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Monday, October 19, 2020

The Semi-Calm Before The Storm

I read a lot, in English, also somewhat in Spanish. I monitor a lot of websites. I pay attention to my dreams and visions, and the dreams and visions of others. I watch the sky. I assess my intuition. I observe the official lies, and official policies and public works and projects. I watch what the cops, military and intelligence agencies do. I pay attention to the birds, fish, butterflies (I rarely see one anymore), bees and dogs. I observe the street people, the thieves, the street urchins and beggars, the homeless, the informal merchants, the drunks and drug addicts, the shoeshine boys. It's all encoded. Some are real humans, many are not. When I see UFOs -- and I sometimes see them right here in Quito -- I watch them to see what they do and where they go. 

I watch the clouds, both the natural and artificial ones, to see where they come from, where they're going; if they intend to rain, or if they are just passing by; if they are benevolent or malevolent. I walk barefoot on the grass. I look at the Moon. You can gather meaningful intelligence from all of these things.

I occasionally comment on a few forums and sometimes there are sneering, negative, mocking rejoinders, that essentially validate my points! -- though the arrogant, condescending people who deride me think that they have put me in my place. Virtually to a person they have no idea how cringe-worthy their fast approaching exit interview with God will be (because many of them even sneer at the very idea  of the Creator), and how they will snivel and grovel and plead for mercy --and there may be no mercy at all forthcoming for many of them, because they themselves have shown little or no mercy to others during their lifetime(s). If some of the information that I have recently run across is correct, this upcoming judgment of humanity may be a final summing up of as much as 50 billion years of repeated incarnations.

And it is all about to be irrevocably judged, impartially judged, judged with total finality, without any possible hope of appeal whatsoever, on the bedrock principle that all involved -- EVERYONE -- have over a period of time of billions and billions of years been given myriad chances to learn, to change, to repent, to forgive, to do better, to show mercy, to demonstrate kindness towards other living beings, to show remorse for harm done, to demonstrate concern for the biosphere and the planet, etc.

I read a pithy comment recently. Someone sneered: "If God is real, why doesn't he show himself to us??!!" The quiet response was: "He does. It's called 'death'."

A lot of mockers and scoffers will be brought face to face with their own abject humiliation, which they could easily have avoided simply by being humble all along. Humility is something they mock in others, a supposed weakness -- but to their complete shock humility will be summarily forced upon them on terms dictated by God. They will be 
forced to their knees before God. Humility and genuine gratitude for the incalculably precious gift of life are the only possible response to grand beings such as God and Jesus.

Any other attitude is just stupid. Be that as it may, a lot of people have worked very hard, very diligently, for a very long time to go to Hell. God will grant them their heart's desire. It's a free will Universe and God will accordingly freely grant them their free will choice.

Their bone-chilling horror in that moment will know no bounds, when they see that: a) God is really real!, and b) God really does grant the heart's freely chosen, deep desires. God truly will allow the entities that he created to reap the fruits of their free will choices; or else of what value is free will? Imagine 50 billion years in the demonic, satanic, HORROR pits of Hell. Some people are going to get that. It's sobering. Even 5 seconds there would be unbearable, and yet some will spend tens of billions of years there. 

Their free will decision!

Now you know why I went out on the nuclear missile silos again and again and again -- and was handcuffed, chained, jailed and imprisoned again and again and again.

This is for all the marbles, Dear Readers, every last one. It's no small thing what is about to happen.

The first days of November are just the beginning. Earlier this year I wrote a blog post about November the 5th. As time goes along November the 5th ..... and 6th and 7th .... will unquestionably recede into the mists of the past, as all days inevitably do, but the entirety of November and well beyond will be quite eventful. Whatever is going on now is but prelude to much more to come. 

It wouldn't have had to be this way, and I was hoping that it would not be. I and a comparatively small handful of others went to great personal lengths to try to steer this time-line onto a different probability tree, time-space, cause and effect branch, albeit with limited results. We and our message were harshly rejected, and so dark times and events lie just ahead.

We called the question! Up front and publicly. Repeatedly, openly, over decades. We talked to the press, we talked directly to the military, to the courts. We went right to the scene of the crime to plead our case. And by their resounding silence, passivity, failure to act and concerted acquiescence -- by the millions and tens and hundreds of millions! -- in great evil, the people voted. They voted at a soul level. I will answer for what I have done -- all of it -- and they equally will answer for all that they have done. We will all stand before God, even the ones who mockingly sneer at the very idea of God. We will all answer. I will and you will and everyone else will.

In Minot, North Dakota in July of 2010, when I went to trial for my nonviolent, peace protest on a Minuteman III nuclear missile silo at Minot Air Force Base, I forthrightly said in open court to the Federal Magistrate, that I had appeared before him to personally offer him a rare opportunity to do something extraordinary, by finding me innocent! --  thereby ratifying what I had done and bringing a Federal judicial challenge to preparations for industrial, nuclear warfare.

He looked at me, then gave me a little lecture about nuclear weapons and USSA military policy, and banged his gavel. Guilty! Sentenced to jail time served of 100 days. Yeah, 100 days = 3.3 months, that pesky Masonic 33.



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