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Monday, September 20, 2021

The USSA Is Going Down Very, Very Hard

I've always dreamed a lot, and had visions from an early age. At the age of three years, in 1958, an entity visited me whom I spontaneously named The Bone Lady. She gave me a mind boggling, mental download, a sort of preview of upcoming, future attractions. The download had two parts that more or less correspond to the gist of the ancient Hopi prophecies: 1) live in harmony with Nature and treat others charitably, kindly, fairly and honestly, and all will be well, or 2) violate the Natural order and cruelly abuse others, and all will be ghastly, horrendous and horrific. Option 2 had a grim, awful, dreadful, hellish feel to it, while Option 1 was light, airy, good and loving, Christ-like. Even at the age of three years I grasped the essence of what She communicated to me. It was like She laid a Vulcan mind lock on me. Since that time 63 years have passed, and I've never forgotten Her and Her message.

Sadly, in the intervening years a disappointingly large portion of humanity has chosen Door 2; and so the world is spiraling down to doom, as the ecology crashes worldwide, the biosphere dies off, geopolitical momentum builds towards a catastrophic world war, the global va(@)xxeenashun program threatens to incapacitate or kill half or more of the world's human population in the coming months and years, and the global reserve currency, the Federal Reserve Note,  rapidly weakens and threatens to fail outright, bringing down much of the international, financial order. More than that is going on, but just those factors by themselves are more than enough to cripple the global, societal order.

It's all very troubling. Look around the world and there is horror all over the place: missing people, economic exploitation, outright slavery, human trafficking, war and threats of war, runaway environmental destruction, rampant governmental corruption, satanic propaganda, open Satan worship, burgeoning, medical-industrial-complex authoritarianism/totalitarianism, and much more. We are all feeling the effects of the turmoil, at every level of our beings and lives, I as much as anyone else.

To wit: my dreams in recent days have been vivid, and, I would say, downright alarming. My subconscious kicks into action when the conscious mind is out of the way, during the sleeping state, and reviews data that the conscious mind pushes into the background, perhaps for being too disturbing or unsettling. To get to the point, my subconscious feels that momentous events, history changing events lie ahead.

In one dream I saw a nuclear missile launch. I was watching it on a huge, digital, wall screen of the sort that are in underground, military C3 bunkers (Command, Control and Communication facilities). I saw the missile being tracked on its ballistic trajectory. I knew it represented big trouble.

In another dream I was in a city in the USSA and I knew why. I was there because a nuclear weapon was imminently going to detonate in my near vicinity, and I had a job to do when it did. I felt no fear, though I understood that the nuclear blast would occur within minutes. It felt like an inside job, a false flag attack that would be maliciously, falsely blamed on another country or faction that, in fact, would not be involved at all. Such is the depth of the satanic evil in the USSA government that it kills its own and falsely accuses others of what it has itself done (or is preparing to do). There is no hell pit too deep for those who perpetrate such atrocities.

In the dream I was there on a rescue mission. When the nuclear device detonated, there were hordes of people caught up in the fireball who were so profoundly traumatized by the horror of what had happened that they were as if frozen in time-space, paralyzed in that instant, mentally, psychologically, spiritually, frozen in place, eternally imprisoned in that hellish, nuclear fireball. They were caught there, unable to escape, perpetually living and reliving the hell of the nuclear blast.

I was there specifically to go into the nuclear fireball (obviously not physically!) and drag them out. I went into the fireball again and again, and grabbed them by their feet, their hair, their arms and dragged them out of there, one after another.  They were so completely paralyzed by traumatic terror that they couldn't get out by themselves. The horror!

In another dream a few nights ago, I was with two or three other people. We were watching an enormous, mushroom cloud many miles away in the distance. I am not sure about the cause of the cloud: a huge, volcanic eruption? a big, nuclear weapon detonation? an asteroid strike? the Mother of all Thunderstorms? I was impressed by the mushroom cloud's massive size and evident force.

And then last night I had one of the most pressing, unusual dreams that I have ever had. I suddenly became aware that someone was telling me that the Great Earthquake was imminent, that I should immediately exit the building that I was in, because the entire Earth was going to be severely shaken. I reflexively complied. I instantly understood that a massive, continent-moving earthquake was going to occur within just a few minutes.

As I exited the building I was inwardly, authoritatively instructed that I should right away prostrate myself on the ground, and fervently pray to God in repentance, for forgiveness of all my sins, and for the sin of the whole world. As I got down on my face on the ground to pray in compliance with the compelling, inward instructions, a surly-looking man walked by me and snarled menacingly at my prayer to God.

