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Wednesday, December 15, 2021

Worse Than Your Worst Nightmare

Probably some of my readers will have seen the following news item that is making the rounds today on various alternative news websites and blogs.

Russia Adopts Protocols for Burying the Population in Mass Graves

The article has to do with new governmental regulations in Russia for the mass interment of large numbers of dead in burial pits.

The appearance of this article in today's alternative news cycle was hardly unexpected by me. 

For months, this is what 
ayahuasca, the shamanic, vision-giving, Amazon jungle tea, has been showing my visionary buddy: mass, open graves full of piles of corpses gathered up and dumped there by heavy machinery. 

The military and intelligence service remote viewers in Russia no doubt have detected the same thing that ayahuasca has shown my visionary friend, and probably also have seen what is going to cause the enormous wave of mortality. The Russians apparently know what is coming, whence their new guidelines for mass burial of large numbers of corpses in common grave, open pits. 

On Christian prophecy forums and blogs the same theme is also popping up. In dreams and visions many Christian people are being shown a mass burial scenario. See, for instance: 

Mass Graves Vision

To get to the point: the information that is coming to me from a variety of inner and outer sources is that something very major is going to happen, with the result that there are going to be a lot of dead bodies, thousands and thousands and thousands of them, maybe even millions and billions, and they will have to be collected and dumped by heavy machinery into huge, burial pits. There will be so many cadavers that there will be no other option. It will be an urgent public sanitation issue.

The murderous v(@)kscenes will absolutely be responsible for a lot of this enormous wave of near-future mortality. They are perfidious. Other contributing causes of the global wave of mortality may be big natural disasters (volcanic, seismic, meteorological, hydrological, possible comet/asteroid impacts), both civil and international warfare, severe economic constraints, and agricultural and food supply problems that will plunge many millions of people into dire poverty, hunger and starvation. 

To be sure, a preponderance of this Dark Age of Death and Despair is being purposefully engineered by Satanic, execrable, so-called "Global Elites", who in reality are nothing but powdered and perfumed sacks of slimy, reeking, oozing excrement masquerading as human beings. Go right down the line and that is the fact of the matter: Fauci, Gates, Bezos, Schwab, Musk, Trump, Biden, Kamala, Merkel, the Clintons, Pelosi, Cuomo, Newsom, Macron, Johnson, and a very long list of other "elite" riffraff and their criminal enablers, aka, "executive assistants" and "chiefs of staff" and "chiefs of operations". The vast majority of the personnel in the pharmaceutical-medical complex who are participating in, and/or supportive of, the Covid-v(@)kscene genocide operation are odiously, odorifically Satanic.

That's what we are dealing with: overt Satanism. A genocidal, global, demonic, mass human sacrifice is already well underway, that will grow exponentially worse in the next few years. It's ghastly beyond all telling.

2022 is going to be far worse than 2021. 2023 will be much worse than 2022. "Normal" will never return. We are throttling full bore ahead into the Twilight Zone.


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