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Monday, August 30, 2021

Well, Now: DUMBs, DUMBser & DUMBserer

One of my readers wrote me this morning to call my attention to Ezra Cohen's Telegram page, where on 29 August he posted the word: DUMBs, followed by the words: High Activity in D.C. In recent days he has also posted things like: RED OCTOBER, Military Rebellion, Special Forces, and 45 in constant contact with certain generals in military. Please click the following link and scroll down to the bottom of the page:

This certainly has my attention, if for no other reason than that Ezra Cohen is one of the most connected Military Industrial Complex, alphabet soup agency, and National Security individuals in the USSA. To say that he's plugged in would be an understatement. He's practically Dr. Strangelove.

Take a look at his biography on the DoD website:

Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and Security beginning on Nov. 10, 2020.
Previously served as the Acting Assistant Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low-Intensity Conflict. 

Responsible for all policy formulation and oversight for Department of Defense counter terrorism, special operations, counter-narcotics, detainee affairs, peacekeeping, humanitarian assistance, and stability operations.
Provided oversight of all organize, train, and equip activities for United States Special Operations Command, and ensured alignment of a $14 billion budget with the National Security and National Defense strategies.

Served as the Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Counter-narcotics and Global Threats. 

Led the Department of Defense’s global counter-narcotics and threat finance policies and operations, among other global issues, overseeing a budget of over $1 billion.

Served as the Special Assistant to the President and Senior Director for Intelligence Programs. 

Principally responsible for the implementation of the President’s National Security objectives through the vast array of intelligence community capabilities.

Mr. Cohen was the United States Government’s strategic level policy coordinator for all intelligence programs and sensitive activities, including covert action, human intelligence, counterintelligence, electronic surveillance, information operations, special reconnaissance, and intelligence sharing.

Mr. Cohen completed a number of overseas assignments in Latin America and South Asia.

Mr. Cohen was the Senior Director for Strategic Initiatives at Oracle Corporation, where he advised the Chief Executive Officer on national security issues.

Mr. Cohen was responsible for an international effort to deploy Oracle’s high-security cloud computing technology to allied governments, primarily within NATO. (source: )

It's fair to say that in the military, intelligence and security spheres that Ezra Cohen knows where the bodies are buried -- all of them -- in Washington, DC, and much farther afield: South Asia, Europe, Latin America. 

So when he writes things like DUMBs on his Telegram page he's clearly communicating something to those with eyes to see, and ears to hear. For those who may not know, DUMBs are Deep Underground Military Bases.

Given the positions that Ezra Cohen has held in the government and military he has certainly been deep underground in sensitive facilities at places such as Site-R (Raven Rock), Camp David, Mount Weather, Warrenton Training Stations, White House DUCC, Manzano Mountains Base, Offutt AFB, White Sands, Cheyenne Mountain, Los Alamos, and probably others which are not publicly known. He might even have taken a fast ride or two on classified, high-speed, underground, magnetic-levitation, tube trains -- oh, say, between White Sands and Los Alamos, for a hypothetical example.

In brief, Ezra Cohen assuredly knows an awful lot about DUMBs, who works in them, and what goes on down there. A man that has held the positions that he has, has the highest security clearances that there are in the government and the military. So when he posts on his Telegram page in the space of five days: DUMBs, followed by the words: High Activity in D.C., and in the previous days things like: RED OCTOBERMilitary RebellionSpecial Forces, and 45 in constant contact with certain generals in military, it suggests that big events are in motion, including underground, down in the Top Secret, subterranean tunnels and facilities about which we know very little.

In my experience, people who hold positions like Ezra Cohen has held do not ordinarily publicly run their mouths. They are extremely circumspect about what they say, and with whom they speak. I believe the things that he has posted can plausibly be seen as a signal to the cognoscenti, others in the know, a particular, target audience to whom he wants to communicate specific key words, an alert of sorts. 

