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Friday, November 11, 2022

U$$A Death, Inc.

I'm going to have something to say about the U$$A's midterm elections in another day or two, which unfortunately turned out to be much worse than bad, but in this installment I want to do a short update on the growing death situation.

It's already alarming right now, but the true degree of the horror is still building, en route to a lethal crescendo two or three years down the line. 

There are/will be a lot of factors -- the vak$$tings, war, financial collapse, industrial failure, supply chain failures, starvation, natural and unnatural disasters, freezing to death, and more.

But that the die off has already begun, of that there is no doubt. I have recently written about how I suddenly have begun to see fewer pregnant females and young babies here in Ecuador. The government is so far saying nothing about it, but then I don't need an official "authority" figure to tell me what is happening. I can see it for myself. While there is no question that yin-yang activities are still very popular, lower fertility rates for both males and females, as well as higher rates of still birth and spontaneous abortion, as well as newly legal abortion in Ecuador, are obviously resulting in noticeably fewer, viable, full-term pregnancies and live births. 

Ecuador's fertility and demographic crisis has, therefore, already arrived and will only worsen as the next few years go by. The collapse of the modern state of Ecuador is a foregone conclusion at this point. The only question -- and it's a huge one -- is exactly how that collapse will play out over the coming years. There are so many factors in play that it is virtually impossible to predict with exactitude how the situation will shake out. But that Ecuador and everything and everyone in Ecuador will be dramatically, immensely changing is in no doubt whatsoever.

Ecuador is not the exception. This scenario is occurring in many countries. Look at this statistical graphic from earlier this year, in the Canadian Province of British Columbia:

Examine the data, which detail the health outcomes for the "problem" that we all know about, from 8 May to 4 July 2022, by "vak$$ting" status. Scroll all the way down to the bottom and the death rate for those with the vak$$ting is 3 times greater than that of those without the vak$$ting. In other words, take the farma$$ting and your odds of death jump by a factor of approximately 3. Not good odds at all. 

Here's an example of the sort of thing that is happening; this was at a public hearing in Canada two days ago:

The guy topples over and starts pitifully moaning like a dying, baby goat.

That's in Canada. Here is one in India that went viral:

The guy just keels over dead. 

Of course, there have been innumerable sudden deaths since the dawn of time. It happens. What is different now is that sudden, unexpected collapses and deaths are happening with uncommon frequency, out of the blue, and in public, often while being filmed or live streamed.

Here are some recent collapses and deaths of professional athletes since the vak$$tings became required in many leagues and sports:

1451 cardiac arrests and serious issues so far, and at least 990 deaths. Mind you that these are young athletes, in prime physical condition, the healthiest human cohort in the world -- and they have begun dying by the many hundreds. This is unprecedented. It is a bad situation, a very serious, grave situation. It will get worse, much worse.

As an aside, I know a man who has gotten "stung" four times. He recently informed me that he has had the "CV problem" twice already, but that the "stings" have saved his life. It evidently has never occurred to him that he has twice had the "thing we all know about" because of the multiple stings having weakened his body's natural defenses, thereby leaving him vulnerable to opportunistic infections. What do you want to bet that he goes for No. 5, and sooner or later has another bout of the "thing we all know about"? He categorically rejects any and all evidence that I bring to his attention, so I don't even try anymore. 

My deceased friend, Greg Caton, who died last December, repeatedly told me that in his many ayahuasca visions in recent years he was shown that there is soon going to be a staggering wave of human mortality, where people will be dropping like flies, dying left and right; they will just flop over dead, in droves. He was shown that there will be mass graves, communal graves, emergency corpse disposal brigades, and no coroners, no funerals, no medical examiners, no death inquiries. From what he inwardly saw, there will be so much death that the urgent, overwhelming public health priority will be to just get the myriad cadavers in the ground ASAP. 

The system will be overwhelmed and will break down, as the division of labor collapses. Who will be dying? -- bus drivers, truck drivers, funeral home operators, airline pilots, train crews, railroad maintenance workers, prison guards, policemen, firemen, paramedics, electrical engineers who operate and maintain electrical generating plants, garbage truck drivers, power line crews, diesel mechanics, nurses, warehouse workers, supermarket shelf stockers, school teachers, coal miners, oil rig crews, welders, construction workers, farmers, electronic engineers who keep TV and radio stations on the air, etc. 

You will be on your own. There will be infrastructure failures, for want of money and trained workers to keep things running.

The death rate will be extreme, astonishing. Of course, for people who are familiar with the death projections that were on the website in past years, this is no surprise. was forecasting 200 million or more deaths in the U$$A for or by the year 2025, just three years from now.

A day or two ago, I ran across an obscure YouTube video with only 13 views; however, what the narrator says comports 100% with what Greg Caton was shown and what the website projected for 2025: mega-death in the U$$A.

The Christian woman who relates her vision from Jesus says that she was shown and told by him that there will be genocide in the U$$A within the next two years. She was shown dead bodies stacked in piles. The time frame and mass death scenes that she says Jesus revealed to her are perfectly consonant with the numbers of years past, and with the ayahuasca visions of Greg Caton, as personally communicated to me in recent years by him.

What is coming is brutally nasty. It's ghoulish, demonic.

Here, look at this, New York City has begun installing 5G Internet towers across the city:

You know, blindingly fast, broadband, Internet service. 

The new Internet of "things" -- and just what are the "things"? Why does the "Internet of things" need blindingly fast broadband, saturation coverage of New York City?

Simple: the Presiding Demonic A.I. must administer every "thing" in real time, monitor every "thing" and control every "thing" -- millions of "things" in real time, all in reach of its all knowing, electronic beck and call and control.

5G is psychoactive and acts at the sub-cellular level of the human body. "5" -- the Satanic pentagram number, the Pentagon number, the Baphomet pentacle number. 

As for G ... ? Aw, gee, let me think ..... wait, I got it! --

The "G" thing for dummies. There you have it, the symbolism of 5G decoded.

The demonic, A.I., alchemical marriage of The "G" thing for dummies + The Pentagon/Satanic pentagram/Baphomet pentacle.

None of this is by chance. It's all planned out and it's not good. It's an evil working, a vile weapon, the foul marriage of high technology and grotesque wickedness.


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