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Monday, September 13, 2021

It's Still September -- Just Wait For October

A few months back I wrote about the repeating dream that I had in June, in which God appeared to me with the message: "In four," accompanied by a vision of four, vertically arrayed, blue surgical masks, and which was exactly duplicated two hours later the same night, with one difference: the second time it was Moses who appeared to me with the message: "In four," accompanied by a vision of four, vertically arrayed, blue surgical masks.

I intuited that the surgical masks logically alluded to the global Covid plandemic and the concomitant, frantic, v(@)xxeen campaign by governments almost everywhere. I further speculated that the message, "In four," coupled with the four surgical masks, probably meant, "In four more months,", i.e., in October.

I still feel that this is likely to be true.

Consider the item in today's news cycle about a hospital in rural New York having to suspend maternity services, because of hospital staff resignations in protest of mandatory v(@)xxeenashun policies.

I am surprised that what is occurring in Lewis County, New York even made it into the mainstream news media. But it seems inevitable to me that Joe Biden's broad mandate in recent days that any company with more than 100 employees must ensure employee, v(@)xxeen compliance or face heavy fines is probably going to ensure that hospitals, companies, businesses and industries all across the USSA are either crippled, or shut down, for lack of qualified labor to continue operation, as employees resign or quit en masse.

What is occurring at the local hospital in Lewis County, New York is going to be multiplied many thousands of times over, all over the USSA in the coming weeks. Too many people know too much about the lies, fraud and massive, criminal corruption connected to the Covid plandemic and the so-called v(@)xxeens to permit poisonous Fauci juice to be shot into their veins.

In short, the entity known as President (sic) Biden has just blundered very badly, and is now likely to be faced with a wave of mass, civil disobedience, and possibly even with the outbreak of civil war.

You know, "My body, my decision, " which roughly translates into, "Don't tread on me," though it's too late now for Biden to take back his mandate. He's so out of touch with reality that he has no concept of what is happening in the USSA and in the rest of the world.

It's all a blur to him. 

These troubling events of recent days occur in a context of the Secretary of the Treasury Department, Janet Yellen, warning last week that the USSA government may default on its debt as of this coming 15 October. I believe that her warning is merely a public admission that the political charade in Washington, DC bears scant resemblance to the hard, underlying reality that is really guiding world affairs.

It looks to me like the USSA has already massively defaulted on its sovereign debt, and I forthrightly said so, more than half a year ago, in late January of this year:

Magnificently Dreadful Is The Liquidation Sale Of The USSA (United States, Inc.)

It appears that the holders of a great deal of that debt have already co
mmenced cashing in their chips -- rare earth minerals in Afghanistan, the huge Bagram Air Force Base in Afghanistan, a multi-billion dollar haul of "abandoned" Pentagon weaponry, left on the battlefield in Afghanistan and in giant warehouses for the taking.

Is that why Donald Trump didn't fight at all to claim his resounding electoral victory last November?  -- but just rolled over, spent a lot of time golfing, and then quietly slid out of the White House and out of town? Because he knows the fix is in, that it's all a political charade, that the elections are rigged, the government is fake, that the political parties are massively criminally corrupt -- both of them -- and that there's a new boss in town?

He's in on the whole, fake, demented, red-white-and-blue, satanic, carnival sideshow? Is that it? He was the designated fall guy sent in to smooth the way for the Chinese take over, courtesy of the Biden Quisling regime?

The point I am getting around to is that I believe a case could be made that what is happening now is simply a very messy negotiation over the terms of surrender of the corporate USSA to those powers that hold its debt, prominent among them the Chinese, which will probably entail more seizure of collateral, much of it by the Chinese.

The violent, chaotic hand over to effective Chinese control, of Afghanistan and its trillions of dollars worth of rare earth minerals, the massive Bagram Air Force Base, and billions of dollars worth of military weaponry, is only the beginning of the surrender of the corporate USSA.

China needs raw resources and fertile farmland, of which there is an abundance in the Lower 48 and Alaska. Coal, copper, iron, salt, petroleum, uranium, wheat, corn, 
soy beans, oats, rice, sugar cane, large forests with timber, fish, crabs, shrimp, and much more -- it's all there in large amounts. But first the cities and countryside have to be emptied out of the resident population, so that the land is available for the taking.

Right on cue Joe Biden pronounced last week that an additional 100 million people in the USSA will be v(@)xxeen8ed -- the Federal work force, and employees in work places with more than 100 employees --
 like it or not, freedom be damned! As it happens, the v(@)xxeens are so debilitating, and even lethal in a great many cases, that if Biden's newly announced mandate is carried out, within an interval of a year or two the effects will destroy the USSA as a functioning society. What is coming is so cruel and deadly that the Chinese will not face much resistance, if any, when they flood in to occupy the land. That's a real possibility.

The government-linked Chinese tabloid press warned just last week that war between the USSA and China is coming, and that China will prevail. According to the Global Times, "The US will definitely see the PLA show up at its doorstep in the not-too-distant future."

That is not hyperbole. Just two weeks ago four Chinese Navy ships sailed through the USSA's Exclusive Economic Zone in Alaska's Aleutian Islands, tailed by a couple of USSA Coast Guard cutters. The Global Times also warned last week that Chinese warships will soon sail near Hawaii.

There is no doubt that Chinese boomers are out there in the northern Pacific Ocean right now, lurking undersea. The Type 094 submarine can strike most of the mainland USSA with submarine launched nuclear missiles from the Kuril Islands region.

As Carl von Clausewitz famously wrote more than a century ago, "War is a mere continuation of policy by other means."

As the progressive surrender by the corporate USSA to China proceeds, and I think that is what is underway, we may see Chinese troops appear on USSA soil, perhaps under the guise of the United Nations. Selected, troublesome and/or obsolete USSA urban centers may be targeted for destruction, perhaps by false flag attacks: New York City, for one possible instance. Nuclear mushroom clouds that suddenly take out various cities without explanation could well occur as part of the terms of surrender.

We have entered into the Event Horizon and large events are now in motion. I believe that the corporate USSA has already fallen. The precise outcome of the chaotic, violent, drawn out, terms of surrender negotiations remains to be seen. Big events will be occurring in the remainder of September and in October, that's clear enough, which will set the stage for even larger events in 2022.

From a personal standpoint, I have more to do, a part to play in what follows the terrible time that will very, very soon be hard upon us all. As conditions rapidly deteriorate, in Ecuador and elsewhere, I desperately need to make some urgent, practical and pragmatic preparations right now, this month and in October. To do that I need several hundred more dollars than I have at present. If you are able and willing to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.