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Thursday, July 15, 2021

The Upcoming Horror

I really wish I did not have to write about this sort of thing in my 60s, though I was warned all about it by a female entity who appeared to me in 1958, when I was only 3 years old. I spontaneously named her The Bone Lady. She showed me that this terrible time was coming, and also that it could be avoided, if humanity changed for the better.

Sadly, the vast bulk of humanity have not changed for the better, and do not want to change, and so dreadful events are hard upon us.

To begin with, it is essential to understand that governments, Big Pharma and Big Tech companies across the world are in league with very dark spiritual forces. I'm saying that they are satanic; that they despise natural human beings and are hell bent on destroying them. The so-called v@xxeens that are now being administered to myriad millions of people across the world -- and which people are voluntarily accepting! -- are causing great bodily harm to millions and killing countless thousands. And we are still in very early days.

Over 110 Million Dead

To put this in context, I had a vivid dream two nights ago in which I was seated in front of a large, wall to wall book case with many shelves. It was full of hundreds of books. The room was very comfortable, with a large, picture window looking out on a green, leafy, deciduous forest.

My attention was drawn to two shelves in front of me on which there were dozens of books and bound volumes by different authors and researchers documenting the great die off of more than 110 million people, presumably in the USSA. As I contemplated this dire body of mortality data I began to weep inconsolably. I sobbed and sobbed uncontrollably beyond all hope of solace. I was completely overcome by the immensity of the scale of death.

After a few minutes, I sensed the presence of a kindly, middle-aged man who was standing beside me. He spoke reassuringly to me and mentioned the name of a place in one of the eastern states, in the mountains. I don't know what relevance that place has for me -- I live in Ecuador -- or the 110 million who will soon be dead.

What I'm saying is that my subconscious is calling my attention to the grim reality that the next two or three years will be exceedingly brutal. So many people have now been v@xxeenated, according to the USSA government more than 50% of the adult population, some 147 million or more, that the scope of the wave of death related to the v@xxeens will be mind and spirit numbing.

And that is only from the v@xxeens. Many more will die from rampant, violent crime, starvation from crop failure and supply chain disruption, lack of water, electrical grid failure, natural disasters, economic collapse, warfare and more.

The whole system is failing and/or being made to fail by governments in league with very dark powers.

I have written that the next 1,000 days will be definitive for the USSA and the whole world. We are now immersed in a great battle between good and evil. At present evil has the upper hand, and will imminently be taking people down by the hundreds of millions and billions, over the next three years, or so.

It will be hideous, much worse than anything any of us have ever lived through, and truthfully, many millions of people will not live through it.

I watched a recent interview by Clif High at USA Watchdog with Greg Hunter, in which he spoke about what his webbot data show of near future events. Prominent among them is the coming collapse of the Joe Biden administration in a few months as the USSA system crumbles, and also a coming wave of mega-death, which will be so great that many people who are not used to that sort of thing will have to take up shovels and dig graves and cremate bodies.

I absolutely believe both of those scenarios will come to pass. They cannot be avoided at this point.

One of my friends who also drinks ayahuasca recently partook of the vine and was shown harrowing scenarios of the USSA's near future, approximately over the next three years. One of the scenes he was shown was precisely of mass death, and large numbers of people being drafted into grave digging brigades, to get the large numbers of cadavers into the ground.

Just think about it, if 110 million people in the USSA really are going to die over the next three years, and I think they are and maybe even more than that, then that means at least 3 million deaths per month, for a solid three years. That necessarily will require a years-long, industrial grade, grave digging and cremation program. Hint: the dying has already begun and the government is simply lying about it. It will get much worse as time goes by.

Similar events will play out in many countries. As the death wave grows more severe in the coming months and next few years, societal failure and chaos are all but certain. As millions of adults die off, whether in the USSA or France or Australia, who will drive the food delivery trucks, plough the fields, milk the cows, drive the trains, repair the highways and railroads, maintain the electrical grid, deliver fuel oil, operate the steel mills, bake the bread, harvest the corn, wheat, oats, potatoes, etc.? Societal and economic collapse across the board are, therefore, ineluctably part and parcel of what is coming.

And this is all by design. It is a manufactured take down of humanity. It will be crushing, brutally crushing. At this point it is inevitable. In all its hideousness it's coming.

Finally, I know a mortician here in Quito. I happened to see him a few days ago and asked him about his business. He replied that he's handling more bodies than ever. I asked him if he's receiving any cadavers of people who have been v@xxeenated. He said that he is. I specifically asked him if the v@xxeenated people are dying because of the v@xxeens. He replied affirmatively, and said that they are "dropping like flies."

The Great Dying Time is only getting started. You ain't seen nothin' yet.


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