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Thursday, July 1, 2021

What Does October 2021 Hold In Store?

First of all, please note that Google will soon no longer send automated e-mails to notify my subscribers of new blog posts. You must bookmark this blog site and check it periodically for new blog articles. I checked out some services, including one that appears to have some sort of near seamless working arrangement with Google to take over the e-mailing service. The terms of service were beyond belief, including their right to change or alter the terms of service at any time, in any way, without notifying me at all, and without my having any recourse, or their having any liability. And there were other terms full of legalese: they have a right to any content of mine that may appear on or use their platform, & etc. I can't agree to those terms, but that is the direction that the Internet is rapidly moving.

Unloaded Today In Quito

Please have a look at the photograph in this link:

That was the scene today at the international airport in Quito, as one million doses of the Pfiz** v@xxeen were flown in, courtesy of the USSA government. Another one million doses of the same 
v@xxeen will be donated later this month. Ecuador is a small country of 17 million people, so this is a large quantity.

The official goal in Ecuador is to v@xxeenate 9 million people by the first week of September. So far, 2.84 million people have gotten jabbed, so the 2 million dose donation by the USSA is a big boost to the government's efforts. The USSA is also donating v@xxeens to many other poor countries, making the "gift" to Ecuador simply one small part of the USSA's broader, very dark, sc@mdem!c foreign policy.

Where This All Is Headed

In brief, nowhere good, that's for sure. 

To illustrate, I know a mortician here in Quito. I had a short conversation with him several days ago. I asked him what impact the v@xxeens are having on his business. He replied that he is already starting to receive cadavers of people who had been v@xxeenated. 

Whoa. I guess the v@xxeens don't offer much protection, eh?

I also recently talked with a health care worker in the Ministry of Public Health who had to be v@xxeenated as a condition of her continued employment. She was complaining of severe abdominal pain, for which she had consulted an M.D., without resolving the problem. Unfortunately, her serious health issues may be only beginning. She got the Pfiz** v@xxeen, the worst of them all, and which has been connected to gravely harming the reproductive organs in many women. She's a good person, but she put her life and career in the hands of the medical-industrial complex, and she may pay a very heavy price for that.

I do not doubt whatsoever that the death count of v@xxeenated people will rise dramatically in Ecuador and around the world in the coming months. Lamentably, there are certainly going to be myriad other victims of the v@xxeens who will be crippled, killed, maimed and racked with pain, just like the health care worker whom I know. The coming horror is already baked in the cake.

My Two, Identical, God-Moses, Surgical Mask Dreams

In my previous blog post I wrote about the two dreams that I had in June in which God and Moses, respectively, appeared to me with the message, "In four," coupled with four, blue surgical masks arrayed in front of me, of the sort that are being worn by many millions of people all over the world during this ongoing, k@v!d sc@mdem!c.

I cannot say definitively what the dreams meant, because I don't know! --but one possible interpretation that occurs to me as I watch the global crisis unfold is this:

1) The four masks could represent 4 months of the k@v!d sc@mdem!c.
2) "In four" would thus mean: in four more months of the sc@mdem!c, logically starting from June when I had the dreams, i.e., in October.

Of course, God and Moses are figures from the Christian Bible. So is the implied message, from higher consciousness or the universal subconscious, that biblical events (and I mean that literally) related to the k@v!d scamdemic are to be expected in October? For one example, will there be a huge, global wave of mortality in October, including in Ecuador, having to do with the k@v!d scamdemic and/or v@xxeens?

I cannot say for sure, but it would not surprise me. We'll know soon enough. I have had many memorable dreams in my life, but never like these two. They stand apart. Clearly I was meant to notice and remember them.


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