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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Joe "My Butt's Been Wiped!" Biden Goes In Over His Head

The red-white-and-blue, political circus in the USSA chugs surreally along with semi-conscious, barking mad, Joe "My Butt's Been Wiped!" Biden stumbling along as ostensible President. And, yeah, click the link, it does sound like he says, "My butt's been wiped," though he mumbles and fumbles so much that who really knows.  

But Biden won't be around for much longer. Last night I dreamt that he was at the edge of a body of water. In the dream I watched as he stepped into the water -- in his suit and tie and wing tips -- and began to walk straight ahead. As he walked along the water got deeper and deeper. Finally he took a step too far and went in over his head. He was oblivious, just marching straight ahead until he was lost from sight, as he went beneath the waves.

Judging by the dream my subconscious thinks that Joe Biden is done for, that he's in over his head, and will be overwhelmed by events that will remove him from view, if not from life itself. By the look of things that could happen most any day, week or month now. Biden will disappear without satisfactory explanation, be removed from office for mental incompetence, will die, will resign, will be sent to a retirement home -- something. But he'll be gone and Kamala Harris will be in the Oval Office in his stead.

And, then, look out! -- because things will turn darkly surreal. She/it/hir/they is (are?) power crazed and genuinely, deeply stupid, but nevertheless extremely calculating, and that is a very dangerous combination of character traits.

That's real scary, because many people in "Amrika" are just bat sh!t crazy, if not downright psychopathic, and she/it/hir/they (?) will nominally be in charge of the violently downward spiraling, red-white-and-blue cage fight without rules. 

Consider the following "sporting event" that recently took place in the USSA.

Some 1.1 million people watched this bizarre "sports" spectacle on a national TV network. Look at it. Click the link.

Carving up the opponent's face and head with a pizza cutter, followed by an in-picture pizza commercial, with a subsequent statement by the pizza chain that they certainly do not approve of slicing people's heads and faces with pizza cutters.

Bread, er, make that pizza and bloody circuses

What's next, attacking the loser with a chainsaw and running an in-picture chainsaw commercial, as the chainsaw company says that they certainly are not in favor of using their products in such an inappropriate way?

The Fat Lady hasn't sung yet, true enough, but you can hear her warming up in the wings. The USSA is a fallen and failing country in rapid decline in every way on every level. 

2022 happens in 150+ days in a country near you, and it will be brutal. 

My ayahuasca drinking, visionary friend has told me that the wheels just come completely off of the USSA as we go forward from here. Everything I am seeing is confirming his ayahuasca visions. There is no shipwright capable of repairing the rotten, broken, fractured, floundering, foundering USS America. It's going down. The dollar is going to run into severe problems of loss of value or even outright collapse; there will be millions of dead, dying and incapacitated vaccine victims in the coming years, beginning in early 2022; the dead will far exceed the capacity of the normal funeral system, i.e., cadaver disposal will become a grave public health crisis; the Federal government will lose the trust and loyalty of most citizens; more and more people will see through the Covid scamdemic and the genocidal, crime against humanity vaccines; and much more. If the Pentagon tries, in extremis, somewhere in the midst of all of the upcoming turmoil to militarily engage China and Russia, then the Chinese and Russians will deliver a decisive, military coup de grĂ¢ce in one unimaginably violent day, and the USSA will be no more.

All of this great, global drama we are living through has been carefully orchestrated, choreographed, planned, practiced and primed for action.

The karmic blow back on the USSA is going to be epic in scale, Fall of Atlantis stuff, soul defining events, the end of an era, and the end of many millions of lives. Dramatic events -- economic collapse, plagues, floods, drought, 
famine, war, earthquakes, martial law, tsunamis, volcanoes, electrical grid failure, governmental collapse, population die off, etc. -- are already in the pipeline and will run their course. The table has been set. It's like a high stakes pool game, where the balls have been meticulously racked by the Lords of Karma, who are about to run the table in hard nosed, pool shark style -- bank shots, trick shots, combination shots -- with arrow straight cue sticks, an unflinching eye, and a smooth stroke that never misses.


I do really need your financial support, now more than ever in these troubled times! For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.
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