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Saturday, August 13, 2022 Sugar Coated What's Coming

Dear Readers, I recently did more blind, lexical scrying on the Pentagon's status next year. I asked:

"The one word on this list that best describes the Pentagon forces' military status on 10 August of 2023 is?"

I instantly received: dimps.

Never heard of it before. The word was 100% unknown to me.

Some of the meanings that I found are: dusk; twilight; cigarette butts; stupid persons.

In other words: turn out the lights; the party's over. It's going to get dark. I keep receiving feedback indicating that something very negative for the Pentagon is going to occur over the next 12 months.

A couple of weeks ago I did some other lexical scrying on the same point: "The one word on this list that best describes the status of the Pentagon's military forces in the last week of July 2023 is?"

And I received: pitch-blackened. I think that probably means: charcoaled, burnt to a crisp, something along those lines.

The USS of A and its military forces are apparently going to get heavily body slammed by this time next year. That's what my subconscious is picking up. Ouch.

Very big things, really heavy events, are going to be going down.

What Do I Mean?

Well, I suddenly realized earlier this week that I cannot remember the last time that I saw a pregnant young girl or woman. I'm guessing that **cking is probably still a popular pastime, but I simply am not seeing pregnant females these days. I can't tell you when I last saw one. Are there still fertile males and females? I wonder; I really do.

Yes, it's true that there is a tidal wave of PTGLBHFS-B#%&$@ entities these days, who by and large are not a breeding population of humans, but something else also appears to be going on.

I strongly suspect that the "jabsines" are effectively rendering millions of men and women sterile starting right now.

There must be a lot of failures to conceive, still births, crib deaths, miscarriages and spontaneous abortions that are occurring. I am seeing FEWER little babies than before, and fewer little kids between the ages of one and two-years old.

The government in Ecuador has set a dismaying goal of injecting 90% of the population with multiple "jabsines." The public "health" brigades are out and about town, jabbing anyone with a pulse -- young girls, teenage boys, school children, university students, old ladies, 3 year-old children, health care workers, police and military personnel, house wives, government workers, anyone and everyone. I know people who have already received four! of the "Fizzer" jabsines. This is happening in scores of countries all over the world. I'm telling you that things are going to get really weird, much weirder than they already are. As in bad, really bad, very, very, extremely bad. We're headed for the Twilight Zone, and fast.

The same is true of the USS of A, Canada, most of Europe, many other countries in Latin America (Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Paraguay, Argentina, Brazil, etc.), and also other regions of the world.

Humanity doesn't have ten years left. By 2025 it's all coming down hard, just as foretold a few years ago. The next 900 days will be jaw dropping, and completely fatal for countless millions of people. It's going to be savage.

Take the story that has been making the rounds about the 40% increase in the baseline, societal death rate in 2021. That's a sobering statistic.

At that rate, doing a quick and dirty back-of-the-envelope calculation, by mid-2025 the death rate will be about 5 times what it was 2020, and by 2030 it will be about 25 times the 2020 rate, by which time societal chaos will have set in with a cruel vengeance, and people will be dropping dead right and left. But in reality, it will all be so much worse than that, and will occur much sooner than 2030.

Consider what happens when the skilled, trained, educated personnel who maintain and operate railroads, electrical power grids, airlines, airports, seaports, telecommunications networks, nuclear power plants and other electrical generating facilities, big city water and sewerage systems, and other vital infrastructure -- what happens when most of them die or become incapacitated??

The infrastructure of modern society dramatically crashes and fails, that's what. Freight won't move, stores won't open, farms will fail, banks won't function, TV and radio will be off the air, there won't be electricity, nuclear power plants will melt down and spew radioactivity everywhere, urban sewer, water and garbage services will fail, the railroads will cease to operate, your telephone won't have a dial tone, there will not be gasoline, tires or repair parts for your car, the Internet may go bye-bye. In other words, Mad Max World is coming to a country near you, by or before 2025. That's how came up with figures of hundreds of millions of dead people in 2025 -- in the USSA and a whole, long list of other countries.

The Great Dying Time approaches, nay, it has already begun and will worsen and worsen.

Even the mainstream news media are already reporting a shortfall of 4 or 5 million workers in the USSA this year. What happens when the worker shortage in future years increases to 10 million? 20 million? 40 million?? -- as it will. That's coming. That grim reality is already in the pipeline and will occur.

Those who follow the sporting press will have seen the news that sudden deaths of young athletes, the most physically fit sector of society, are up by an eye-popping 1,700% over the last 16 months, since the global wave of CV-"jabsines" has been pushed on Humanity. This is an exponential rate of death increase. If the trend continues, then the rate for the rest of 2022 headed into 2023 could pencil out to an increase of 4,120% over the historical baseline for sudden deaths of young athletes. That is sure to occur, given the global program to inflict the "jabsines" on millions of athletes as a condition of participation in formal sporting leagues and competitions. We are going to see many thousands of young athletes keeling over dead in 2023 and beyond. Will there even be competitive sporting events in the future, for want of athletes to take part??

