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Sunday, August 29, 2021

USSA's Karma Is A *itch

As I compose this blog post Hurricane Ida is pummeling New Orleans, southeastern Louisiana, the Florida Panhandle and coastal Mississippi and Alabama, before heading northeastward, where in the coming days it will dump drenching, flooding rains on Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky, West Virginia, the Virginia mountains and Pennsylvania.

The NWS is prognosticating most of that area to receive anywhere from 2 to as much as 10 inches of rainfall by mid-week. Rivers at risk of flooding include the Mississippi, Pearl, Tennessee, Ohio, Susquehanna, Potomac and James. It all depends on how much moisture the remnants of Hurricane Ida pull in from the Gulf of Mexico as the system moves towards the northeast and out to sea in the North Atlantic.

Given the power of this storm, supposedly more intense than Hurricane Katrina, which devastated much of New Orleans 16 years ago, and allegedly more powerful than any storm to strike Louisiana in the last 160 years, the damage to New Orleans and the surrounding area could be extensive. The picture will become clearer as this week proceeds.

It will assuredly not be the last natural disaster to strike the mainland USSA, but only one of a series of crippling blows. As a matter of fact, the western region of the country is right now suffering a horrendous drought such as has not been seen in more than 1,000 years. Dane Wigington, perhaps the foremost exponent or expositor of the harmful, geoengineering activities being carried out in the world today, in recent days posted the following video to YouTube about the ongoing, crippling drought that is drying up California's large lakes.

California Drought, How To Party On The Titanic

California has 39 million inhabitants, the majority of them living in the vast conurbations in southern California and the San Francisco Bay area. These urban areas are heavily reliant on the water drawn from such reservoirs as Lake Shasta.  What happens when the large lakes in California and neighboring states go completely, or almost completely dry? When there is no more water, or not nearly enough water, to be had from Lake Mead, Lake Oroville, Lake Shasta and others, what do the people in California do? They are about to find out, in their 39 millions.

Migration is probably out of the question. Where will tens of millions of people go anyway? Arizona? Arkansas? Nebraska? Alabama? Iowa? If the water runs out in California, it will also run out in Arizona, Nevada and other western states and regions, seeing as most of the western USSA is presently severely afflicted with drought. Wells are running dry, aquifers are being drawn down, water levels in rivers, reservoirs and lakes are in rapid decline. If the drought persists much longer the human population of the western states will inevitably dramatically decline due to economic collapse, out migration and even outright death due to lack of water for agriculture, industry, drinking, cooking and sanitation. Water is fundamental to life; without it everything comes to an end.

Another year or two will tell the tale. The fate of the western USSA, and really the entire country, is coming right down to the deciding years between now and 2025. 

The USSA Meme

In that vein, one of my readers wrote in to say that my closing words in a recent blog post should become a national meme in the USSA:

Dramatic events -- economic collapse, plagues, floods, drought, famine, war, earthquakes, martial law, tsunamis, volcanoes, electrical grid failure, governmental collapse, population die off, etc. -- are already in the pipeline and will run their course. The table has been set. It's like a high stakes pool game, where the balls have been meticulously racked by the Lords of Karma, who are about to run the table in hard nosed, pool shark style -- bank shots, trick shots, combination shots -- with arrow straight cue sticks, an unflinching eye, and a smooth stroke that never misses.

It's all very karmic. The USSA is proximately going to have done to it what it has spent more than two centuries doing to others, in North America and all around the world, beginning with slaughters, land invasions and natural resource theft against Native Americans; and continuing right down to this very minute with the military and humanitarian debacle in Afghanistan, and ongoing war and theft of petroleum in Syria, war against Yemen and Somalia, nonstop saber rattling and economic sanctions against Russia, China, Iran, North Korea and Venezuela, ongoing, crippling, economic sanctions against Cuba, military intervention in the Ukraine, and much more. 

It's been going on for centuries, but will soon come to a grinding halt, either through an agonizing collapse due to imminent, precipitous petrodollar death, supply chain failure, and a flurry of concomitant natural disasters, such as drought, crop failure, earthquakes, floods, fires, volcanoes, etc.; or, if the corporate USSA (Pentagon, State Department, CIA, White House, Commerce Department, et al.) continues to press China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, and other countries too hard with economic sanctions and military threats and maneuvers, the entire shebang could be brought to an unimaginably violent end in just one hour. 

Russia and China, and probably North Korea, at a bare minimum, have nuclear missiles that can reach the mainland USSA, as well as its several insular outposts in the mid- and western Pacific Ocean. If North Korea fired twenty nuclear ICBMs at the mainland USSA would they all be shot down by Pentagon defenses? Probably not. What if ten got through and hit Chicago, Albuquerque, San Antonio, Omaha, Denver, Atlanta, Washington, DC, New York City, San Diego and Houston? If the USSA keeps militarily threatening and pressuring other nuclear powers that is what is going to happen, and far worse.

After the spectacular defeat of the Pentagon by the Taliban in Afghanistan it's only a matter of rapidly dwindling time. Blood is in the water. The Pentagon is increasingly perceived around the world as a "woke", weak, limp wristed, LBGT&$%#@ paper tiger. 


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