And then, this morning when I awakened I found the following link in my e-mail from Celestial, the Christian prophetess in New York City:

Open the link and read what she says. In her visions she is being shown many  things, some of which I have also been shown in my visions: nuclear war, nuclear detonations in USSA cities, civil war, abject impoverishment of the population, and the pure evil of a lot of what goes on in the USSA, not least of which is the slaughter of tens of millions of defenseless, innocent babies in the womb, and also after birth. 

My long-time readers know that I have drunk ayahuasca (the shamanic, South American, visionary brew) dozens of times during my many years in Ecuador. It has shown me very many things, including that in the USSA there are multiple centers of PURE EVIL, as if Satan himself presides in those locales. 

I know that there are millions of people who want to "Make America Great Again!" And there are millions more who want to traffic more tons of narcotics to drug addicts, kill millions more babies in the womb -- or after they are out of the womb and kicking and crying with the umbilical cord still attached, or they want to go to war and kill people in foreign lands in "service" to "America". Slaughter is a job for them. 

There are many millions of women who say that it is their right to kill their babies, so get the f*ck out of their face. If they want to kill their children it's their business, so they say. They'll kill their children when they are most helpless, and no one will tell them differently. What to speak of the "medical professionals" who do the actual baby killing -- doctors, nurses, nurse assistants, office receptionists.  It's satanic.

Ayahuasca has also revealed to me the upcoming, Great Earthquake. It's coming from way, down deep in the Earth. It is a MONSTROUS earthquake that will rock the entire world. It doesn't matter where you are; even if you are not in an earthquake prone country it will rock that country. Along with the earthquake was a sense of unimaginable evil, as if evil beyond all imagining is coming up from the depths of the Earth to be released by the earthquake. The sense of evil was so overwhelming that I spewed and spewed uncontrollably.  What is coming is terrible beyond all telling. **Shattering** is the word that comes to mind. It will literally be Earth shattering.

I have said on my blog that the USSA is going down, mainly because it is so psychopathically wicked. In all honesty, anyone who thinks that the USSA is great is either in on the evil or genuinely stupid, or both. It's not a great place, not a good place, not at all, and it will be going down very hard, because of its great evil.

God will not be mocked, especially not by people who claim to be pious and godly, but who in reality are a satanic, demonic people. The days of "America" are numbered. No one in their right mind wants to make a rotting, putrid, bloated, decaying, nauseating cadaver "Great Again!" 

Celestial's prophetic message from God says:

America shall be destroyed before my face, the towers will fall and tall buildings will be humbled by bomb blasts and nuclear attack in many cities. There will be collapse of the cities, physical collapse as buildings are destroyed but also social collapse as services break down, become disrupted, and in many areas are cut off altogether.

I don't disagree. The preparations for major warfare have been well covered in recent weeks and months, even in the corporate, mainstream news media. Over the past half-year there have been massive war games and practice, military mobilizations by NATO, Russia, Belarus, China, the USSA, Japan, South Korea, India, and more. Within the past week or so, North Korea test fired a cruise missile, followed by two ballistic missiles into the Sea of Japan. Not to be outdone, just a couple of days ago the Pentagon test fired two, sea-launched ballistic missiles from a submarine off the coast of Florida.

I get it. The sabers are rattling. War drums are pounding. My subconscious is telling me in my dreams, and my conscious mind sees it in the daily, global news cycle. The military powers of the world are preparing for war, and by the look of things it will be a real humdinger.

Consider that the USSA military has for the first time ever begun practicing in recent weeks for warfare in the interior of the Lower 48 states. C-130 transport and cargo planes, as well as A-10, "Warthog", close air support fighter planes have been using highways and county airports in Colorado, Wyoming and Michigan for military exercises. Please see for instance:

If the Pentagon is now actively training for warfare in the interior of the continent, operating from rural highways and county airports, that suggests that the USSA military anticipates the possible loss of its military bases, both on the coasts and the interior of the country. If the Pentagon really is reduced to fighting from rural highways and county airports in the central part of the country  -- on its own turf! -- then that means it will lose huge chunks of real estate and military bases on both coasts, as well as military bases in the central part of the country, to peer military rivals, presumably the Chinese and Russians. In short, the Pentagon is therefore preparing for military defeat, and not in the far flung future. The Army couldn't retreat from Afghanistan in orderly fashion, and no one was even shooting at them! Imagine if the CONUS is under concerted attack by two, large, modern, military forces -- the Russians and Chinese. I doubt that the Pentagon will be able to successfully defend its own territory and already knows that.

