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Sunday, September 13, 2020

The Coming Red-White-and-Blue Dictatorship

Well, speak of the devil. In my last blog post, mere days ago, I predicted that the end game of the current, violent chaos and mayhem that is convulsing the USSA, would be to impose a harsh, authoritarian, totalitarian police state or martial law regime to quell the unrest by both the Left and the Right; that, in fact, both sides are being played, and set at each other's throats, in order to usher in a ruthless dictatorship that shadowy controllers behind the scenes have long wanted. Now they see their opening and they are moving swiftly. Here you go:

Roger Stone Calls For Trump To 'Declare Martial Law' To Seize Power If He Loses
It's a perfect plan. \sarcasm\

Even if Trump loses the election, or especially if he loses the election. all he has to do is declare martial law, you see? -- suspend the Constitution and unleash the hounds of hell against whomever he and his henchmen decide needs to be brought to heel.

That could be Antifa or BLM, or  .... maybe it could be your Wednesday, home prayer meeting, because of not wearing masks, not practicing social distancing or not getting prior authorization from your local Covid-19 contact-tracing council. You could be declared a mortal menace to community health and well being, and carted off in handcuffs.

But, but you say .... Big Daddy Trump is going to drain the swamp! He's going to send all the bad guys to Guantanamo in chains. There are going to be military tribunals for all the traitors. There are -- what is it now? -- supposedly something like 161,000 sealed Federal indictments in courthouses all over the country targeting the worst of the worst of the swamp creatures. Donald Trump wouldn't arrest Christian people who voted for him!! Would he?? Right? RIGHT???

Look here -- it is a pathetic scene that is playing out, very pathetic. It's well known that the so-called Christian Right voted for Donald Trump in very large numbers, 4 years ago. These nominal "Christians" somehow conflated Donald Trump in their fevered minds with Jesus, the America of Norman Rockwell paintings, democracy and personal freedom, the Savior of all that is good and true, defender of liberty and fairness in government, valiant restorer of Constitutional order, and much more along those lines.

By the millions, politically conservative Christians voted for Donald Trump with romantic illusions and delusions of "Make America Great Again!" dancing in their heads. It was most remarkable, the more so as Donald Trump in his professional career has been two things: 1) a very wealthy, corrupt, New York City, real estate tycoon, and 2) a smug, arrogant, TV reality show star.

That's it. But all Trump had to do was stand up on stage in front of the TV cameras and bray: "Make America Great Again!" and conservative "Christians" practically wet themselves in their frantic scramble to the polls to cast ballots for the corrupt, double-talking, Big City real estate tycoon and network TV reality show star.

I know many of these people and you do too. Many of them have been or currently are in the military. Many of them (most?) have blind faith in the goodness of an idealized "America" that exists nowhere, and in all honesty has never existed anywhere but in their own confused minds.  They blindly support the Pentagon military troops, essentially on a "my country, right or wrong" basis, they fervently swear allegiance to the flag, they sing the national anthem (a war anthem, by the way) with real gusto and feeling,  with tears in their eyes and a lump in their throat, and swear binding oaths of loyalty to the government.

And yet ... and yet! All of this flies very squarely in the face of, and directly contrary to, the very "Christian" values that they profess to hold so dear.

Did Jesus not say: "My kingdom is not of this world!" And yet so many "Christians" are fervently praying for God to save the USSA -- to "Make America Great Again!" -- which last time I checked is very much a kingdom of this world. So I suppose these nominal "Christians" have already chosen sides, haven't they? -- and it's not the side of Jesus, who has NO worldly kingdom, as per his own explicit statement.

This goes for all of those all across the political and "Christian" spectrum. There are hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of every political and "Christian" stripe who have gotten secret governmental "security" clearances which entailed swearing a binding oath of allegiance to the USSA government, including the massively, criminally corrupt alphabet soup agencies like the DIA, CIA, DHS, NSA, FBI, IRS, etc. This also calls to mind another pithy saying of Jesus: "No man can serve two masters; else he will love the first and despise the second, or despise the first and love the second." And yet myriad "Christians" swear a binding oath of allegiance to a temporal kingdom, which has means, methods and objectives that are in stark contradiction and opposition to the means, methods and objectives of Jesus, The Prince of Peace. 

Not the Prince of War. Not the Prince of America. Not the Prince of Career Success or Prince of Big Mega-Churches. Nope -- The Prince of Peace!

So who is it that these supposed "Christians" really serve? Earthly rulers or Jesus? Remember that according to the Christian scriptures, Satan, the ruler of this world, tempted Jesus with Earthly power when he was fasting for 40 days in the wilderness -- and Jesus flatly rejected his offer of political power and bluntly rebuked him.

Probably none of this is lost on Jesus, who is very real so far as I can tell; but also seems to be very different than so many "Christians" appear to think that he is. They think they can bullshit Jesus and it doesn't work like that. Jesus has seen every game that there is, and you just do not and cannot fool him. He's very direct, ultra-honest and excruciatingly fair. You'll get exactly what you have coming to you, nothing less. Depending on the person, this can be very good news, indeed, or alternatively, a bone chilling, horrifying tiding.

Once the physical, meat suit dies, the human spirit is one on one with higher level beings -- like Jesus, for instance -- and there is no hiding from them/him. Their playing field, their rules.

Disclaimer: I have not attended services of the various Christian cults for decades. In fact, the last I heard I was excommunicated from at least one, and maybe even two or three(!) of them. It's disappointing, it surely is. I think the grounds were falling away from the faith, or not attending services with sufficient frequency or fervor, or something substantially along those lines; but whatever the case, I was never actually, officially served notice by Jesus himself that he wanted nothing more to do with me, and that matters, because even according to the Christians themselves, he's the one with the final say, so there is that. I should note that I have had a few, brief, interior encounters with Jesus over the years and he's astonishingly majestic, authoritative, unblinkingly direct, supremely confident, radiant and thoroughly loving and humble; in brief, an exceptional being who notwithstanding all of the foregoing seems as completely, personally familiar as an immediate family member whom you have always known, ever since you can remember.

Final observation: nothing of what I have written here should be construed as support for Joe Biden and others of his ilk, either, including Antifa and BLM. The criminal corruption in the USSA political structure/system is bipartisan, extensive and seamless. Countless thousands are caught up in the comprehensive, institutional criminality in the USSA. The same is true in numerous other countries as well, all over this planet.

The USSA Federal elections in early November, less than two months from now, will therefore resolve nothing. On the contrary, they may prove to be the country-destroying, powder keg that sends the USSA up in flames!


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