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Thursday, May 19, 2022

Pentagon/NATO Officers Captured By Russia In The Ukraine

One of my readers who lives in a large city in the USSA has recently written me that he is experiencing anxiety and depression for the first time in his life, living hand to mouth, month to month, dollar to dollar. 

Factually, he and untold millions of others all over the world are in the same boat. To tell the truth, he could just as well have been describing my own life. I've struggled my entire life, now living in semi-exile from the USSA, usually having only the money (barely) that I need to scrape by for another few weeks, with no savings, no pension, no legal residency, no national passport, no work visa, no bank account or bank card, living in a small, poor, South American country beset by all manner of political, economic and social ills.

And yet we see abundant evidence that my reader's plight, my own plight, and the plight of Global Humanity and the Earth itself are all completely intentional. We are up against implacable, satanic forces in the service of absolute Evil. Examine with a cold, unblinking eye the reprehensible, malignant, despicable, decades-long (even centuries-long) plans and operations of the Pentagon, CIA, DIA, DHS, FBI, NSA, NASA, MI-6, MI-5, NATO, IDF, Mossad, BND, the Piscine, the Federal Reserve Banks, the Committee of 300, the WEF, 33rd degree Freemasonry, the Vatican, the CFR, Trilateral Trade Commission, United Nations, WHO, Hollywood, Wall Street, Madison Avenue, the City of London, the Khazarian Mafia, the NAZI Party, Communist International, etc.  -- narcotics trafficking, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, organ trafficking, vile slavery of every sort, filthy money laundering, war after war after war, genocide, assassination and murder, torture, coups d'├ętat, false propaganda, Satanism, human sacrifice, vampiric blood drinking, constant massive lying -- about everything, false imprisonment of millions of victims all over the world on absurdly trumped up charges, multi-trillion dollar theft of the patrimony of All Humankind, ecocide against the global biosphere, rape of the whole planet, and other unforgivable crimes against Nature, God and Humankind -- and you will see that we are in a battle for the very survival of natural, organic, human beings.

We are in an existential war for the survival of humanity on this planet. The Russians understand that. They are now in military combat with the forces of satanic darkness in Washington-DC, New York City, Brussels,
 London, Paris, Berlin, Kiev, Warsaw, etc. They know exactly what they are dealing with and why.

The war has only just begun. It will not be over by Christmastime, oh, no. On the contrary, it will lap over into 2023 and quite probably beyond. As the months go by it is likely to metastasize and spread in unexpected ways, with a real danger that it will become a serious, nuclear conflict. Spectacular, heinous, notorious, false false attacks are possible at any time, with the purpose of fanning the flames of wider warfare.

Unlike the USSA and Europe, Ecuador is unlikely to be nuked -- too small, too poor, too remote, and absolutely no military threat to other powers, not even to other, nearby, small countries in South and Central America, and the Caribbean. I mean, Ecuador is not going to bomb Panama, attack the Dominican Republic or invade Suriname! Won't happen. As food riots, food price inflation and food shortages have already begun in other countries like Iran and Sri Lanka, there is still a plentiful abundance and wide variety of food items in the stores and markets here, at prices that most people can pay. That will certainly not be the case in the future in big, North American cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.

The Russians Are Capturing ** Many ** Mercenaries & NATO Officers

As the war in the Ukraine grinds on, the Russians have caught themselves a passel of NATO officers, reportedly including some active duty and recently retired generals and admirals --USSA, British, Canadian, French Foreign Legion, Turkish. 

Allegedly, the Russians have taken into custody:

4-Star Special Operations Admiral Eric Olson


Commander of NATO Land Operations, 3-Star Lieutenant General Roger Cloutier, allegedly shown here in Russian military custody, with his face blurred out:

Presumably, there are now many more, because the rank and file of the neo-NAZI Azov Battalion that were holed up for weeks in the miles of tunnels beneath the sprawling Azovstal steel and iron works plant in Mariupol are now surrendering en masse. Well over 1,000 have already surrendered and they still keep coming. Look at this 47-second video:

Who's the blond (beginning at time stamp 0:23 seconds)? A military officer or intelligence officer? For whom? Kiev? Israel? France? the CIA? the Pentagon?

