. From what I have seen, a very complex, satanic A.I., self-aware program is ultimately behind this demonic, virtual reality in which we are embedded.

This is a multi-century or even multi-billion year program, that is rapidly being rushed to violent completion. And it is a program! This whole reality is heavily programmed. The broad brush program at work right now in the USSA operates something like this:

1) Create a rabid, gender-bent, dystopian, angry, confused, violent, ignorant, looting, burning, assaulting, murdering rabble Number 1, comprised of millions determined to "bring the system down" by any means necessary -- including -- amazingly! -- by destroying the very cities and neighborhoods in which they live, and in which the people they ostensibly want to help live.

2) Provoke an equally ignorant, dystopian, confused, rabid, "law & order" rabble Number 2 to confront rabble Number 1, in defense of the system (which **is** totally corrupt by the way -- Group No. 1 is not wrong about that). But many in group Number 2 stupidly have profoundly false delusions of the supposed nobility and goodness of "the system" and want to "Make It Great Again!"

3) In the face of ever more violent confusion and confrontation between group Numbers 1 and 2, roll out a draconian, authoritarian, totalitarian, Orwellian police state or martial law response to maintain social order. You know: concentration camps, armored personnel carriers on the corner, armed police smashing down doors and dragging away dissidents under summary arrest, door to door house searches by military go teams, targeted assassination of "enemies of the state," etc. 

This fascist, dictatorial response has been the desired outcome from the beginning by the shadowy, hidden hands manipulating events from the sidelines. Group Number 1 is too stupid to see the deadly trap that has been laid for them. Group Number 2 is also too stupid to see the trap that has been laid for them. Both groups blunder stupidly and blindly into the trap.

Both groups are brought violently to heel, and ruthlessly subjugated by the harsh, authoritarian, police state, because BOTH GROUPS are no longer of use to the ruthless, shadowy controllers once the totalitarian, authoritarian, police state has been achieved and is operational.

The more ruthless and clever of the leadership of Groups Number 1 & 2 may be brought in as lower level, line managers in the Orwellian dictatorship that ensues, but the great mass of the "activists" and the general population are only seen as slaves, useful idiots who are easily programmable and expendable by the hidden hands running the Satanic carnival sideshow.

According to much of what I am hearing, sometime, somehow, within the next 110 days there will be such major events in the USSA that the government will probably fall, the dollar will collapse and there will be such chaos that Donald Trump's whereabouts will become entirely meaningless; i.e., the White House and Federal government will be the least of anyone's worries. They will simply become irrelevant as the chaos and mayhem deepen. The elections in early November may not even happen; and if they do the results will probably be violently disputed.

Betting the odds that the planet will still be here! -- and you will still have your life and wits about you 110 days from now, get ready. Prepare. Store nonperishable food for yourself, your family, your pets, etc.

This period of the next 110 days is a prime time for more, spectacular, false flag attacks like the infamous 9/11 attacks, but much worse. When you see those big, violent events occur, just remember: it's all rigged! It's a fake, virtual reality, A.I. generated sh!t show with millions and billions of extras, like a demonic, Hollywood feature film with major special effects and an evil, satanic script. Only we are right in the middle of the action and it seems very, very real! Love, hate, blood, guts, pleasure, pain, boredom, excitement, joy, fear, anxiety, relaxation, leisure, tension, fun, ignorance,  stupidity, enlightenment, attraction, repulsion -- we're deep into it, like it or not, however we got here.

Keep looking at Jesus' picture every day and chanting his name. He's the sort of higher-order being that you definitely want to know -- not low-level, demonic errand boys like Donald Trump or Joe Biden. They're nobodies who don't even matter in the great scheme of things; but Jesus does.


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