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Saturday, May 14, 2022

The Super-Moon Eclipse of May 15-16

This weekend's total, super-Moon eclipse in Scorpio the night of 15-16 May has to do with revealing knowledge, hidden knowledge. Or as Clif High might say: secrets revealed. Here's the path of total eclipse:

It's all about the Americas and West Africa -- all of South and Central America, Mexico, the Caribbean, eastern North America, southern Greenland, West Africa and the Antarctic. 

What nefarious policies are the French up to in West Africa, in places like Mali, Mauritania, Senegal, the Ivory Coast, in Guinea? What is the USSA doing in Liberia, which is practically a de facto African colony of Washington-DC, about which almost nothing appears in the corporate news media? 

What hideous activities are being carried out by the USSA and Canada, at home and abroad? i think we're about to find out, or at least to have a better idea, as all of the regions above are directly impacted by the total lunar eclipse of the night of 15-16 May 2022. 

Look at the map at the link above. North American power centers like New York City, Washington-DC, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Miami, Houston, Ottawa and Montreal fall under the direct path of the eclipse. In Latin America and the Caribbean, places like Mexico City, the Texas-Mexico border region, Panama City, Port au Prince, Bogota, Quito, Guayaquil, Lima, Rio de Janeiro and Caracas are directly impacted. Money laundering, human trafficking, weapons trafficking, narcotics trafficking, assassinations, coups d'état, lies about the "jabs" -- are we about to see these and other monstrous crimes and cover ups exposed in unexpected ways? 

And southern Greenland and thee Antarctic! For a full century, the USSA military has had an active interest and presence in Greenland and the Antarctic. Are we about to find out more about Greenland and the Antarctic?

Meanwhile, the Pentagon is moving trainload after trainload of weapons and equipment across the Atlantic. 

War is coming sometime later this year. That's the way it looks. Probably Christmas at the latest, but it could really be most any month now. I will be surprised if this doesn't ultimately end with mushroom clouds in Europe and the mainland USSA. The Russians are not going to just sit there and watch hundreds of thousands of troops and myriad thousands of heavy weapons pile up along their western borders. Putin saw what happened to Muammar Qaddafi/Libya and Saddam Hussein/Iraq. I am sure he has drawn the appropriate conclusions and has already issued decisive, contingency orders. I would not trifle with the man, but then I hold no policy position or office of any sort, so I'm not in charge of anything.

Those who are in powerful policy positions hold views very different than mine, and so the precipitous slide towards a catastrophic, military conflict is accelerating. The well known astrologer, Sydney Omarr, used to say: "The stars impel; they do not compel!" But man, are they ever "impelling" right now!

The "secrets revealed" lunar eclipse tomorrow night will set the tone for the next half year. Plenty of ugly information will be coming to public notice as the USSA plunges deeper into warfare with Russia. 

And make no mistake about it, the war has already begun. It will become more intense as we move through this year and next.

Just wait until the Russians present dozens of captured USSA/NATO officers before the TV cameras and "reveal" that the Pentagon and Brussels are actively directing the war against Russia in the Ukraine! Everything will dramatically ratchet up to another level of military and political insanity.


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