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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

The November Election Has Already Been Rigged

What is going unmentioned by almost everyone is that most votes in the upcoming November election in the USSA will not be counted fairly — or at all, in many cases!

There is an apocryphal statement attributed to Joseph Stalin that goes something like: “The people who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.”

It doesn’t matter if Stalin ever said such a thing or not. The truth is that the thrust of the observation is accurate.

Ever since the publication of “Votescam: The Stealing of America”, by James and Kenneth Collier almost 30 years ago, those who have wanted to know have understood how modern elections are rigged and the outcomes decided by corrupt, hidden hands.

With easily hackable, electronic voting machines, votes can easily be, and are! — flipped electronically to whatever candidate the hackers and/or programmers have decided will win.

The Diebold machines are notoriously easily programmed to flip votes — and do!


Hacking voting machines: Easier than ever imagined

And now there are millions upon millions of mail-in votes, and voting without I.D.

And yet The Saker, Paul Craig Roberts, Catherine Austin Fitts, Jeff Rense, John B. Wells. Sean at, Dave at X-22,, the Drudge Report, Alex Jones, CNN/NBC/ABC/CBS/Reuters/RT/Sputnik/ BBC/AP/WSJ/WaPo/NYT and countless millions everywhere implicitly appear to believe that votes are truthfully counted and that the vote of the people decides the election.

No. Emphatically no.

What is true is that there will be something called a “national election.”

But it is a show. It is a form of popular entertainment, or of mass mental and social entrainment. The result has already been determined. It has been bought and paid for. It has been arranged.

It has been PROGRAMMED to happen. The outcome is already known by the system managers who operate at a level above the public, political discourse. It has been predetermined. What is going on now is a carnival sideshow to flummox and bamboozle the masses.

The big show is just about to start. Think of Donald Trump as a TV reality show actor (oh, wait! …) brought in as ring master to do the honors, or as a sacrificial bull at a gory bullfight, destined to charge dramatically around the ring as the assembled multitude oohs! and aahs!

But the script has already been written. The bull, the picadors, the matador, the roaring crowd, the pontificating commentators, etc. all play their appointed roles, while in the back room the promoters of the show are busily counting their take from the paying gate.

Mass violence has programmed. It has all been arranged. The show has been centuries in the making, at least since the 1800s, and the drama will very soon run its tumultuous course. The denouement fast approaches.

No, it does not matter for whom anyone votes in November, or if they even vote at all.

The next phase of the drama has already be programmed and set in motion. It will run its inevitable course without regard to whether or not you vote, or for whom or what.

Ballot boxes will be lost, tossed into dumpsters — or magically found! — as necessary. Electronic voting machines will flip votes to one candidate or the other as they are programmed to do. Mail-in ballots will be mailed in — or somehow not delivered! — return to sender! — as desired.

Free and fair and honest elections are a charming, romantic notion that bear not the slightest correspondence to harsh, modern world reality.

The election has already been decided by its owners — and that ain’t you or me!

In all honesty, I’m not in that loop, so I cannot say with precision exactly who the owners are. It is, however, likely that they never show themselves publicly, not in any identifiable way. Anyone at all who appears in public is line management, at best middle-level management of global affairs. That includes the Rothschilds and anyone else who ever appears publicly as an influential person. The owners are someone or something above the level of multi-billionaires, above the World Economic Forum, above the United Nations, above heads of state, above kings and queens, above the IMF, World Bank and Communist Chinese Party, above the Vatican.

The election is an important, commercial property. It’s an expensive show, a major entertainment venue -- for the hoi-polloi -- designed to funnel off their money, attention, emotional energy, spirit and time. The voters do not determine the outcome of the election, which is thoroughly rigged, well in advance, but they do pay for it, very heavily.

So what have the owners decided on?

Violence, chaos, mayhem. That is evident.

Just wait, things are only getting started. The owners will select whomever or whatever best advances their agenda of violence, chaos and mayhem. If an indecisive outcome, or split decision, best advances the owners’ agenda then there will be a declared (or undeclared) tie and the contest will go to a tumultuous, riotous, violent, contentious, fractious, noisy, confused overtime period to decide the matter. If the owners want to violently Balkanize North America then they will make the Federal government in Washington, DC to chaotically collapse or will simply vaporize the place, by one means or another, and move on to the next phase of their “Earth” drama. The “show” must go on.

The charade of voting means nothing, nothing at all. It merely perpetuates the illusion and delusion of popular control of the extremely anti-human, inhumane control system.

The voters are numbered and tagged chattel, human livestock. The vote is managed, not counted. The people are made to swarm hither and thither. Decisions of their governance and social control are made for them, not by them.

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