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Saturday, August 14, 2021

Quick Note On The Taliban Defeat of the Pentagon

The crushing defeat that the Taliban are putting on the Pentagon forces in Afghanistan right now cannot have gone unnoticed by Russia, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela and China, and surely not by countries that are military allies of the USSA, like the Ukraine, Taiwan, South Korea and more. The whole world is watching this. 

Biden is sending in 5,000 Marines and Army Airborne troops right now. What happens when/if the Taliban seize control of the Kabul airport, and the Amerikanskis run out of ammo and C-rations? Will the Taliban have any reason at all to show mercy after having been pounded by B-52s, helicopter gunships, heavy artillery and bunker busters for the last 20 years? This could be epic by the time it's all over.

I noted a commenter on one of the websites that I browsed today lamenting: "My buddy got blown up in Afghanistan! For what?"

The answer is: for nothing. His death was meaningless, purposeless, pointless.

This is a very big, geopolitical domino that is falling, in a small, dirt poor country, on the other side of the planet. There will be ripple effects in war rooms all over the world, and seething, deadly repercussions in USSA military veteran circles, as many of them finally figure out that they have been had, used, and exploited to do the Empire's dirty work for nothing, for no good reason whatsoever.

There will be serious blow back for this.

The USSR military pulled out of Afghanistan in 1989, after almost a decade of bloody, fruitless combat. Two years later the USSR collapsed.

I doubt that the USSA will require two more years to collapse. The social, political, economic, industrial, educational and cultural underpinnings of the USSA are already so far gone, that its collapse and fragmentation will not likely last another two years. Two years from now what is left will scarcely resemble the society that people of my age cohort remember from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.


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