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Saturday, November 5, 2022

Lunar Eclipse: U$$A Chaos & Crack-Up Starts on November 8

Every astrologer worth his or her salt is warning about the negative impact of the lunar eclipse on this coming Tuesday, the 8th of November -- which so happens to coincide with election day in the U$$A. Words and phrases pop up in their analyses such as: revolutionary, expect the unexpected, rapidly changing conditions, upheaval, fearful peoplepolarized thinking, emotional volatility, misunderstandings, major disruptions, terror attacks, explosions, hidden agendas, and more. 

This lunar eclipse is therefore no small matter. Its influence on Humanity and world affairs will be quite intense.

The lunar eclipse on 8 November is absolutely a powerful omen for the conduct and outcome of the elections in the USSA, and for world affairs in general. 

Based on the astrological aspects alone, I personally fully expect a chaotic, confused outcome of the elections, with a marked deterioration of social, political and economic conditions in the U$$A in their aftermath, as well as major events of every description in other parts of the world: social, political, military, economic, industrial, agricultural, geological, oceanic, etc. Wait another day or two, and by 7, 8, and 9 November things will begin to ramp up to the next level. The events of next week and the rest of November will be quite powerful.

Unbelievably, I know people who tell me that things are fine, that they are doing O.K., that things seem to be operating on an even keel -- and I don't know what sort of weird, insular, self-deluded, fantasy land that they are living in!! 

The reality is that there are multiple, severe, ongoing issues: with diesel fuel and kerosene supply and prices in many countries, the commercial supply chain across the whole world, agricultural production and food supply in numerous countries, impending economic collapse/currency crisis at an international level, rising, accelerating death rates in country after country, rising incidence of violent crime in many countries, tremendous geopolitical and military tension in multiple regions of the world with the threat of major military conflict -- even possible nuclear war-- between global military powers, and more.

Eventually, all of these issues will be resolved; but not this week, not this year, and not next year or the year after that. The cold reality is that Humanity is going to live through a brutally dangerous, crisis period of at least two to three years, and maybe even longer than that. A lot of people are going to die -- many millions, and depending on how bad things get, maybe even billions. The mortality level in the coming years is going to be stupendous. 

Famine, war, starvation, the Big Pharma "jabs", violent crime, earthquakes, electrical grid failures, lack of diesel fuel and kerosene, tsunamis, governmental collapse, economic/currency collapse, agricultural and food distribution failure, supply chain failure, problems with the distribution of labor, loss of social cohesion, galloping mental illness, raging fires, loss of crucial infrastructure -- water, sewer, telephone, mass transit, and on and on.

It is all about to come crashing down, starting right about now, due in no small measure to the negative effects of the upcoming lunar eclipse. Going forward from here, through the rest of November and moving into December and January, things will be getting more intense.

Put it this way, the normal Holiday season in Europe, North America, Latin America, and beyond -- will not be normal this year, and will not be normal ever again. The changes will be just that dramatic and abrupt. Everything will be changing. 

If you live in New York City, and I have readers who do, I don't know what to tell you. Maybe relocate as soon as possible to a saner and safer place, if you can. If you cannot, then prepare to do as well as you can where you are. The same advice goes for Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington-DC, Hamburg, Paris, London, Brussels, Amsterdam, Warsaw, etc. 

BIG EVENTS are on the way. There is no stopping them at this point. They will run their ruinous course. The die has been cast. Alea iacta est. The Rubicon has been definitively crossed.

As For This Coming Tuesday ....

Ominous. I did some blind lexical scrying and got a whole string of concerning words. Not good at all.

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