Whereas to this point, the Russians have not publicly identified the NATO officers that they have captured, the social media buzz is that they have dozens of them, from multiple nations. There is no question that at some point the Russians will produce and name their NATO captives, presumably within the next several weeks, after they have thoroughly debriefed and interrogated them.

But there are early indications that the information that will come out in the next weeks could be stunning. (This presumably falls under Clif High's "secrets revealed" news category.) To wit: Ramzan Kadyrov, the Chechen Commander whose men are militarily allied with the Russian Army, posted this to the Internet today:

We have liberated the #Zaria Chemical Factory, which is the length and width of its industrial zone. Many said that the Zaria factory is the Azovstal II factory and that our fighters will not take it easily.
After we got the green light from President Putin, our forces liberated it with ease, and there were very valuable western fish inside it.

Very valuable western fish were inside it .....  that's what the man said.

CIA? MI-6? British SAS? USSA Navy Seals? French Foreign Legion? German Bundeswehr? All of that and more?

Where This All Leads

I see two main, possible outcomes for the scores (hundreds?) of Western military and intelligence agency personnel that the Russians are now reeling in, and placing under military arrest.

1) The Pentagon/NATO/EU scum can claim that they are mercenaries. In which case the Russians can say: "Mighty fine. As mercenaries you are common killers for hire, outside the laws of war, and therefore subject to summary military justice without any legal recourse or the right to appeal." Whereupon, they will receive a quick trial on the merits and be sent before a firing squad, or to prison for lengthy, multi-year 
sentences  - the proceedings to be broadcast on live TV and live streamed on the Internet to the Russian people and the world.

... or, and this is where it gets sticky:

2) The NATO/Pentagon/EU scum can protest: "NO! We are in the Ukraine under direct orders from the Pentagon/NATO/EU. We have been commanded by the Pentagon/Brussels/Washington-DC to fight against the Russian military forces." In which case, the Kremlin will respond: "Very well. Then that is a de facto declaration of war against Mother Russia by the Pentagon/NATO/EU. By your own admission you were sent to make war against Russia." The Kremlin will then immediately present the evidence to the Russian public, and with a lag of only days at the most, will ask the Duma for a war resolution against the USSA/NATO/EU, which will receive resounding support.

And then the Pentagon/NATO/EU will be openly at war with Russia/Belarus. Places like Ramstein, USAG Baumholder, Brussels, Toulon, Rota, Souda Bay, Norfolk-VA, Kings Bay NSB, Ft. Bragg, Minot AFB, Camp Pendleton, Ft. Hood, could be attacked. Aircraft carriers and submarines could be sunk. And that would just be the early hours, days and weeks.

It goes without saying that places like New York City, Chicago, Atlanta, Washington-DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego, Albuquerque, Seattle, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, 
the City of London, et al.,  have nuclear bulls-eyes on them. 

God knows that Ecuador has its share of societal ills and problems, but there is (still) plentiful food in the markets here; moreover, this little country is unlikely to be nuked when all hell (soon) breaks loose in the northern hemisphere. We don't have much here, but maybe in the end we will have life itself, and will continue on with our cholo potatoes (papas cholas), cabbage, onions, rice, eggs, cheese and lentils when the lights go out up north. Be it ever so humble, there's no place like home.

"Give us this day our daily bread; and forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us...."

World(s)s without end, amen!


I greatly need and gratefully accept any and all donations. Everything that we have known in our lifetimes is about to go bye-bye and will never be back again, not ever. I know that I keep repeating this like a mantra, but it is nonetheless true. If you are able and willing to donate I really do need your support at this time in order to better prepare. The USSA is going to get royally hammered, but with any luck, life here in South America will continue on, at least for some of us. For how to make a cash donation please contact me at: This is the preferred method of donation for me right now. Do NOT send PayPal.