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Saturday, October 10, 2020

Shake, Rattle and Roll -- It's Coming

The Internet is full of scores and hundreds, if not thousands, of Near Death Experience visions, waking visions, lucid dreams, and dreams of all sorts in general from a host of people from all walks of life, who have seen and are seeing upcoming, huge tsunamis on both coasts, asteroid strikes, nuclear mushroom clouds, massive earthquakes, mega-volcano eruptions, invading Chinese troops, and more. Among some of the most common, recurring visions/dreams are the following: a) a sudden nuclear strike on New York City, b) a sudden, towering tsunami -- 500 to 1000 feet tall -- that sweeps in from the sea and swallows New York City, or c) first a devastating nuclear strike, followed by a destructive tsunami that engulfs New York City. Take your pick: a ) a nuclear fireball, b) a 500 ft tall tsunami, or c) both -- nuclear HELL fire followed by a Come to Jesus water baptism.

Your basic cataclysm, in short.

As for me, I've seen, heard and felt it all in my dreams and visions: huge tsunamis, M10+ earthquakes, a large asteroid inbound to the Earth, multiple nuclear strikes on the mainland USSA, MASSIVE volcanic eruptions, a pole flip, the sudden arrival from elsewhere of multiple, large moons or planets that inexplicably show up in near-Earth space, ETs, UFOs, and more.

I would not give you a nickle bet that New York City and Los Angeles will still be there five years from now, and maybe not one year from now, or even one month from now. The times we are very shortly going to live through (those of us who survive the near future events, that is) are going to be tumultuous in the extreme. The past half year has been very trying; what is coming will be even more so.

From what I have been told, forewarned about and read about, the earthquakes that are coming to North America -- to the Cascadia, San Andreas and New Madrid seismic zones will be in the M8+ to M10+ range. They will knock down skyscrapers, collapse highway and railroad bridges, buckle airport runways and railroad tracks, wreck nuclear power plants, bust up water mains, aqueducts, large dams, electrical lines and petroleum and natural gas pipelines, and kill people by the millions and tens of millions. And that will just be early days. Things will get much worse 
from there. 

By the way, the rift valley that runs from southern Colorado down through central New Mexico is geologically active and could also catastrophically slip and/or yield unexpected, large volcanic eruptions. That whole region is seismically and volcanically active, as are much of Arizona, Idaho, Nevada. There are ancient volcanoes in Arkansas and Texas, even in Virginia and Georgia. If the whole North American craton moves massively, there could be large earthquakes and even volcanic eruptions in a lot of unexpected places. For instance, there is some fragmentary evidence that there was a small volcanic eruption in the hills of north Georgia as recently as the 1700s, when the region was still relatively sparsely populated and record keeping was poor to non-existent.

We'll feel the shaking here in Ecuador, where I live. Not to worry, Ecuador will also have its own set of issues to deal with, but at least here there are no nuclear power plants.


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