One possible, "hypothetical" interpretation is that there will soon be an uprising by disaffected retired and active duty military personnel to reinstall Donald Trump as Chief Executive Officer of the corporate USSA; and that Special Forces and Top Secret underground bases and tunnels will somehow be involved. 

I am not on the inside of anything, and have never worked for the government or military, so my conjecture is just that: my opinion of what might possibly be in the works based on the cryptic Telegram posts of Ezra Cohen. I might be right, and I might equally be wrong. 

That said, if something heavy is about to go down, Ezra Cohen is certainly a man who would catch wind of it. He knows a lot of people who know a lot about what is going on.

Does That Mean Civil War?

If elements of the military do seriously attempt to reinstall Donald Trump as CEO of the corporate USSA, whether they are successful or not, it would highly likely ignite a shooting, civil war in the USSA. If civil war does break out it will be extremely bloody and chaotic. Think Yugoslavia in the 1990s, Beirut in the 1970s, North v. South in the 1860s, but much more so, given the much larger population today, and the great advances in weapons technology, both military and civilian, in the intervening 156 years. Johnny Reb had a single-shot musket in 1864; the average Good Ol' Boy today has a .30-06, a .30-30, a .308, an SKS, an AK-47, an AR-15, a Tommy Gun, an Uzi, etc.

For what it is worth, my dreaming subconscious thinks that a hot, shooting, civil war will occur in the mainland USSA. Obviously I cannot say exactly how the conflict will develop, if it does indeed break out, but I have been shown a couple of glimpses in dreams.

I'm originally from Tidewater Virginia, and have lived, worked, visited, traveled and studied all across the South in the first half of my life: Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas in later years. So my southern imprinting necessarily colors a lot of my perceptions, including subconscious impressions.

In one vivid dream, I was riding in a vehicle with two other people. We were driving along the periphery of a small railroad yard on the outskirts of a southern city. It could have been anywhere: Shreveport, Little Rock, Tallahassee, Richmond, Birmingham, Savannah, Jackson. On one side of the road was the rail yard, with a few railroad cars shunted off onto sidings. On the other side was a wooded area, with kudzu climbing up into the trees. Standing along the road by the trees was a file of young men in drab, grey and brown uniforms, with automatic rifles slung over their shoulders. They looked weary. We drove down the line, as if I were reviewing the troops. They looked unblinkingly at me and I looked back at them. I saw recognizably Caucasian, Afro and Latino faces. This was a racially and ethnically mixed, southern militia. I have no idea whom they were fighting, but that they were a combat ready, light infantry force was evident.

In another recent dream, I was moving across the Virginia countryside on foot. Two other men were with me. We were crossing open fields and pastures covered by knolls and low hills. As we went along, we suddenly heard the terrific din of a furious battle break out just over the crest of a hill that we were traversing. Thousands of gun shots were fired within mere minutes. My companions and I had rifles slung over our shoulders for self-protection. As the battle very noisily raged, just out of sight on the other side of the hill, I asked them if we should engage. They immediately, emphatically responded that we should not engage, but should avoid the battle, and continue on our way. They seemed to be in service to me as bodyguards.

Bottom Line

I do not know what kicks off the civil conflict, but many other people and I have seen aspects of it in our dreams and visions. There are all kinds of armed factions and militias all over the country, with many different philosophies and ideologies. There is also a huge, very well armed, national military force, with growing ideological divisions in its ranks.

When the shooting begins, who will make common cause with whom, and who will fight against whom?

I don't know those details.

But I do know that lots of negative karma will get burned. A lot of people will go bye-bye. How and when it will end I have no clue. But that it is coming looks more and more probable. From my perspective, Ezra Cohen's cryptic posts to his Telegram page in recent days hint at (armed?) division within the ranks of the Pentagon itself.

Not to worry! If a civil conflict occurs you won't have to ask if something is happening. It will be a very big event.


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