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Tuesday, July 13, 2021

More Pentagon Lies About UFOs

Just below, I'm going to tell you how I know that the Pentagon's recent, 9 page, "declassified" UFO report is a pack of lies, and a pathetic continuation of at least 74 years of nonstop evasion, fibbing, propaganda, cover up and outright fraud. The report can be found here:

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Now then, how do I know the Pentagon is lying about UFOs and its extensive knowledge of them?

Simple. I've worked for a lot of people over the years, always in a non-governmental capacity. I've never worked for any of the agencies. I don't have a security clearance. But I am a dogged researcher, which has caused me to cross paths with a host of people, including military officers and others with security clearances and unusual career trajectories.

One day I was talking with a retired colonel whom I knew who abruptly suggested that I do some work for another man, whom he knew and whom I also had seen many times without saying much more than, "How are you?" He had always seemed perfectly ordinary to me, but the retired colonel told me that the other gentleman was, in fact, a STEM discipline PhD scientist who had worked for Project Blue Book, the USSA Air Force's special operation to study UFOs from 1952 to 1969. I did subsequently do some work for the Project Blue Book scientist, and found him to be extremely laconic and taciturn, as almost all high level, alphabet-soup and military personnel have been with me. Nevertheless, he did tell me that he was on the Project Blue Book "go team", that would be scrambled out to UFO crash sites on recovery missions. When they arrived his job was to analyze the craft and determine what he could about it in situ. I asked him if any of the UFOs that had been recovered were operable or had been reverse engineered. His response was that in his time at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, the Air Force had 3 operable UFOs that test pilots used to fly at full bore right out of the open hangar doors at the new Moon, when the nights were darkest. According to him, one was a large sphere, one was a more classic-looking flying saucer, and the third one somewhat resembled a 1950s-era Studebaker automobile with fins.

Those personal accounts from an ex-Project Blue Book scientist jibe very well with the work of Bob and Ryan Wood, the father-son team of UFO researchers who have painstakingly put together a unique and fascinating book, Majic Eyes Only, documenting literally dozens of UFO crashes all over the world. I recommend the book to you. I've read it and I'm persuaded: the major governments and military institutions of the world have recovered many crashed UFOs, and for more than a century have been secretly studying and reverse engineering the exotic technology they have recovered.

Some Personal Anecdotes

I actually met a woman who personally observed one of these recovery operations in progress. She recounted to me that she often hiked in the national forests in the western state where she lived. On one occasion in the 1980s, she was hiking in a wooded, mountainous region; she came around the edge of a cliff and was shocked to see that, there below her, in a clearing by an old logging road in the ponderosa pines, was a flying saucer recovery operation underway. There was a large, flat bed, tractor-trailer truck and a piece of heavy equipment to load the flying saucer on the trailer. There were also a lot of heavily armed military personnel on and around the site. What most drew her attention was a tall, very muscular, green, Reptilian being that was spitting mad. It was furious that it had been captured. It was securely chained and restrained, and was under armed guard by the military force on the site. She immediately feared for her safety and well being if her presence were to be detected, so she very quietly backtracked and left the area.

She is assuredly not the only person to observe a military UFO recovery operation. About 30 years ago I went with a group of people to one of the "Roswell" UFO crash sites in New Mexico. In July of 1947 there were apparently multiple UFO crashes in New Mexico around the general date and locale of the so-called "Roswell" UFO crash. The Roswell crash site, notwithstanding its sobriquet,  was in reality closer to the small town of Corona. Anyway, one of the local, good old boys took us out to the place where the craft had come down. It was dry, with sparse vegetation, very little soil and lots of caliche. In 1947 our guide had been a young ranch hand working in the Corona area. He told us his perspective of the event. The Army came in with heavy force and scraped the whole area right down to the caliche. For about three days, dump trucks came and went, day and night, hauling all the rock and soil away that had been scraped up from the area. He didn't know where the dump trucks went, but presumably the many loads they hauled away would have been sifted for any UFO crash debris that they might have contained. In addition, the Army set up a security perimeter one mile out, with soldiers with rifles stationed every 100 yards. The operation went on for three days, around the clock, and then the military abruptly withdrew. 

Has the military-industrial complex learned anything from these many, recovered, UFO crashes? You betcha!

Though I never wrote a book about it, during the period when I was scouring the technical literature and government documents for information about underground bases and tunnels, I ran across many references to research on antigravity and electrogravitic propulsion. As I recall the majority of the documents spanned the decade of the 1950s and then petered out by the early 1960s.

At the time I thought to myself that it looked suspiciously like the military-industrial complex had made breakthroughs that resulted in a Top Secret, UFO R&D program. But I regrettably lacked the funds to pursue that line of inquiry; i.e., to go to the microfiche and make photocopies of the documents. True, photocopies only cost a few cents per page, but if you copy hundreds or thousands of pages, those pennies become dollars, even a lot of dollars the more documents you copy, and I simply did not have the cash to pursue it any further. 

But it is clear to me from my archival research that fundamental theoretical and engineering breakthroughs in antigravity and electrogravitics were made in the 1950s and taken Top Secret in hermetically sealed compartments.

For one example, I surmise that the George Adamski, bell-shaped UFOs that were seen in the 1950s and 1960s may have been the fruit of the USSA's military-industrial complex's Top Secret, compartmentalized, UFO R&D programs.

This YouTube video with 8mm, analog footage from 1965 is illustrative. The UFO footage comes in at about time stamp 3:22.

It was taken in the back yard of Madeleine Rodeffer in Silver Spring, Maryland. Watch the video and she gives the background to the event.  I spoke in person, face to face, with Madeleine Rodeffer about this film and detected no deceit in her. I am satisfied that this UFO really did come and hover in her backyard in 1965. I asked her if she could see anything in the portholes. She said that people came to the portholes and looked out at her. I asked her what they looked like. She replied that they were young, Caucasian men with military-style crew cuts.

Of course that raises the obvious question as to whether the young men with military-style crew cuts were, in fact, a military UFO crew. I personally suspect that they were.


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