There is no end of these stories, which will only sharply increase in the coming months and years. For just one example of numerous cases, this article about the sudden, unexpected death of a young athlete is in today's news cycle:

Sudden Death of a 16-Year-Old High School Football Player

And then there is the recent study that found a 10,000% increase in reported cancer cases since the advent of the massive, global 
CV-"jabsine" programs. I've seen it at close hand. I personally knew a woman here in Quito who was suddenly beset by a rapid, debilitating cancer that aggressively attacked her endocrine system about a year and a half ago. I last saw her a year ago as she was dying. I quietly sat with her and her adult son in a back booth of a local restaurant. She was exhausted, resting her head on her son's shoulder. She told me that she was in pain. I told her that I was sorry about that. I held her hand and talked with her briefly and softly about Jesus and his deep love for her, that she had nothing to fear from him. Her son thanked me when I took my leave of them. She was too spent to speak. We will never meet again in this life, and that saddens me. Now multiply her suffering and untimely demise by hundreds of millions, or maybe billions of lives by the time this Satanic "public health" (sic) "jabsine" program runs its course. 

When I ran into my funeral home director acquaintance a few months ago he told me that the majority of the cadavers that he is receiving are of "jabsinated" individuals. I asked him what they are officially dying from, according to the death certificates. He replied: strokes, many heart attacks, diabetes, and very rapid, fast acting cancers. He told me that the death rate is so much above normal, that he has had to build two additional crematorium ovens above and beyond his facilities of two years ago, to keep up with the increased demand for corpse disposal. And that's just one, small funeral home in a metropolitan area of 3 million people -- though the population level is now clearly, obviously in decline. 
The next 5 years are going to be quite something. I mean, real HISTORY.

Those who survive the coming horror(s) will have something to tell their children and grand-children, assuming that there will still be fertile males and females who are able to procreate, and raise young children to adolescence and young adulthood. If there are not, then Humanity goes extinct in the near future.

The Southwest USSA And European Water Crises

The galloping water shortage in Europe and the Southwest USSA will further exacerbate an already calamitous situation. Dane Wigington was on with Greg Hunter last month to talk about the looming water emergency in the Southwest USSA. If present trends continue, water for 40 million people will run out in 2023. Imagine Phoenix, Tucson, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Diego and other urban areas in that region without water, or with insufficient water, for domestic, household use, agricultural irrigation, electrical power generation, and industrial and commercial use.

What will those 40 million people do? Right off the top of my head, I cannot say with precision, no one can, but if the water really does run out next year, or is in dangerously insufficient supply, then the two most obvious possibilities are: 1) mass death of millions of people for want of water, or 2) mass migration of millions of people for want of water. Either scenario, should it come to that next year, will have a dire impact on the social, political and economic order in the USSA and beyond.

Forget about trucking water into the region for 40 million people. Won't happen. Cannot work. It is not feasible.

Across the Atlantic in Europe, drought is also causing problems. The Rhine River, Oder, Po, Loire and other rivers are running critically low, which has a special impact on European trade and transport, given the heavy reliance in the region on transport of freight of all kinds by river and canal barges. As water levels continue to lower, barge traffic is correspondingly lessened, as rivers and canals are less navigable due to the reduced water levels. The extensive inland network of canals and rivers in Europe carries everything from wheat to scrap iron, gasoline, coal, salt, fertilizer, maize, you name it.

This issue, coupled with the Russian decision to dramatically curtail energy deliveries to many European countries, or in some cases even eliminate energy deliveries, in response to anti-Russian sanctions and/or refusal to pay in rubles for Russian energy products by those same European countries, means that Europe is going to endure a hellish winter in just a few months from now. Countries like Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Italy, Belgium, Holland, Finland, Romania, Austria and more are going to be slammed very hard by major shortfalls of coal, electricity, petroleum and natural gas for private industry, municipal utility services and home use. Will the railroads keep running in Europe this winter? Will the lights stay on? Will there be food in the supermarkets? Will Europeans be able to heat their houses and apartments? Will there be enough gasoline and diesel fuel for cars, trucks, tractors and buses?

If the answer to these questions is negative, then the people of Europe will soon live through a desperately grim scenario. I'm not being melodramatic or exaggerating the gravity of the circumstances. The modern system, whether in Europe, the USSA or Ecuador, depends on abundant, readily available amounts of human labor, electricity, water, gasoline, diesel fuel, food and other essential supplies that are delivered by trucks, ships, railroads, barges and airplanes. If that global system breaks down, for whatever reason, then chaos, death and destruction are sure to follow, and on a wide scale.

That's the situation that we are in right now. The next three years are absolutely determinative of the future of Humanity. Just as foretold in past years, the global system and all of Humanity are poised on the brink, on the cusp, on the precipice of momentous, Earth-shaking, historical events, entailing mass mortality of mind- and spirit-numbing dimensions, such as can scarcely be imagined, with this one caveat: things may turn out even worse than predicted.

As Martin Armstrong warns, 2023 will be the year from Hell. I agree with him. The war in the Ukraine is likely to widen, perhaps catastrophically so. The water emergency in Europe and the USSA continues to worsen. Global supply chain issues remain dire. The human die off from the CV-"jabsines" continues to accelerate and grow. Commodities, importantly including many food stuffs, are in short supply and increasing in price. Lastly, but not least, the global financial system based on a multi-quadrillion dollar Ponzi scheme, called fractional reserve banking, is teetering on the verge of terminal failure. The banking system will all come down with a history-changing "whoosh." Many millions of people will lose everything that they falsely believe is theirs.

The global crack-up that has already begun will dramatically intensify in the remaining months of this year, and reach a hideous crescendo in 2023 and 2024. We'll see how many people are still alive by the end of 2025, and what their living conditions will be. Trouble, turmoil and tumult lie directly ahead. It's unavoidable at this point.


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