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Saturday, November 27, 2021

Father Bugnolo: Two to Three Billion Will Die

Father Bugnolo's sobering video is all over the alternative news sites, in which he says that two to three billion people are going to perish from the side effects of the so-called "v(@)xxscenes".

Listen to what he has to say. Here's the link:

Though from what I have seen I believe that Father Bugnolo's estimate may be conservative, maybe even very conservative.

I have recently said that 2022-2023 will see a great wave of death. The military-industrial complex, the medical-pharmaceutical complex, the mass media-political complex, the satanic WEF-secret society complex -- all want to slaughter great masses of humans and have aggressively set about doing so.

In fact, they want to extinguish the biosphere on this planet and replace it with a demonic, A.I. operated, artificial reality, hooked into a global 5G grid -- the so-called, Internet of "things" -- that is designed as a false, phony, fake, satanic simulacrum of Divine Reality.

That's what is being set up. For the wicked scheme to take over the world, the Satanists need to eliminate natural, organic humans with souls, and the rest of the living, biological creation. Their global sterilization program of humans and the rest of the biosphere is ruthlessly underway at this time.

A lot of people are going to be dying. One of my visionary friends was shown that front-end loaders and dump trucks will circulate through the streets collecting cadavers and dumping them into huge, mass graves. There will be so much death that funerals and coroner's inquests will not be held. There will not be the time, personnel or funding for that. The urgent priority will be to get overwhelming numbers of corpses into the ground ASAP.

I reiterate: the coming, great wave of death is due to the v(@)xxscenes. If someone is adamantly urging you to get the "Fizzer" jab, or the other mRNA jabs and/or boo$ter$, they are either dangerously stupid, slimily compromised or unctuously evil, or maybe all three. It is prudent to avoid those persons. They are a mortal menace to personal well being.  

Father Bugnolo is pointing to March of 2022 as the time when the numbers of deaths will dramatically increase. From what I am hearing, the period of February-March-April 2022 is when the human herd, even those who are presently in deep denial will realize: "Oh, my God!!!  They intend to kill us all."

In truth, this process has already begun, but give it another 100 days, as the cadavers really begin to pile up, and the societal blow-back will be intense.

We are about to live through something without equal in all of recorded history, those of us who survive the coming time of troubles, at any rate.


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