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Sunday, August 14, 2022

A Pole Shift -- Really??

I've been shown the upcoming pole shift and it's quite dramatic. The Sun stands still in the sky for a long time, for hours, it could be a day or even more, while the Earth's rotation slows and stops. Then the Earth starts rotating again, but the direction is altered, visibly offset from where it is now. The horizon changes. How it can do this, I do not presume to know; it has to do with inner core dynamics, a sort of flip or movement that has repercussions for rotation and the stability of the crust; but how this happens, what the causal dynamic is, whether internal to the Earth or from an external influence in the Solar system or galaxy, or both? -- well, I am not a trained geophysicist. 

The resulting rainfall is STUPENDOUS. The entire, miles-high, column of water vapor in the atmosphere condenses and precipitates out as rain as the global air masses shift. The sheer amount of surface water that results is mind-boggling. It comes sheeting over the landscape in furious, churning, roiling, rolling, boiling torrents. The flooding is off the charts, not survivable for most people.

Myriad other people have also seen this or have been shown this in their dreams, Near Death Experiences (NDEs), and visions of various sorts. I couldn't wrap my head around it when I saw what was happening. There were two women with me at the time, whom I seemed to know. I asked them: "What in the world is going on? The Sun isn't moving. It's standing still in the sky!!" They gleefully replied in unison: "The Earth's poles are shifting!!" They weren't concerned in the slightest, while I was thinking: "!!!! Ulp .... !!! That must mean that things will be very greatly changing !!!!"

I did not see where the new poles would be, though there is one video out on the Internet from a woman who says that she was shown that the new South Pole will be in South Africa, while the new North Pole will move to Alaska, and Ecuador will somehow remain on the Equator. Europe will become tropical, according to what she was shown. Please see:

There could be truth in what she says she was shown. I don't know. In my case, judging by what I saw, I did not seem to be in any personal danger here in Ecuador (perhaps because Ecuador really does retain its geographic location on the new Equator?), though clearly if/when that happens, teeming millions the world over will die from abrupt climate change, catastrophic flooding, 
M10+ mega-earthquakes, HUGE tsunamis that will slosh for many miles inland erasing everyone and everything in their path, great volcanic blasts, etc.

I and many others have inwardly seen the Great Earthquake Activity and tremendous volcanic eruptions that are coming. Get ready for global, geological upheaval, that's all I can tell you. It's coming from deep down, way down, miles and miles down. It will shake you to your bones, if you can even remain on your feet. Scads of people will die from sheer fright and panic. Ayahuasca also revealed the many volcanoes, tsunamis, asteroid strikes and Great Earthquake to my buddy. He told me that the shaking of the ground will be so intense that it will not be possible to remain standing upright. 

In my case, I felt it coming from waaaay down. The shaking is IMMENSE. UNBELIEVABLE. I felt it waaay underground, coming up and up and up, from way down below in the Earth, up through the geological layers, into the floor, into my feet, then my ankles, then my knees, my thighs, my butt, my rectum, the groin area, my genitals, my lower abdomen, the lumbar region, my stomach -- and when it hit my stomach I spewed uncontrollably. Because with this geophysical upheaval comes a wave of UNBEARABLE EVIL. It was so horrendously vile, so hideous, so malevolent and thoroughly repugnant that I could not help but reflexively projectile vomit. It was instantaneous, like a geyser. I could not hold it back. Bwaaaah!! And again. And again. And again. And ....

I gagged on the bile and retched until there was nothing left, and then from somewhere in my gut more bile appeared and I spewed some more.

It's karmic. What is coming is karmic. The Earth/God/Jesus/Gaia are going to cleanse the world of evil, thousands and thousands, maybe even millions of years of evil, the grotesque archives of which are locked up in the Earth's deep geological strata like a Satanic, demonic, long-playing record. The Earth is going to violently play back in vivid, 3-D, physical reality all the Evil that Humankind have committed over the course of the eons on this planet -- for the greater, moral edification of the Human race. It will be a great, world-wide, learning episode -- a teachable moment, as it were. And how!

As far as that goes, I've also been shown a mega-tsunami that is coming. It's impressively large, shall I say. From what I've seen, the East Coast of North America and the Gulf Coast/Deep South regions are at risk, with biblical flooding running many miles inland. There is a shaman here in Ecuador who says that he has been shown a large tsunami that hits the west coast of South America, also with destructive effect. I talked with another shaman in the Amazon who said that in his visions he was shown the Amazon region under water all the way to the eastern foothills of the Andes mountains.

As for me? I've been vibrating for years, at times quite violently, almost always during the night. Night before last I was vibrating vigorously when I lay down to sleep. I guess I am coupling at the core level of my being with telluric currents in the Earth. Whatever the case may be, in the early morning hours of today I awoke and realized that I was again vibrating, but gently. Suddenly a heavy, wooden slat fell off of the bottom of my bed onto the floor!! Clunk!! I felt around under the edge of the bed to feel what it was and thought: "I'll fix it when I get up." And promptly fell back to sleep. When I awoke I put the slat back into place -- observing that the size of the slat slightly physically exceeds the dimension of the space through which it fell, ergo it seemed to me that it should not have been able to fall. So how did it fall? Did the vibrations have something to do with it? Or maybe some sort of unconscious psychokinetic or poltergeist activity. I really don't know. Elves??

I mentioned these things to one of my e-pals earlier today, and his response was to make a light comment about readying a tub of popcorn with butter and salt in preparation for the coming attractions. I replied to him that probably these events will call for multiple tubs of buttered popcorn and boxes of Milk Duds, fistfuls of Strawberry Twizzlers, lots of licorice, salted peanuts, chocolate-almond candy bars, chocolate raisins, ice cream bars, Nachos with melted cheese, salted pretzels, and the like. And by the way, direct audience participation is highly likely to be a part of the upcoming events, which will not be mere spectacles for passive, idle, spectator observation from afar via CNN, the BBC, Reuters, FOX News, Yahoo! News, etc.

I wouldn't even mention these future events, except that so many people have seen them in recent years, months, weeks and days, including my recently deceased buddy, Greg Caton, and I. It's abundantly clear that geophysical upheaval is very much a part of the near-future, 3-D probability matrix in the mainstream, time-space continuum of this planet, as it is experienced, and will be experienced, by the vast majority of the human population now alive on the Earth.

When I was heavily into my underground bases research 25 years ago, I directly asked one of the world's great underground base construction experts (who is now deceased) what the reasons were for the construction of so many, deep underground bases. Preparation for a possible, future pole shift was one of the reasons that he instantly recited for me. Twenty-five years have gone by and I continue to receive validation, both inner and outer, for what he point blank told me at that time. 

Dear Readers, make ready!


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