That's the way it looks to me. I read the press, including the military press, and connect the dots. Like I have recently said on this blog, what we are seeing now is the very messy, chaotic, violent, confused negotiation of the terms of surrender of the corporate USSA, and its armed thugs in the Pentagon, first and foremost to the Chinese and the Russians. I will not be surprised to see both countries move with tremendous military force against the USSA and Pentagon, and to defeat the Pentagon forces, followed by Chinese and Russian troops on the soil of the USSA -- Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska and the 48 states on the continental mainland. 

2021 and 2022 Are Satanic Crunch Time

Very big, geopolitical and military events are absolutely certain in what remains of 2021 and in all of 2022.  Kent Bain's Most Dangerous Blog in the World is in line with a lot of my thinking and analysis in that regard. See, for example, his recent blog post:

The Planetary Awakening Code

Read it for the quite interesting details. In general I accept his premise that for the global, Satanic cabal (though they are of many races and ethnicities, they all adore evil and worship Satan) 2021 represents the end of the Christian era, and 2022 represents the beginning of their hoped for Satanic Age. So they are pulling out all the stops with the run up to WW-III, with a massive, global "v(@)xxeenashun" program of billions of people, an engineered global, financial and economic crisis, engineered food shortages and supply chain disruptions, climate engineering, and more. Their intent is to bring Hell to Earth and murder billions of people. They are working overtime to do that, all over the world.

Kent Bain emphasizes that the Satanic cabal makes use of numerology and astrology to time their maneuvers. I could not agree more.

In February 2022, for example, only five months from now, there is the day, 2/22/22. Eleven and twenty-two are both very important numbers in esoteric numerology. And on 2/22/22 there are two times twenty-two. Just imagine! -- because the black magic numerologists who serve the Satanic cabal certainly are working on something special for that date, seeing as February 22 also happens to be George Washington's birthday, who, by the way was a Master 33
º Freemason. What a coincidence! \sarcasm\ 

Astrologically, that same week Pluto returns to 27º33′ Capricorn (I have seen the date of the return mentioned by different astrologers as variously 19, 20, 21 and 22 February 202), the same position that it was in on 4 July 1776, the founding date of the so-called "United States", and the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, having to do with government, material resources/capitalism, social structures, tradition, discipline, etc. Astrologically, Pluto is the god of the underworld, associated with power, instability, revealed secrets, change, transformation, unresolved issues and problems. So the return of Pluto to the same astrological position in the second half of February 2022 that it was in on 4 July 1776, especially given that that will occur on, or very near, to the numerologically significant date of 2/22/22, bids fair to be extremely momentous for the USSA.

Notice the 33 minutes in the astrological alignment? Remember that George Washington was a Master 33º Freemason? My head is spinning with so many 33s and 22s colliding this coming February on or about the 22nd day of the month. 

Expect something major having to do with the USSA and/or the Presidency of the USSA. What if the entire kit and caboodle simply falls apart under the impact of Pluto's return on George Washington's birthday? We'll find out soon enough.

I would add that numerology and astrological alignments have long been used by ruling elites and priestly classes. I learned decades ago that the so-called "ruling elite" use expert astrologers and mathematicians in their political affairs and matters of state. This has been going on for thousands of years: the Aztecs, Mayans, Sumerians, Egyptians, Atlanteans, etc., right down to the present day.

La Palma Volcano May Catastrophically Blow

The other thing that we all woke up to is the massive, volcanic eruption that has begun on the island of La Palma in the Canary islands just off the coast of Africa.

The accompanying, major seismic activity beneath the island has intensified and moved towards the surface, signifying that a big plug of magma is moving upward from the subterranean depths. The steadily increasing magnitude of the ongoing eruption raises the possibility that the island may catastrophically fissure and fracture, such that a large part of it slides into the sea, occasioning a massive tsunami that will devastate the coastal areas of the North Atlantic Ocean. Should that occur, coastal cities and towns in eastern North America, the Caribbean, northeastern South America, northwestern Africa and western Europe will be in great danger of cataclysmic flooding that could potentially kill millions and wipe out entire cities.

Should a major eruption and devastating tsunami occur, the eastern USSA would suffer very heavy damage and loss of life. We'll see what Mother Nature has in store in the coming days. 

In past years of my life I have lived in five, different states on the Eastern Seaboard. If I were living there now, I would relocate to a more inland, higher elevation area. Places like Florida, Tidewater Virginia, the Delmarva Peninsula, Rhode Island, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut, New York City, etc. are highly susceptible to destruction by an Atlantic Ocean tsunami. 


Terrible times will very soon be hard upon us all. As conditions rapidly deteriorate, in Ecuador and elsewhere, I desperately need to make some urgent, practical and pragmatic preparations right now, this month and in October. To do that I need several hundred more dollars than I have at present. If you are able and willing to donate it will be a real life saver for me at a time of tremendous need. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now.